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Change room and “accidental” bikini drop at a public pool

Posted 11-30-2022 at 11:17 AM by ClaireScott

A couple of weeks ago i decided to try the good old “swimsuit came off by accident” dare at a public pool. I had been dared to go skinny dipping before, or to undress in the pool and toss my clothes out of the pool etc. These I have done and while the risk of being see was relatively low (it was a pool in my apartment building), I still got a thrill from them.

This time, I wanted to be seen. I couldn’t figure out how to get completely naked at the pool as that would be too apparent, so...
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My Rules

Posted 11-27-2022 at 10:11 PM by SluttySarah18
Updated 01-07-2023 at 02:27 PM by SluttySarah18

I must be clamped whenever writing on GetDare at any time. This includes PM's, TorD chat, blogs, and my story. (I am wearing my clover clamps as I write this)

I am generaterox's little girl slut

I must write a minimum of 3 chapters (or equiv. 300 words) each week for my story (during which I must be clamped of course). For every 100 views my story receives that week, I must write an additional chapter. If I do not finish writing all the chapters in time, each chapter I didn't...
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My toys

Posted 11-26-2022 at 07:58 AM by Legs4Days

A list of my toys if any are needed for some dares and so I stop getting pmd "wHaT tOyS dO yOu HaVe?"

Two rabbit vibrators
Two bullet vibes
One normal vibrator
A magic wand that's corded

5.5 inch pale skinned one with balls and a suction cup
7 inch pink one one suction cup
9.5 inch black one with balls and suction cup (oral only with this one)
A bad dragon "Rex" medium
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And then they wonder why there's little to no females here to play with...

Posted 11-24-2022 at 06:41 PM by pluky
Updated 11-24-2022 at 07:59 PM by pluky

Can you like... not send your naked videos to someone who never requested ? Not tell someone who also never asked that you came in your cage ? Not try forcing someone to make a choice for you like they are your human dice, because you can't find a person to dominate you the way you'd like ?

I'm a female and I even don't do that, even if I know that some if not most males would welcome such behavior, I still don't do it, you know why ? Because it's not nice, it's disrespectful, it's selfish,...
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Control My Music!

Posted 11-16-2022 at 01:57 PM by OnlineHumiliateSlve
Updated 12-30-2022 at 08:53 AM by OnlineHumiliateSlve

Hello All! I recently thought of a new idea for controlling my music! For those who don’t know, music control is a very effective way of making me feel controlled, mindless and dumb, or humiliated outside of sessions. The idea being that I am constantly listening; at work, driving around, at home literally like all the time!

So my idea is that I can share a link to a collaborative playlist on Spotify here and anyone can click it and add what they want. I’ll listen to it all day! The link...
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PM Dares

Posted 11-16-2022 at 01:52 PM by SluttySarah18
Updated 01-09-2023 at 12:32 AM by SluttySarah18

My PM Dares:

They must be completed within 3 days. If I am unable to within 3 days, I will complete it twice. Please only 2 PM dares per day per person!! I will write a report afterwards.

CATCH - If I don't respond "caught it!" within 5 minutes I'll wear my clover clamps for an hour while stuffed with a pair of panties. Please only use when I am online. You can include it anywhere in your PM, doesn't have to be the title.

PLUG LARGE - I will wear...
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Little questionnaire for Switches

Posted 11-13-2022 at 07:22 PM by pluky
Updated 11-14-2022 at 02:57 PM by pluky

I already did some first Little questionnaire for Doms and Little questionnaire for Subs (there could be other ones in the future) and although both of them can be answered by Switches, I wanted to make some Switch specific questions, some of which might be inspired by my own experiences or feelings in the course of my own Switchness. Some of them might border on embarrassing / humiliating.

1- starting with a basic : are your both sides evenly distributed or is one of them stronger than...
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