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Heart A Story of 1000 Diapers

Author's Note: So this is a fun little story idea that I had (mainly due to being stuck in diapers myself). Essentially, I will try my hardest to post a short story on here every day about someone ordinary who ends up getting diapered. Hope you enjoy!


1. The Baby Bet

Kyle had been best friends with Maxine ever since they had started working together at the local cafe, a year ago. Both were just 16 years old at the time and were starting their first ever jobs. They'd had their interview on the same day and amazingly, both had been accepted. The two had quickly hit it off, with lots of jokes being shared between them as they grew up threw the next years.

As they neared the end of their penultimate year of compulsory education, the two started to think and worry about universities. It wasn't until they spoke about their worries, to each other, that they realised that they had the same University in mind.

"This is so cool!" Maxine had grinned, "We can rent out a house together and live through Uni together." She could be a real dork, with his frizzy blonde hair and her massive glasses. "My boyfriend can stay with us too, right?"

The two spoke for ages about Uni and, more importantly, the house they would soon be buying. They even started to talk about other things over the Facebook messenger:

Kyle: So can you cook because I can't lol
Maxine: Yeah. I guess you have to do all the cleaning
Kyle: I'm an awful cleaner too, though haha. I can open the curtains and stuff but that's about it xD
Maxine: We'll find something for you to do...
Kyle: No, seriously, my mum has done everything for me - I don't know how to do anything it'll be like teaching a baby.
Maxine: Haha aww my little baby Kyle

What had started off as a passing comment soon turned in to the identifying joke of their relationship, with Maxine constantly teasing Kyle about his lack of skills around the house.

Maxine: I'm going to buy some diapers for Baby Kyle, I think <3
Kyle: Haha, not a chance I'm wearing fucking diapers
Maxine: Haha but you'd look sooo cute
Kyle: No I wouldn't xD
Maxine: You wouuulllddd
Kyle: A diaper wouldn't even fit me anyway, idiot
Maxine: haha, do you want to bet on that?
Kyle: lol what are we betting?
Maxine: Well, if a diaper fits you then you have to wear them for... let's say a day when we move in together.
Kyle: Right, but if I win then you have to do all the housework for the first year.
Maxine: What no way, that's way worse!
Kyle: You can have the diaper too if you want!
Maxine: No lol, but how about if we make yours worse then to make up for it? A full week of diapers but also whatever baby stuff I want.
Kyle: lol whatever, a diaper isn't going to fit my arse anyway.

And so, the bet was made. It was a bet that was going to change Kyle's life forever.

The two met up a week later to settle the bet. Kyle was not amused, however, when he saw what Maxine pulled out of her carrier bag. A huge adult diaper.

"That's not a baby diaper, though!" Kyle protested, "We said a baby diaper!"

Maxine scoffed, "No we did not, baby! Now try it on."

With a gulp, Kyle disappeared in to the changing room and looked at the sentence of babyhood that sat in front of him. Trying to breath out, to give his waist as much girth as possible, he watched in horror as it fit him perfectly. His eyes hung in shame, he walked out of the closet to show his friend.

"Oh my god!" she laughed, already reaching for her phone to take a picture. Kyle desperately tried to cover up but it was no use.

"What the hell!" he cried out.

"There will be plenty of this and more to come," Maxine laughed, "Relax, I won't put this one on Facebook, the rest though..."

For the rest of the school year, Maxine teased Kyle constantly about what awaited him when the two were to move in together. Both had been given offers from the Universities, assuming they achieved the grades in their final exams.

"There will be pacifiers and diapers, of course," Maxine had boasted, "I'm stealing a travel crib from my niece, a high chair too. I'll give you baby food in that! I'll have a pram and I'll take you out shopping in it to buy cute baby dresses and everyone can see my little baby!"

"There'll be no late nights when you're my baby," she teased, "It'll be bed at 7pm every night."

When Kyle arrived at their new house in September, he realised that she had not been joking... about a word of it. He soon became Baby Kyle and within a day, that was Baby Kylie when she slipped him in to a pink frilly dress.

The next day, they went out in public and Kylie felt her face glow in embarrassment as people stared at her and giggled.

As promised, Maxine uploaded plenty of pictures and Kyle's friends loved every single one of them.

"He looks so cute!" his mum had commented, "Can't believe you got him to do this, Max! Have fun!"

"Actually adorable," Kyle's long-time crush had commented on a video of him being spoonfed carrot-flavoured baby food from his high chair.

It didn't stop there. The pictures got so popular that they ended up being shared by huge Facebook pages. Buzzfeed and TheLadBible got a hold of the pictures and "The girl who put her friend in diapers!".

When the week was up and Kyle was out of diapers, he started University but found it very difficult for anyone to take him seriously. They had all seen the pictures. He was known as Baby Kyle to them all, especially Maxine, for the rest of his life.
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This is promising, we don't have enough diaper stories on here.
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Oh god this made me SO wet, this is my biggest fantasy. Permanent diaper blackmail
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