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Default The Perv

Hey guys, this is my first story here on getdare. I hope it goes well and you enjoy. I will try to post at least once a week but no promises.

Chapter 1

It was 9:05 and I was late for my first lesson of the day, P.E. All I did was go to the toilet on my way there. Rushing to the P.E office, I knocked on the door. It swung open as Mr Williams my teacher stepped into the corridor.

"Your late Ethan!"
"I'm sorry sir, I had to go to the toilet."
"Did I ask why you were late?"
"No sir."
"Than why did you tell me?"
"I thought you would like to know."
"Is there anything else you think I would like to know?"
"I might have forgotten my P.E kit!"
"This morning isn't going very well for you then is it?"
"No sir."
"Wait outside the changing room, you can wait in there when the boys are done getting changed until the lesson is over!"
"Yes sir."
"Another thing, we have to share the two changing rooms with the girls because theirs are being repaired. The boys are in the one on the right."
"Ok sir."

I sat down on an old chair outside the changing rooms and looked around. The facilities were quite old. The sports hall was just a big block of concrete. The changing rooms consisted of a few benches and several hooks. A thing that I had never noticed before, were the strips of glass on the changing room doors. I wondered how much of the changing room was shown by the small windows, so without thinking I took a quick peek through the one on the door opposite me. I could not see the whole room as there was a brick divider in the way. At a certain angle however, I could just about see a group of girls getting changed. I recognised them imminently. Kate, Jess and Sarah. To my luck they were the fittest girls in the year. There was nobody around that would be able to see me looking, so I kept watching. They all started to undress. Kate, my favourite was blonde and beautiful. She started with her school shirt, unbuttoning it with care. It fell from her shoulders revealing her average sized, bra clad breasts. She was wearing a neat but plain black bra. Sadly, she put on her P.E top, blocking my view. The best part was still to come. She sat down on the bench, legs spread wide enough to get a good view up her skirt. She seemed to be wearing a white thong under her tights. She took of her black tights and stood back up. Although against the rules, she had rolled the waist of her skirt up multiple times until it sat about 2" below her butt. She lowered them too giving me a good sight of her slutty thong. Turning around to place her skirt in her bag, she bent over giving me a great view of her ass. To my amazement, Sarah, who was in her P.E shorts and a blue sports bra, pulled down Kate's thong revealing her shaven pussy. She didn't bother covering up until she looked towards the door. I ducked out of the way but I think she saw me. I had to hide otherwise it would be obvious who it was. The only place was the bathroom.

I slipped into the cubicle hoping the girls didn't get a good enough look to see who I was. Locking the door I stayed still and silent. After a few minutes i felt it would be safe to leave. As I did I bumped into Mr Williams.

"Why were you in there?"
"I needed the toilet again."
"That's the second time in 10 minutes!"
"I don't feel that well."
"Would you like me to call the nurse because you needed to use the toilet?"
"I think I will be all right."
"Good, The rest of the class are done getting changed so you can go sit down in there."
"Yes sir."

I sat down in the changing rooms and took out my phone with my back to the door. Nobody would be able to see it and if they did enter the room I would hear them first. After playing a few games I heard somebody behind me. I put my phone in my blazer pocket.

"You must be the perv!"

Turning around I saw Kate dressed in her school uniform.

"You were the kid watching me get changed before!"
"That wasn't me!"
"Who was it then?!"
"I don't know!"
"Well somebody needs to be punished and your the only person here!"
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