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Default 13 year olds “fun” sleepover

Background info:
All characters are 13 and in middle school.
Charlie has a brown mop head and hazel eyes. He is an average boy who is easily persuaded by his friend Max.
Max has blonde short spiked hair and grey eyes. He is probably slightly more popular than Charlie and loves comics.
Susan has long blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She is not one bit shy and doesn’t really mingle with the popular kids.
Rachel has long red hair and green eyes with some freckles around her nose. She giggles and where’s skirts unlike most girls.

Part One: Two boys plan a sleepover

Charlie and Max were two 13 year olds who had known each other for about three years. They were funny, smart, but not within the leagues of the popular crowd. One day Max gave Charlie an idea,
“Hey Charlie” he said coming from around the corner of the school hall while Charlie was unloading his books from his locker
“Yeah man, what do ya need?”
“Your parents are out this weekend for a business meeting with Honda right??”
“Yeah why?” said Charlie getting more attentive of Max’s words.
“And you drunk brother’s left in charge of you and is obviously gonna go out and party till midnight right?” he said with a grin on his face.
“Where are you going with this?” asked Charlie with a dumb look on his face.
“Well isn’t it obvious bro, let’s invite two girls to sleepover”
Charlie’s face lit up of excitement,
“That sounds pretty cool, but who would we get to come with us?”
The school bell rang.
“Oh sh**!” said Charlie as he quickly assembled his books together while Max quickly ran around the corner.
Charlie and Max sat together and discussed whom they should pick.
They quickly settled on the two girls would be, Susan and Rachel.
After School
“Hey Rachel, Suzie!” yelled Charlie as he ran up to them
Rachel giggled to see Charlie; she secretly had a thing for him.
“Do you want to sleepover tonight with me and Max?”
Rachel and Suzie seemed like people who wouldn’t ordinarily be friends with each other; they just shared common interests when it came to books, movies, etc.
Susan said, “Sure at what time?”
“7:00 maybe” replied Charlie
“Ok we accept” said Susan while Rachel giggled.
“Ok” said Max as the girls as they walked away looking back at him giggling and whispering.
Charlie came from behind “Did they accept?”
“This is going to be awesome” Max said looking at Charlie
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this looks good, contine
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He is banned


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I wonder why he was banned, considering that this topic was his only post...

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Another pedophilic story might be the reason?
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me too but i like the story so far
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Originally Posted by shadoweater View Post
I wonder why he was banned, considering that this topic was his only post...
If anyone is curious to know why a user has been banned they can look up here:


In this particular case it is one member who has been trolling under another username & I banned this account for ban dodge reasons. He is on probation under another username & should be back.

I will temporarily close this thread. If that user wants to continue the story under his original name when he gets back he'll just have to PM me (or another staff member) & the thre ad will be unlocked then.
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