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Stop Slave/Pet Names?

Do you, as a sub, have a pet/slave name?

Do you, as a Master/Mistress, have a pet/slave name for your sub?

How did you come up with it?
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I have been a master for a few years now(changed from Sub).

Personally I choose my Pet/Subs name after we have spent time together and i base that name off how they act.
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I generally find that we mutually settle upon a name rather than me ostentatiously deciding.

Occasionally, I have defaulted to pet.

A name that fits is always better though
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Yes I've gone through a few: neela, Fortune, and currently Anashae. They all had a meaning at the time, and I appreciated each one, they built a new identity in a way. From my current point: We're born and given a name before the person has even known us, a name is a small tack of hopes and plays in showing identity, whether religion, culture, or family. However, it wasn't chosen "for you", at least now, the pet/slave name has a bit more meaning behind it. A Master/Mistress usually puts some thought in it. They take the time to know you after lengths of your growth before they put a name tag on you.

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