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Default Stuck in a rut.

Hello getdare! I'm looking for your help for some new ideas.

I'm done quite a few dares while I've been on the site, but now I'm feeling like I've starting daring myself to do the same messy/cross dressing dares over and over.

What I'm trying to do is find some dares that are a new twist on the old dares like getting "tarred and feathered", pour X substance over my head/body or dressing up a big breasted diapered maid and cleaning the house.

Please post your dares suggestions here about what dares I could do to try and mix things up a bit.

(If this isn't the right spot (advice), please move)
5' 11" Straight, Male.
Likes: Crossdressing, food covering/gunge, bra connection wedgie, diapers, hidden public, long dares
Dislikes/maybe: Bondage.
Limits: public, pics, anal, edging, piss/poop... Full signature here!
Pm me" pie" & I must take a shaving cream pie to the face.
The rest "Pm me" dares have been moved to here! due to space.
If I have forgotten your dare, pm me and remind me and also give me a dare that I must do
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