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My small penis humiliation blog

Posted 06-03-2022 at 02:18 PM by Matt: (Matt's blog)

A dare I was given was to ask for comments about my small penis and then post them all here

These are the comments I received,

Your penis is so small that girls prefer when you use your finger.

Your penis is so small it should be named Mr. Tiny and should be friends with Mr. Micro.

Your penis is so small it barely even makes a bulge in girl's underwear.

Your penis is so small you need tweezers to hold it when you stand up...
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Returning to GD, Again

Posted 06-02-2022 at 01:59 PM by BastyTheKitty

It's admittedly been a couple years since kitty really participated on GD. There are quite a few reasons, but kitty doesn't want to get into it in this post. This post is more just an update on kitty and simultaneously asking for advice (kitty thinks?).

So, the first and most noticeable difference is how kitty has started addressing himself. Kitty never thought he'd want to do it like this, but kitty had a small session with a friend and one of the rules was that kitty could only refer...
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Humiliating fantasy Part 1

Posted 05-31-2022 at 03:17 PM by sexualfeelings

This is a fantasy of mine, no actions taken or people mentioned are realy and are unlikely to ever before real. This fantasy contains: extreme body modification, public exposure, extreme humiliation, orgasm control, bondage, diapers, exposure to coworkers, public humiliation, etc

My Daddy/Mommy is having their friends over. I've met them before, some are even my coworkers, one of them is a mystery to me. The house is clean and the food is on the table waiting to be served.
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Interests and Limits

Posted 05-26-2022 at 12:25 PM by Toybox

I've had many people ask me what things I like, what I wont do or allow and because of that I decided to make this list that will include a lot more than I could in just my signature.

- General slut behavior
- Verbal humiliation
- Physical humiliation
- Exhibitionism
- Restraints
- Roleplay
- Public tasks
- Body writing
- Pain (Not too crazy)
- Nipple play
- Toy play
- Anything...
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diaper boy, diaper baby, diaper slave I am looking for education

Posted 05-26-2022 at 12:04 AM by Pampersboy

I've been wearing diapers since I was born and I stand by it today, it wasn't always like that, I used to hate diapers and everything that had to do with them. i was born with a piece of open back, which caused nerve damage in my spine and caused bladder incontinence, i am wet very often every night and every day. At that time I was the only diaper wearer in the whole school, mocking and Hanselein were the order of the day. Classmates teased me, called me baby and trouser pisser. At home there was my...
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Just a few submissive fantasies ...

Posted 05-22-2022 at 08:33 PM by Butterfly (The Butterfly Effect)

Breath play
Breath play has always been something that I have said was outside my risk profile, however, I have always found porn with themes of breath play really hot. Lately I have been fantasizing about exploring breath play just a bit irl. Maybe I would be sitting at my computer, doing some work, and he would appear and with the simple command "hold your breath", I would stop breathing and wait desperately for him to allow me to take a breath. An even more exciting scenario is being
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I got a puppy!!!

Posted 05-22-2022 at 09:13 AM by Butterfly (The Butterfly Effect)

For anybody who knows me to any degree, probably knows that I have always wanted a puppy. I even wrote a blog about it here.

However, for some reason the grown ups in my life have always voted against me and told me that I am not old enough (even though that is complete BS since I am a responsible grown up!) Instead, I have been blessed with three kitties, out Pasta Cats.

(Spaghetti, Fettucine & Penne)

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