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Token accounts

Posted 06-11-2018 at 12:45 PM by Cassandra (Mad prophecies from ancient greece)
Updated 10-25-2018 at 07:07 AM by Cassandra

As long as I have these up, I'll keep track of the tokens here:

name - tokens left/tokens spent

420jenni - 6,135 tokens
Chephren - 3 tokens
chrs - 3,722 tokens
ColdToes - 108 tokens
dreamingevil2 - 135 tokens
knorke - 91 tokens
Lemuricon - 236 tokens
SoloM35 - 20 tokens
Takaoyaki - 479 tokens
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Posted 06-11-2018 at 12:14 PM by Cassandra (Mad prophecies from ancient greece)

I still have the blog about why people claim to be another sex or gender. I think I still bother with the topic because I do. In daily life I pose as a man. Even as gay, due to my husband. I don't say I was a man or gay but I know most people assume and I don't correct them. Sometimes I pose as a sissy though I know I ain't. I have fun with playing one but it ain't me. I am not a woman neither and still I sometimes pose as that.

Because I am not one nor the other. But often enough...
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Reduction Opportunities

Posted 06-11-2018 at 11:44 AM by knorke (knorke's hidden library)
Updated 07-02-2018 at 01:01 PM by knorke

Thread: Here...

I may choose to do the following tasks at any time to reduce my denial time:
  • Spend 15 minutes gagged with my bit gag (has an attachment to keep my tongue down, so I literally can't talk) (3 hours) done
  • Spend 3 hours in my heelless pony boots while being awake (6 hours) done
  • Spank each of my butt cheeks x 100 (6 hours) done
  • Do 10 minutes of corner time (2 hours) done
  • Wear clover clamps for 5 minutes (1 hour) done
  • Be nude for 8 cumulative hours (8 hours,
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And Now For Something Completely Different

Posted 06-11-2018 at 05:14 AM by Yasna

This is not one of my usual blog posts. It doesn't contain anything of a sexual nature. It might not even be relevant in the context of this forum altogether. If you're interested in a bit of the background of the person who's writing this you're invited to read further, otherwise feel free to ignore it and don't waste your time.

What I want to write about accounts for a huge part of my life. I've been indecisive whether I should talk about it for a long time. On the one hand it is nice...
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Posted 06-11-2018 at 03:38 AM by lilith_ (Ramblings of a Nymphet)
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I am not sure how to talk about any of this because I don't want to be seen as an insane person, but I guess there is only one simple way to say it: I've been hospitalized. I don't know for how long, hopefully for a few more days but as you can imagine, I need time and space for myself.

This blog won't have any sexual updates for a while and considering this is a kinky forum, I don't think I should use it as a sad life updates blog.

Honestly, I'm not sure why I'm writing...
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