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Returning to GD, Again

Posted 06-02-2022 at 01:59 PM by BastyTheKitty

It's admittedly been a couple years since kitty really participated on GD. There are quite a few reasons, but kitty doesn't want to get into it in this post. This post is more just an update on kitty and simultaneously asking for advice (kitty thinks?).

So, the first and most noticeable difference is how kitty has started addressing himself. Kitty never thought he'd want to do it like this, but kitty had a small session with a friend and one of the rules was that kitty could only refer to himself as kitty and in the third-person. As a little, this isn't that unusual, kitty would often use little speak and call himself "Basty", and sometimes switch between first-person and third-person. And it's not the first time kitty has referred to himself as "kitty". But it was always in little-space and always with kitty's owner. But kitty kinda fell in love with the rule and has applied it to his entire kink personality, so now this is how kitty talks. It's... Honestly kinda relieving, in a way? Maybe freeing is a better term for it.

On top of this, now that kitty is thinking about trying to be more active on GD, kitty has gone back and updated his PM dares and his signature. Kitty has now made it known that kitty only refers to himself in the third-person, all relevant posts have had updated text so kitty only talks in third-person and using his title, and the PM dares have been updated to more closely resemble the past year's experiences. This includes adding new dares, modifying old dares that had gotten stale and problematic, and removing a couple of dares kitty doesn't think will be relevant any time soon. Kitty has also updated the PM dares to be colour coded (not just red for redacted), and now all dares are in a more concise format and coloured blue (kitty's favourite colour!).

Kitty will go into more detail in the paragraphs below, but for now kitty has to be honest. Kitty's incredibly anxious getting back into GD. Things have changed, as they do, including kitty. Kitty is overwhelmed by all of the active threads and different kinks, and kitty has also gotten a lot more comfortable with his own kinks and accepting that kitty may not want to explore any new kinks. But it's still a lot to take in, trying to be more active on GD and interact, without jumping in head-first this time. Kitty's honestly not even sure where to begin. Kitty has been following a couple threads for a while, but nothing has really stood out or made kitty want to interact. Kitty's not really certain what to do or where to go at this point, and just sorta wants to ease back into things, hopefully not burn out this time, and maybe enjoy his time here.

As for the past year or two: kitty has been kinda busy exploring and learning himself. It's been... Well, freeing feels like an understatement. Kitty got out of an incredibly toxic and abusive online relationship, and it's been very difficult. Hell, even now after several months kitty still thinks maybe he should seek out the dom who hurt him and try again... That relationship lasted a couple of years, and was very unhealthy, and kitty knows this. Kitty's just not good at being alone. That said, kitty has also gotten to know a couple of fun, kinky friends, both who chat with kitty regularly, make him feel good about himself, and just all around it's been a lot of fun! Being reminded that there are good people in the kink communities. Kitty even has someone willing to do the most fun sessions kitty has found! Kitty's always had a bladder control and mild watersports kink (specifically in accidents and potty control), and kitty finally found someone to play with him in those things, even if it's been very difficult. There's actually two of them, but our schedules don't line up super well, so while it's been different and a lot of fun exploring new things with someone with experience, it hasn't been super common.

Kitty thinks this is good for a blog post, possibly too long and with too many interjected thoughts, but as usual kitty has so much trouble paring things down and editing is stupid! If you read this far, kitty is impressed and very grateful for your patience! Kitty also wants you to know that kitty has a completely broken sense of scale and 1-2 years may not have actually been 1-2 years, although kitty can't really remember doing too much on GD during the pandemic. Emotionally, it's probably been about 10 years. Hopefully this time kitty will really stick around and be active, but who knows.
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