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Default Outside dare for girls

This is for girls, guys can do it too, but it'll be much easier and not as humiliating i'd guess.

First drink 2-3 quarts of water or any other drink. Wait about 15 minutes.
Basically, all you do is where normal clothes except a mini skirt and no underwear. Walk out to the nearest park and find an area that is sort of secluded, but it's still possible for someone to see. Now hold up your skirt and take a big piss at that spot. If anyone asks, just say, "I really had to go."

I'm going to try this tomorrow hopefully. Will report back if I do.
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I can try this. ..........
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This one was a little hard for me seeings how are park is so small and well its always crowded but I dont think anyone saw. atleast no one said anything to me.
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