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I think i'm around a 6.5
19 bi M switch

Likes - feet, bondage, light pain, private humiliation, being forced, pics

(want to try) dislike - scat, piss, anal

Soft limits - vids

Limits - family, face, perminant, public, social
Life humiliation, bodywriting,

Interested in - being blackmailed, being slave, most suggestions not listed

Kik lucasMcAvoy
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Maybe a 7, i have no body hair and a pretty good body, but my face has a bit of scarring from my acne a few years ago.
18 - Male - Bi


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Komodo Jones
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I hate on a scale questions but I'm going to answer it anyway. I'd probably give myself a 5.5. I have qualities that aren't accepted beautiful by mainstream society. I am overweight and more hairy than some people are willing to accept. However, occasionally when I look in the mirror especially my face and how I usually compose my face, there are instances where I say "Wow, I'm damn sexy." Like it's a new discovery every time I see it. But of course I think most of my attractiveness comes from who I am and my personality, and the people who know me can see that.

From what I've heard from other people, I don't know as not a lot of people have really commented on my looks, even if I give them a picture. Buuuut this morning I was called both sexy and handsome by a certain individual who will remain anonymous. Other people would probably rank me a little higher but I don't think by much.

32/male/partially bi/switch

I am NOT looking for a D/s relationship with a male at this time so don't ask! I will accept female subs but am mainly looking for a Domme.

What are my limits/likes/supplies?
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I guess I'd say about a 6 maybe? People tell me I look nice and at least for my face I agree but I'm kind of embarrassed to be seen shirtless because I'm out of shape and a little chubby. Not like obese or anything, but my stomach could stand to be a bit smaller.

PM me the word "shower" if you'd like to see me taking one

Likes: furry, plushie, sadomasochism, chemical play (cayenne pepper), genital torture, xenophilia, exhibitionism
Dislikes: anal, feet
Limits: scat, puke, blood/gore, permanent harm, public, family, showing face
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Hmm, hard to say. I don't get too many comments on my appearance one way or the other. I've had several complements, and nothing hurtful, so I'd say an 8.

Personally, I'd guess a 6 or so, but most people have a tendency to undervalue themselves, myself included.
Likes: Daring, being dared, edging, toothpaste, light to medium CBT

Dislikes: Anal, IcyHot, more than moderate pain

Limits: Scat, gay, blood, public, anything illegal or that could ruin someone's life, social suicide, pics/video, crossdressing.

Male and most definitely hetro.

I have been dared to link to this post I made until the end of August:
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Originally Posted by sexdude100 View Post
Hmm, hard to say. I don't get too many comments on my appearance one way or the other. I've had several complements, and nothing hurtful, so I'd say an 8.

Personally, I'd guess a 6 or so, but most people have a tendency to undervalue themselves, myself included.
What I get from this thread is the complete opposite. I'm not saying the users here are ugly (I myself am obviously a 10 ), but assuming 5 is average, nearly everyone thinks they are above that.

On a serious note, I'd say my body is an 8 and my face a 6. But I'm probably overvaluing myself too.
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About a 3 if lucky... hairy, chubby, I think I'm ugly. Don't get me wrong, waitresses in Spain call me guapo "beautiful" all the time but I'm sure they say that to everyone. But I have low self confidence so even if they did mean it I wouldn't understand why. I'm lucky facially I'm okay, because everything else on me looks shit. I've lost 35 pounds in the last 6 months trying to look better but it hasn't really helped in my opinion...So there's ya answer lol

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