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Learning to hold my orgasms

Posted 01-18-2021 at 10:55 AM by Orgasmdenialslut

I have began learning how to control and hold my orgasms today was a big fail, I was only able to hold for 1 minute and then I made myself accidentally cum. I have been provided with a training schedule to hopefully improve this, I will do this for a least 4 weeks
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PM Dares

Posted 01-17-2021 at 03:53 PM by DoingMyBest
Updated 01-17-2021 at 03:59 PM by DoingMyBest

So, I've been told I should have some PM Dares. wedgiesarah is to blame for these, credit where it's due!

Edge x - I will do X amount of edges

Blow - I will give my dildo a blowjob for 5 mins

Gagged - I will wear a gag for 5 mins

Toothpaste x - I will put toothpaste on X body part for 5 minutes

Add - send me a pm dare to add to my list

Revenge - I will send one of your pm dares back to you

As ever,...
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Can I do better second time round?

Posted 01-17-2021 at 12:16 PM by RainbowSky

This week, since becoming owned has been a bit of an unusual week. Its been my time of the month which has caused issues for us both in terms of play and just medically - although I have finally spoken to a doctor about them so when my medication arrives maybe it will be better.

I've completed several tasks for Sir today. Some have been quite simple, others more challenging.

Task 1 of the day

Equipment required
  • Vibe

The Task
Edge using the...
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Counting up, 20, 21

Posted 01-16-2021 at 01:25 PM by Cassandra (I love words)

Better late than never. Who doesn't want to forget about 2020.

Career-wise, I did a little step up, but I have to aquire a new job again after my project and work place has been canceled. I'd like to keep myself on the level and become good at it. Though, I might step out of my current industry for a while just to see how it is in another.

Kink-wise, deepthroats worked off, and now I only got a much lower amount to complete. My learning is, to possibly do shorter threads
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Finding Help With My Crossdressing (Crossdressing Journey Part 4)

Posted 01-15-2021 at 04:23 PM by SissySlutSamantha

Hello Everyone,

I hope your all having a good start to the new year. Over the past few weeks I have been documenting my experience after coming out as a crossdresser to my Fiancee. Its been a tough road and the one thing I've really looked for and needed is some help, help to understand more about myself and why I crossdress. So this week I did just that.

When we have things we don't understand about ourselves we always ask the same question... "why??". For me...
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The isolation blues

Posted 01-13-2021 at 12:52 AM by Butterfly (The Butterfly Effect)

I am a pretty social person, some might even call me a social butterfly. I thrive when I am around MY people. In normal times I would be at my best friends 3 to 4 times a week after work, I would have a social event on Saturday, and maybe lunch or dinner and shopping with my mom. And that is a slow week!

Even during the spring lockdown I was meeting a friend for outdoor, social distanced coffee dates. We also had our cohort, who was my best friends family. So while things had slowed down,
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Why I wish to serve! - Task 11

Posted 01-12-2021 at 01:09 PM by RainbowSky

It's the final day of the trial week. After a very intense few days, and an aching back in tow, Sir set me one very simple task. To write why I wanted to be a sub, what I could bring, why he should choose me essentially. That was it. Just write.

The Report
I believe I am a good submissive as I flourish under instruction and develop skills to please others. I learn from what I do right or wrong as I always want to improve and get better at serving others. I've also wanted to make...
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