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Default self-bondage idea

Well here's just a self-bondage idea I had, I haven't tried it.

First you will need a pair of handcuffs and a disposable paper cup of some kind. First you will duct tape the key to the handcuffs on the inside of the lid, as well as tape up any holes such as the hole for the straw that would prevent it from leaking when turned upside down. Anyway, then close the lid and turn the cup upside down. Cut out the bottom of the cup, and getting a straw would probably work best. Fill it with pee, or some other disgusting substance you wouldn't want to drink. You should probably set the cup on a table of some kind to prevent you from accidentally spilling the upside-down cup. Now handcuff yourself to something immovable.

The end result is that in order to get out, you have to drink the substance unless you want to spill it all over the place causing a mess. Once it is all drank, you can turn it over and retrieve your key.
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Always good to hear new self-bondage ideas (I love it)

And I know I shouldn't be linking to other websites, but for people interested in self bondage, www.boundanna.com has tons of techniques and scenarios you could possibly try. I don't own that site or get any money for recommending it, I'm just a fan.
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I don't mean to offend anybody as this is a good dare but I don't think that you need to turn the cup upside down, cover the holes, and cut out the bottom. Would it not just make sence to leave it right way up in the first place. Or am missing something?
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What you should do is leave a straw in the cup and take the key to the bottom of the cup and drink from the straw. It would work just as well with less problems.
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Smile I like it

Very good idea... I always love new bondage/ predicament bondage/ self bondage ideas.

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I will be doing this but not with pee.....Possibly prune juice. Good dare. I have recently become fond of bondage scenarios.
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Thanks for the replies to this, I'd do it myself except i don't have any handcuffs.

Anyway..the reason I said to do it upside down is because the cup should be big enough that you can't reach the bottom, so the idea here is you can just pop off the lid and retrieve the keys when you are done, but if you do it too early you will make a mess.
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