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todays meeting

Posted 11-13-2010 at 10:09 AM by foxtrotter
Updated 11-13-2010 at 03:31 PM by foxtrotter

i went to his house today, exited and nervous at the same time. i knew he had alot planned for me today and i was ready to go. he told me to wear no underwear and my corset. i followed his directions and went to his house.
when i got there, he laced it tighter for me. He told me to turn around and twisted my nipples and felt my pussy. then he gave me a towel and told me he was going to take a shower and to hold his towel untill he was done. i stood there, holding his towel the anticipation grateing on my nerves.
when he was done, he went online and started a stopwatch. he told me i was going to suck him off, and however long it took me to do it was how long i'd have to stand in the corner when i was done.
i went right to work. it's embarrasing to admit, that his cock is so big, i have difficulcy sticking it very far down my throat without gagging. especially at the angle i was at. and after i had been doing it for a little while, i threw up just a little bit, and got a little on him. i was mortified. but he told me to wipe it off with the towl and keep going. so i did. a couple times he told me, when i cum, hold it in your mouth. don't swallow it. and when he did, i obeyed. he said "does that taste good?" i said "yes Sir" which is truthfull. i love the taste of cum usually. I always swallow on my own.
he told me to show him, and i did. then he said swallow.
he told me to stand in the corner while he went out and had a cigarette. while i stood there i wondered how i had done. thought about the whole throwing up a little bit. and wondered if i'd be punished any for it. when he came back, i asked him how i'd done and he said it took me 11 minets. i forget how many seconds. and i wondered how good that was. but he didn't say any more about it.
next he had me take the corset off. he took out a pair of nipple clamps and started to put them on my nipples. i started to get extremley excited and when he tightened them, they were tight, but not uncomfortably tight. he asked if they were tight and i answered "they could be tighter Sir" he said "thats what i like to hear" and tighted them down to uncomfortable. then he started to put clothespins on my breasts. which actually didnt hurt alot. it kind of made me squirm around a little though. he asked me if they were all that tight and i admitted "not really Sir." then he took out a crop and started to spank my breasts with it.
the fact that i coud see it happening turned me on incredibly. he knocked the clothespins off with it. that did hurt. then he started to put the clothespins on my pussy. now that hurt. the ones that hurt the most were the ones he put right on my lips. he was pokeing them and rustleing them around which made me wimper. he told me to lay down on my back on the bed and i obeyed.
he started to whip my pussy with the crop. the clothespins on it made it worse then the last time. after a little while he took them off and resumed whipping me. he started teasing me with it, massage my sensative, throbbing pussy. then just when it was starting to feel good, give me a good hard smack right on my clit.
then he broke the clothespins back out. this time he clipped them all on my pussy lips, with one on my clit. that hurt. alot. then he started whipping me again. my pussy was in a world of pain. then he stepped back. looked at me for a second, then told me he had to go do something outside. he told me what it was, but i don't remember, all i could concentrate on was not pulling the clothespins off. i said "yes Sir" and he went outside.
i lay there, trying not to touch the clothespins or my pussy. even though it hurt, the pain was turning me on, and i was wanting very badly to touch myself.
i'm not sure how long i lay there, but when he came back, he told me that the people he lived with had parents that came to clean the yard on weekends every once in a while and he didn't know they'd be there today. so i had to go. we were both very dissapointed.
when he took the clothespins off, the pain was sudden and horrible. he said. "is the blood rushing back?" "yes Sir" i said through gritted teeth.
i left wanting much more. when i got home, i sked if i could masturbate and he said yes, i'd earned it.
so i went to it. but it was very hard to do becuase even though i was wet and completly ready to go, my clit was numb. it took me awhile, but it was, once again, earth shattering. i orgasm the hardest when these things happen
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