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Default Humiliation punishment

One punishment idea that I really like is this:
Go into the bathroom and lock the door (if you don't live alone) and make sure a clock is visible. Get into the tub on your knees and kind of fold in on yourself as much as possible. (make sure the drain is either blocked or plugged) then pee on yourself, getting as much on you as you possibly can (if possible, on your face). Once you have finished peeing, lie down on your stomach in the tub for however long you want, lying face down sometimes if you want. I stayed lying there for two hours, lying face down for at least ten seconds every few minutes. This is extremely humiliating. For further humiliation, you can have other people there o watch you pee yourself, or even to pee on you themselves. Also if you want, handcuff or tie your hands behind your back, but make sure there is some way o release yourself.
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This is a hot idea! I've done this before, but glad someone else shares the pleasure of being humiliated. I only wish someone had been there to watch or pee on me as well.
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Did you have someone watch you or pee on you, phoebe?
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Great idea I'm going to try this tonight.
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Great idea!! ill try it when im alone!
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