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1. When did you last masturbate? right now

2. What did you use? fingers

3. What did you think about? gang bang

4. What was the last thing you inserted anally? cock

5. Did you enjoy it? yes

6. How long was it there for? until it came

7. Was it clean when it came out? yes

8. Girls: Is your vagina uneven? no
Boys: Is one testicle lower than the other?

9. Has anyone ever found out a sexual fetish of yours? yes

10. What happened? acted out

11. Have you ever been really ashamed of something sexual you did? not yet

12. What was it?

13. Do ever wear a butt plug? yes

14. If so, where do you wear it? outside

15. Have you ever had anal sex? Describe.

16. Have you ever had a real life slave/Master relationship? no

17. What is the most embarrassing dare you have done? let someone piss on me

18. What is the most dangerous sexual thing you have done? gang bang

19. Does pain or humiliation turn you on? yes

20. What type of porn do you like? all

21. How frequently do you masturbate? evry nday

22. Do you punish yourself? If so, how? pussy slap

23. Does someone else punish you? If so, how? same

24. Have you ever had your genitals punished? How did it feel? yessss

25. Do you get turned on my getdare? yes
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