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1. Do you spit or swallow?
2. Why or why not?
3. Do you like it or not?

I like to swallow

It feels like the right thing to do and makes me feel more aroused. The thought to spit has never arisen as the men i have done it to definitely wanted me to swallow and i like to please my man.

Yes i do like it
likes: masturbation and edges, dildos/butt plugs, mild pain, orgasm control, rope, dirty talk, no panties

limits public: family, friends, face photos, public nudity, webcam, disgusting dares

I am obedient and honest and enjoy being frustrated with edges and orgasm denial. Looking for basic dares to find my limits.

Photo albums on kinktalk
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Well to be honest I like variety - so depending on the case, or guy's preference, I will do either. If I'm dominating my bf I will absolutely not swallow, it just doesn't feel dominating-like. I'll make HIM swallow it. But if I know the guy is into it, I'll swallow it. If I don't know what he's into I'll either swallow, if I don't feel like cleaning myself up, or if I know I'll be taking a shower, or if I have some moist towelettes near by, I'll spit it around my tits, hands and rub it in. Even if they prefer swallowing, they love that.
Likes: anal, involving other people, stretching, cum, humiliation, light/mild pain, bondage, T&D, long term, public, dom/sub, forced, hot wax, fisting, DP, permanent

Limits: family, friends, pictures, illegal, scat, blood
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I swallow. Love the taste and easier to clean up.
I am a slave in the slave economy

Value 100 g

Owner: Master g.

Likes bondage, pain, public, humiliation, underware and clothing control, edging, denial, wedgies, messy, hidden.

Dislikes/limits: cam, pics, easy lines.
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I like it most when girls swallow, because I think it is a form of submission.
What get's me on more though is if they play with it. Smear it open, rub it in, swirl it around in their mouth, ...
I find it extremely hot if a girl decides to share it with me, and forces me to swallow.

As for myself, If i give myself a facial, I will always swallow, even though it's hard to get myself to do it.
My likes, Dislikes and limits

I'm male.
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I always swallow. Otherwise it would be a waste. And swallowing leaves no mess to clean up.
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I like when she swallows...it makes the whole thing so finished.
but if she don't like it, well, she can spit it as well, just not too fast
48/Male/Dom [GMT +2]
looking for online/virtual female sub/slave to abuse, control, humiliate and punish
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Back when I was into guys, I was more of a facial girl myself~

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If I dont swallow right away, I love playing with it and then swallowing it. No mess, the guys love it, I love it, tastes great, why not?
Likes : spanking, whipping, caning, being hit, anal, tight rope bondage/shibari, drooling/gag, interesting dares

Limits: public, pic/cam, pee/poop, bloody

Please dont try to add my as friend unless you have actually spoken to me.
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1. Do you spit or swallow? I swallow, ive never spit.
2. Why or why not? Messy otherwise, I dont want it to sit in my mouth, because...
3. Do you like it or not? I don't like the taste.
Likes: Anal, Submissive, Pain, bondage, humiliation
Limits: Family, Public, Photos
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as bi guy when ever i suck cock i swallow its rude not to isnt it

i prefer when people swallow my cum as well especially if i have just swallowed or about to swallow theres
Skype bim4fun
kik hotandhorny32 no access for now
email [email protected]

likes edging, joi, cei, voyeur, being watched wearing female underwear light anal hidden public
limits Pain, family, blood, scat, piss cross dressing
pm dares
ask about toys i own

iam male btw
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i like it when a girl swallows, thought i prefer to give facials
i just think it looks so horny when a cute face is coverd in cum
likes : Orgams control (multiple/ruined), light anal, ice, mild xdress (lingerie only), C2C, selfbondage
dislikes: Cum eating, big insertions, pee, shaving, public, heavy xdress (entire outfit), pictures
limits : everything thats illegal according to the Belgium Law, Friends, Blood, severe pain, scat (poo) etc
my girlfriend and i live together now, her toys are buttplug, cockring, dildo, vibe and cuffs
I believe you can fall in love with any person, despite their gender
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I'm male, and I swallow.

I like the taste, for the most part... depends on the guy. Fat guys taste -so- much better! Skinny guys can be so acrid and bitter... Besides, I'm submissive, and swallowing another man's seed is rather intensely submissive to me, so of course I swallow!
Likes: Feet, exhibitionism (secluded/low risk), Watersports, barefoot dares, mild pain, ballbusting.

Maybe: exhibitionism (semi-public/moderate risk), bondage

Dislikes: Crossdressing, heavy pain, dares requiring footwear of any kind, dares in which nudity is required "except footwear".

Limits: scat, ingesting urine (medical reasons), exhibitionism (full public/extreme risk), permanent damage.. Anything else I decide is too risky, or just sounds un-fun.
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