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Swimsuit modelling

Posted Yesterday at 03:57 AM by RainbowSky

As part of the threads I created a few months ago, I agreed to try on all my new swimsuits and take 3 photos in them - 1 from the front, 1 from the back and 1 from the side.

I was a little bit nervous about this as photos is a limit but I knew the photos weren't going to go anywhere (well, except 1 that I have to post on here as part of one of the threads achievement goals).

My BF asked if I would like him to take them, but I told him no as that would make me feel even more...
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E-stim went a bit wrong

Posted 03-25-2023 at 04:09 PM by pluky

Yesterday I had the good idea to use my conducting clothespins with e-stim but not by touching the wand to the conducting part of it as I usually did, this time I thought about touching it directly to the sticking out part of the nipple, which would then lead the electricity to the clothespins and everywhere and maximize sensation.

I think this has been the most painful I've got from it, even at the lowest level (pretty much unnoticeable under normal circumstances), even using the tip...
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Report - Tit Torture: Bands and Bondage

Posted 03-23-2023 at 11:17 AM by Angelsaredying

Hi again! Here's another report for a task I completed recently focused on torturing my giant tits a bit more.

For this I was told to hump a rope to 2 edges, then for every ten seconds it took to reach the second edge I had to add an elastic band to a tit, alternating right then left. Once my tits were all plump I had a bit of a bondage situation and sneaking around to not get caught!

As always please enjoy, feedback is welcome and I can confirm I bought more elastic bands...
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Report - Tit Tally Slaps

Posted 03-23-2023 at 11:14 AM by Angelsaredying

This is a copy of a report for a dare I was lucky enough to receive via KIK a few weeks ago.
The task had a few steps to it and was a delightful challenge to complete and test myself with.

The premise was to blindfold myself and slap each tit with my hand, mark a tally on my body, swap hands and continue until I could take no more. If there were less than 50 tally marks I would have to deep-throat a dildo for 10 minutes and for every diagonal tally that did not cross through 4...
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Underwear Color Guessing Game (always active)

Posted 03-23-2023 at 12:21 AM by katien

At all times I have the game of guessing the color of my underwear active. If my underwear has several colors, when you hit one of the colors, it will already be considered as valid.

1st Guess: I will have to post in 4 threads of your choice and I will do 3 dares of your choice
2nd Guess: I will have to post in 3 threads of your choice and I will do 2 dares of your choice
3rd Guess: I will have to post in 2 threads of your choice and I will do a dare of your choice
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Posted 03-19-2023 at 06:51 PM by katien
Updated 03-19-2023 at 07:07 PM by katien


From now on, I'll have some rules to follow...

RULE 1: Cannot orgasm without permission from a getdare member

RULE 2: If you get a dare that goes against my limits, you will edge twice instead for each part of the dare that you have to skip.

RULE 3: Must wear nipple clamps for at least 5 minutes for every PM you receive

RULE 4: For each spank im dared to do, it will be done to each cheek separately

RULE 5:...
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Worshipping swimsuit 7

Posted 03-19-2023 at 01:28 AM by RainbowSky

Preface: I have recently handed in my resignation for the end of the school year from a toxic job. To celebrate my new found freedom, my BF has stated that from April until I start a new job (earliest for this will be July) I am only allowed to wear swimwear as underwear unless specific permission is granted. As part of this the lovely people of getdare voted for my swimsuits and as there were x amount of votes I must post a blog for each new swimsuit, detailing my worship of it.

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