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Default bikini dare

i got this idea whilst reading littl3 bikin dare its very similar just so everyone knows im not trying to take credit for it lol,

ok you will need:

really thick lube (if you cant get lube use hair stylng gel)
a 2 piece bikini

ok lather the inside of your bikini with the gel or lube and then press it firmly onto yourself, but dont tie the strings, instead tuck the strings in so that they look like they are tied at either end of your bottoms and top, this should hold as long as you dont plan on swimming, if you do plan on swimming then good luck and have fun
i am in to

likes: -----will do for punishments:
diapers --- enemas
semi public --- laxatives
risky dares --- humilliation
some anal --- forced BI
bondage --- blackmail
also developing a foot fetish

extreme pain
anything involving family
anything to permanent

i now have a chastity device, cb6000, dare me http://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=67611
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