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  1. C-Dom
    07-25-2022 10:32 PM
    Object: PinkAvo
    Inspection date: 2022/07/25
    Sources: 3 pictures of various body parts leaving out face. Rater was able to select the source and pictures were taken by that demand.
    Tits: busty now but with the ability to be flappy in some years take the fun while it lasts. nipples perky and symmetrical. 8/10
    Stomach: rather chubby, seems to hang down bending over 5/10
    Pussy: neatly shaven innie. Looks great. 7/10
    Ass: best feature of object. Big, but doesn't look fat. Asshole pink and puckered when pushed. 9/10
    Overall :
    Great part from these main features PinkAvos hair look great. While rating her pictures I had the urge to pull them back while taking her from behind. Conversation was really pleasant so I assume she's a great catch.
    No visible piercings or tattoos.
    Overall rating: 7/10
  2. ThatWeirdGuy
    07-23-2022 10:03 AM
    Part 2

    Pussy: squatting, kneeling, up close legs spread and bent over from behind. Soo first off she is clean shaved - gonna mark that as a negative. Personal preference I like pubic hair. Labia is very nice and 'neat' so no 'beef curtains'. Bonus in the closeups it's very wet. Hint of grool.
    Overal score: 7

    Overall: Pink avo is not a model. She has very much the body of woman next door body. A little extra weight and a paunch with some love handles. No face pics so can't review that but all in all very nice.
    Final score: 7/10
  3. ThatWeirdGuy
    07-23-2022 10:02 AM
    Part 1

    Okay so I'll split this into 4 sections. Breasts, Ass, Pussy and overall.

    Breasts: three pics facing forward, side on and leaning forward. Breasts are large and natural with some noticeable sag. Good sized nipples and a nice colour. For large breasts there's no visible viens.
    Overall I would score her breasts 8/10

    Ass: bent over, standing back to camera , side on and cheeks spread. so she has some thick thighs and when she bends over it gives her ass a nice peachy look. Standing though it's just not as shapely much softer looking. Side on shows she needs a little more firming up. A small birth mark on the left cheek. Very spankable.
    Overall ass score:7/10
  4. footsubmiss
    07-23-2022 04:57 AM
    Great big tits, nice shape and size 10/10
    Pussy well shaven, looking pretty nice 8/10
    Belly could be a bit better 6/10
    Ass looks beautiful, great size and shape 10/10
    Legs look really nice as well 10/10
  5. FredSommer99
    07-22-2022 11:14 PM
    Nice big tits, not to saggy. It’s 8/10

    Pussy nicely shaved, Small labia 7/10

    Nice ass, cute mark on left side 9/10

    Overall she is a good 8/10

    Maybe I will see more details in another round to increase my rating
  6. HappyLad10
    07-22-2022 01:52 PM
    I can only agree with all the previous positive comments - great boobs, amazing ass, and the best personality. Great girl, 9/10.
  7. jessiesexy
    07-21-2022 02:06 PM
    Ass: Good shape, especially when bent over. Thicc (with a c not a k), when bent over asshole is visible so good size but not too big. When laying down a little bubble butt but consistent with her body, could tone. Nice birthmark on cheek. 8/10

    Pussy As mentioned I was lucky to see a before and after of unshaved and shaved. I prefer shaved pussy and it was quite grown out. However when shaved nice innie pussy and looked quite tight. Great job shaving from the front and bent over. Unshaved 5/10, shaved 9/10.

    Will report back as we planned to utilize toys which could increase overall score.

    Overall a pleasure to chat with and a lucky person to know on this site. I have to add a point for personality as well so overall 9/10.
  8. jessiesexy
    07-21-2022 02:06 PM
    I was lucky enough to chat with PinkAvo and set a task for her. She took both before and after pics being first unshaved then fully shaved. Admittedly I set a tough challenge for her, but she delivered and then some.

    As others have said overall very sexy, very submissive, and accommodating. Curvy but not in a bad way. I will rate as others have below, by body part and give ratings for each and overall.

    Face: Like others could not verify but I'd imagine very cute
    Upper Body: Overall good shape and toned arms. No visible tattoos or piercings 8/10

    Boobs: Nice and big, surprisingly perky for their size! Nipples are proportional and point up/out. I have friends who have smaller boobs that are not as nice or perky 10/10

    Stomach: Cute and curvy. If I'm nitpicking could tone it up but overall nice 7/10

    Legs: Thick legs, but in a good way. Again could tone some but overall good shape and nice calves 7/10
  9. deschut
    07-21-2022 04:56 AM
    Avo was great fun, she let me choose the poses. Very fun conversation!

    Face: Couldn't verify [x/x]
    Upper body: Very nice - I like her curves in the right places. [8/10]
    Boobs: Perfect big boobs, i'm sure they'll bounce nicely too! [10/10]
    Lower body: Thick legs but well in shape, all in all very good looking [8/10]
    Ass: She bent forward and spread. Got a very good close-up view [9/10]
    Pussy: Nicely shaved, very good tight pussy [10/10]

    So overal really hot! Very good looking. Total score: [9/10]
  10. jk37
    07-20-2022 09:12 PM
    Her ass is to die for, looking at her bent over made my cock jump a little. Such a round spankable ass! Love the birthmark and dream about running my tongue all over her behind. Bent over was definitely my favorite pose. 10/10
    Legs have some cellulite, but again not enough to make them unattractive. To be honest her knees were the only thing that didn't really appeal to me, but that was only in one pose where standing. Nice feet but didn't really get a close up. Lower extremities 7/10.
    Her arms look fit and she has nice hands as well. 9/10.
    Beautiful wavy sandy blonde hair, just long enough to cover her nipples. The up bun in one of her pics kinda turned me on, made me think she was ready for action. 9/10 for hair.
    Overall, PinkAvo is a very sexy woman and I thouroghly enjoying rating her. I just wish I would have asked for more pictures.
    I rate an 8/10 overall, and well done!

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