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Normally, nothing. Just let it dry (if it is when I go to bed) or washed off in the shower (if in the morning; I always shower in the morning).

Current Mistress does not have a requirement. A past mistress did require that I always ate it.

On rare occasion, I will cum into my panties and wear them like that.
Just not feeling into dares right now.
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I mostly blow my load into the toilet which makes for easy clean up. Occasionally I shoot on myself, and then I shower it off.
18/m long time lurker, finally made an account

PM or kik to dare me!

Limits: Messy, pain, public, permanent, scat/piss

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I clean it up with some tissues or wash it.
M / 33 / Gay
Likes: underwear, Underwear controll, pee, pee controll, cum, strip games (on cam)
Dislikes: drinking pee, edging, light anal, pics (no face), light pain
Limits: public, family+friends, food, scat, blood, X-dressing, wedgies, poo, diapers.

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Usually all just cum into my hand and lick it up. But when I'm really horny and wanna go for another round I'll cum on a dildo and fuck myself with it till I cum again. It's so hot you should try it
sissy boi ready for humiliation


Likes:scat,piss,Chasity,bondage,hidden public

limits: Public,blood,permanent,social suicide

abuse me
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Depends on how horny I feel, sometimes i'll just wipe it up and throw it in the bun, others i'll cum in my hand and slurp it up or cum straight into my mouth.
M/Bi/Mostly sub

Likes: Cum play, anal play (household objects/fingers), feet, pee, humiliation, sissification, hidden public
Dislikes/ punishments: spanking, body writing, denial
Limits: high risk public, pain/blood, family, illegal, permanent, face pics, vomit, heavy scat

bdsm test results

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I find my cum pretty disgusting and use condoms when I masturbate followed by a quick shower.
Not very practical I have to admit but can't help myself in that regard.
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Usually, I just wipe it up and throw it away. I should be a better submissive and swallow it...
22, Male, Sub

Likes: chastity, denial, anal, bondage, pet play, feet, objectification, ice/wax play

Dislikes (good for punishments): bladder control, line writing, pain, corner time
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I usually eat it.
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