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Default Old friend

I had been out for a few drinks the night before with a couple of friends , when out I bumped into a couple of old school friends , 1 being Anna, she was always quiet at school , not a geek, but not popular, she almost disappeared into the background.

Me, I was just a normal boy , had a group of friends, not the top dog but not the runt either.

It was a Saturday morning , I was lazing around my flat in my boxers, my phone pinged
" Hi Dave, it's Anna, after our chat I wondered if you wanted to come round later?"

I start to think , what did we talk about?
I had a few drinks last night. Then I realize we had spoken about everything we had done on the last 10 years since leaving school , and what we were interested in!
It dawned on me , we had spoken about kinks, she can not want to , can she?
She had said she was into a bit of gentle Femdom , which given what I knew of her from school was a surprise.
Me, well I do like a woman that will take the lead.

I wait 5 minutes and reply " sure , do you want me to bring anything , what time and I ll need an address"

Almost immediately I get a reply " I ve got everything we may need, be here at 1300. " She added her address , it was on the new posh estate on the edge of town , 20 minute walk away.

I get showered, dressed and head off , I call into the cafe round the corner from my flat and have a coffee and cake before walking to the address.
I approach the house , its a 3 bed detached with double garage.

I ring the door bell , Anna answers , she is wearing jeans and t shirt, " Hi Dave, I did not know if you would come. "
" I'm here , was good to catch up last night.nice place you be got" I replied.

"Yes it was, I was lucky with a couple of investment's, and a divorce" she replied.

" I was not prying " i said

" Oh don't worry about it , I don't" she replied

We made small talk, when out of the blue she asked " so last night we spoke about domination, would you like a bit of gentle femdom , no strings?"

" Ahem well , yes I think so " I reply surprised.

"Ok , follow me, "she leads me upstairs and I to a bedroom, " go through that door and strip to your underwear" she says , " I ll come for you in a minute or two."

I go through the door and shut it behind me , there's another door on the opposite side of the small room , it's about 4 ft square , with a chair and hooks on the wall.
I nervously strip to my boxer trunks
From the other side of the second door I hear her call out " I ll be there im a minute, from now on only talk of spoken to, and address me as mistress. Do you understand ?"

" Yes " I reply

"Yes WHAT"

"Yes mistress"

" That's better"

She opens the door, wow. She is about 5ft 5 , size 8 , average breast size , not flat , not huge, you can see the shape of them. She is wearing a school style dress blue gingham, short sleeves, white collar with buttons up the front, thigh high socks and black high heel shoes.
In her left hand she is holding a horse riding crop.
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Great start, I'd really like to read the next chapter.
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" Do not talk, follow me"

The room is a large double bedroom , no normal furniture. No windows , painted entirely white.

I can see a cage in the middle of the room , about 4 ft x 4 ft x 4ft, a large X frame with cuffs attached and various other things .

" Stop , hands out in front of you" she says firmly.

She handcuffs my hands together, and attaches the handcuffs to a hook on a rope hanging from the ceiling, she walks off to the side of the room and presses a button , the hook raise onto the air , lifting my arms, my feet are flet to the floor but arms at full stretch.

" Looks like you are enjoying it" she says as she harshly grabs my semi erect penis.

I groan in pain

" Now I have a few questions if the answer is wrong this whip will meet your skin, understand " she says

" Yes mistress"

As she walks round me she asks " can you remember asking me to lift my dress like thi used to wear to school and flash my knickers at you?"

" No I did not mistress "

Crack , the crop went across , my thighs just below my boxer trunks.

" Don't lie , you asked several times , why ? "

" Sorry , I don't remember mistress " I reply

She walks round me several times , dragging the end of the crop over my skin , crack , this time across my buttocks

" Would it have been because you were a dirty little boy who wanted to see my panties" she asked Touching my now erect penis with the crop.

" I suppose so mistress" I reply

" Do you still want to see my panties?" she asked as she continued to touch my penis and balls with the crop.

" No mistress" I replied

" Why not, do you not find me attractive?" She asked

She had now stopped touching me and stood with her back to me.
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" You are attractive mistress , but it would be wrong of me" I replied

She walks in silence to the button, she presses a button and the winch unwinds, allowing me to drop my aching arms.

She comes over , not a word , she unlocks the handcuffs and takes them off.

" On your hands and knees , looking at the floor" she commands

I Do as I am told.

She circles me , 4 times before standing on front of me. " Now kiss my shoes "

I kiss both shoes

She walks behind me, when she returns she has removed her shoes and socks, she has nice feet, nails painted.

" Kiss each toe" she says

I kiss each toe in turn

"Look at my face " she says

I look up at her, as I look up I get a glimpse of what appear to be red and black panties.

" You are my slave , you are to do as I say when I say. If I ask you a question you must answer immediately, do you understand? "

" Yes mistress"

Still standing where she was , she undoes the buttons on her dress, I see her bra, red and black like her panties, I look away.
She grabs my hair and says " look at me"

I look back at her , she finishes undoing the buttons and drops the dress to the floor. She is wearing a black with red lace bra, she turns and walks away and see she has a matching thong. She walks round the room until she is behind me.

" Stand up straight " she commands

I stand up and feel something on the sides of my boxer trunks, suddenly she yanks the down to the floor.

" Bet you never thought you would be standing naked in front of quiet little Anna did you ?"

" No mistress"

" I may be little, but I am not quiet, and I am in charge"

" Yes mistress "

Still behind me she reaches round me and touches my erect penis. " Oh , either you like seeing me in my underwear or being controlled, or both" she states

She walks round so she is in front of me and asks " what is it you like? "

" Mostly you in underwear mistress, but also being controlled. I answer.

She grabs me by the penis and says " this way" as she drags me to the big X frame.

" Stand here, back to it" she says

She grabs each hand in turn and cuffs them to the frame , followed by my ankles.

As she walks to the door I assume she entered the room by she says " stay there and keep quiet , I have to do something, I ll be back in a bit" with that she walks out of the room and shuts the door.
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