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Default Gaming Nude?

Do you ever play computer games nude?

Have you ever because of a lost game?

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My favorite thing to do! I do it whenever I'm home alone and have some privacy.
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[QUOTE=andrew_b;3119751]Do you ever play computer games nude?

Have you ever because of a lost game?

I would if I played computer games but I don't .
I do however enjoy watching my wife playing on the wii nude especially wii tennis .Love watching her tits bounce around as she plays .
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I think I have been nude because of a dare once, but have done it multiple occasions on my own accord. And that was while being on Teamspeak, chatting and gaming with the usual fellows. I might do it today again, because the thread drew me in
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Originally Posted by andrew_b View Post
Do you ever play computer games nude

Originally Posted by andrew_b View Post
Have you ever because of a lost game?
Yes. Or better even, link the nudity(and more) to the game =]
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I've done online games a lot naked, but I would love to loose a bet playing them
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I've played Skyrim nude for a little while. I was working on one of the puzzles, I forget which one, and got stuck. I went to take a shower, had a flash of inspiration about the solution to the puzzle, and so I toweled off and returned to my computer, naked and still slightly damp, to finish the puzzle.
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Kitty has done so nude for a dare. but she prefer to be clothed because her computer is right by a window, and it gets really cold sitting there. xD

but Kitty plays console nude all the time!! so much fun. esspecially when Kitty has a plug in too!
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Never because I've lost but because I am lazy I have played computer games nude.
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I'm nude at home when I can and I play games too so yes, the two have coincided on more than one occasion.
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I'm always naked if I'm at home but funny enough video games are how I took my first cock in my ass lol played strip guitar hero with a friend and ended up nude and when I went to bend over to get something he came up behind me and slid his cock into my asshole and fucked me
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I have a couple of times. It's not that unusual for me to game in just a bralette and sleep shorts in the summer either.
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Yes, because I was to lasy to get dressed. I have never done it due to a lost game.

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Do you ever play computer games nude?
Only all the time when i am at home alone

Have you ever because of a lost game?

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Yeah, I'm usually naked at home so gaming naked is natural for me.
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