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Tasked by miss grace

Posted 03-29-2018 at 07:48 AM by Amey

Sorry if this report feels rushed (cus it is) I'm currently locked in a tail plug and Chasity belt panties tighhighs and hoodie.

Miss grace had a task for me I did while talking to her on Kik.

I first cuffed my ankels together and got on all four then put in my prostate plug put it on random and full power and placed the dildo on the floor. I am not experienced with giving blowjobs and the prostate plug made me jitter about so I ended up more licking it and playing with the head then giving a proper blowjob for 5 mins.

After that I removed the prostate plug, and gag myself with a improvised bitgag (pencil and some string) and then put a condom on the dildo and cuffed my wrist so I would doggy style the dildo... Unfortunately as I'm really tight the dildo keept acting as an anchor to the wall it was suctioned on and I had to put it a good amount of force to get it to start sliding but every 30 sec or so it would pop off the wall, I told miss grace about the problem and she decided to let me coegirl it instead but also greasfully gave me 5 more mins (so 10 in total).

After the 10 mins my ass was sore and legs tiered and my mouth started to hurt from the gag, lucikly the gag was going off now. Unlucikly I still had to fuck the dildo for 10 more mins (originally 5 but 5 more was added due to being cowgirl) and I had to say emberassing stuff and act like a cat I said stuff like "nyaa in a good kitty, I'm mistressed good kitty, please fuck your kitty misstress " >////< after about 5 mins of doing this my legs got so tiered I could bearly lift myself off the dildo by the 7 min mark I couldn't do anything and just ended up sitting there implaed saying emberassing stuff for 3 mins.

Since my legs was so weak I couldn't lift myself of the dildo and ended up rolling myself over and dragged it out. It wouldn't last long for the big tail plug came now.
And idk what happened but as soon as the plug came in I felt waves of pleasure throughout my body and I ended up touching my dick for a sec or two before I could stop myself and cuffed my hands behind my back. With my hands behind my back I pushed the rest of the plug in and was nocked back by the pleasure ... But I never came anyhow I got my pillow and was now gonna hump for 5 mins..
I don't really know how to hump a pillow so I had to Google it >///< I tried my best but being an amature and with my legs so tiered I doubt I did it any good

After "humping" I put on some panties with a hole in them and put on my Chasity belt forcing me to retain the tail and panties and gave the code to the two locks to miss grace, I'm now waiting for her to approve this report so I can get free >//<

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    Graceful's Avatar
    Nice report.. much better than expected in your given condition . You are very good kitty..
    Posted 03-29-2018 at 07:56 AM by Graceful Graceful is offline

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