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Spy Cam: Part 3

Posted 11-20-2021 at 10:48 PM by Butterfly
Updated 11-20-2021 at 11:01 PM by Butterfly

Today was the last of our spy cam session. You can read parts 1 and 2 if you are interested.

Mr. Devious and I put our Christmas up today, so I had Jaro's spy cam up in the background on my computer while we listened to Christmas carols and decorated. Not a lot happened as I let the worm get some quality sleep.

I did consider waking him up to torture him, but I decided to be nice and allow him to sleep.

The predicament
Right now I am sitting here with a tingly clit as I watch my worm suffering. It is a delicate dance of pain. He is standing in a sort of hunched over position, half squat. This allows him to rest the 1L water bottle (filled with water) on the ground. He has another, smaller bottle, attached to his nipple clamps. When he can't handle the strain on his legs and back, he can stand up straight and bear the weight of the bottles on his sensitive nipples and balls.

I am loving every minute of his complaining. I notice the ball gag laying on the floor and I am glad that we forgot about it. I would have been disappointed to miss out on his moans and grunt of displeasure. This is hot! I love to watch him suffer.

The nipple clamps start to slip and so we have to adjust the predicament a bit. I am not ready to be done yet.

I have him attach both water bottles to his helpless balls and instead, grab two heavy books off the nearby shelf. Now his choice is between holding the books out straight over his shoulders while lifting the bottles, or giving his balls and arms a break, but squatting.

He is starting to huff and puff now. Really hating this predicament. He is getting tired. Poor little worm. I wonder how long he will last. I might have to go and get my vibrator because I am seriously turned on right now ...

Shall I end his misery? Maybe just a little longer. 5 more minutes and he will be done.

Not only the predicament, but after an orgasm I will release him from his spy cam as well.

I made him hold a squat until he was begging, almost crying for me to stop, and then I made him hold it a little longer. Finally I told him he could stop and he collapsed on the ground.

An orgasmic ending
It was then that I told him he had 10 minutes to cum. He could do anything he wanted to make it happen. Time started NOW. He jumped up and started some porn.

He started to jerk off vigorously when I told him that if he didn't cum within the 8 remaining minutes he would have to do more squats.

With still 6.5 minutes left, he started to convulse in what looked like a really fantastic orgasm.

In conclusion
This was an intense experience overall. I am sure it was more intense being on the "receiving" end of things, but it was intense for me as well. It was definitely our longest ongoing session. I really enjoyed it and I think I want to do something like this again sometime.

My little worm definitely made me proud!
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    KinkyKoala's Avatar
    Our little worm did so well. Getting to spy on him throughout the day was quite fun and knowing how embarrassed some moments were for him had me very amused.
    Posted 11-25-2021 at 04:04 AM by KinkyKoala KinkyKoala is offline

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