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I've gone naked on my front lawn and I've walked down quite a few blocks
I've had sex a few times on my front lawn, but it's always been super late at night
Likes: Masturbation, Edging, Flashing, Breast Play, Cumshots, Facials
Dislikes: Pain, Pee, Poo, Blood, Pictures/Video
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Why? How far did you go? Did anyone notice?

I have never left my house naked in the real world, however I did have a dream where for some reason I ran down my road across a massive feild down to the local motorway(highway) and then realised that everyone could see me....
22/m/uk - Im on Fetlife - J2o

Im very open to questions and random messages so feel free to PM me.

"We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard" JFK 1962
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The only time I've been out of the house completely naked, I was coming out of an uterus. The closest I've come to that is I once did the whole sexy-underwear-under-a-long-coat routine to go someone special's house.
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Memories for Life
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Originally Posted by adnama View Post
The only time I've been out of the house completely naked, I was coming out of an uterus. The closest I've come to that is I once did the whole sexy-underwear-under-a-long-coat routine to go someone special's house.
If you came out of your house completely naked, I would be cumming into your uterus!

Describe the "sexy underwear" completely. How far did you walk/ride to "someone special's" house? Did they know you were coming or was it a surprise? Did you wait until you got inside or did you pull open your coat when the door opened?
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tarheel boy
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Yes, I've been dare to streak around my house at night, and I've been skinny dipping/lounging outside at my girlfriend's when her parents were out of town.
likes:nudity, semi-public, humiliation, mild bondage and crossdressing
limits: anal, family, friends, pictures, permanent and more than mild pain

you wont see my mienshao until it's too late... DRAIN PUNCH!!!!

"...How about her?"
"Yeah I'd do her."
"What would you do?"
"I'd take her out to a nice dinner, I'd walk her home afterwords, and when we get there, I'd shake the fuck out of her father's hand."
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Yes, at night to roll the trash barrel to the end of the driveway...
I Dare You To Get Naked!!!
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yes, last night for a dare. got caught and yelled at
Likes - full frontal nudes, underwear, humiliation, piss, in person dares, SPH, online games with groups and cbt, cam,cum,pushing limits

Dislikes-i have no women's clothing, and dares that are way too long

limits are being worked out but very few because I'm a slut

Kik me: Bigger cock then me? I'll show you full frontal face and erection measured

dick size verified here

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recon lucky32
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Yes, i was the streaker for a friends 21st bday. ran round the inside of the house and around the back yard, then remained naked on the back deck talking to people until the host told me to get dressed.

Likes :Control orgasm, masturbation, Self bondage, Humiliation, locks, light anal play, public
As punishment:Cbt, Light anal, Cross dressing, Spanking, Pee
Limits : Hard anal play, Illegal, Permanent signs, Dangerous
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Never done it, simple as that
I am owned by an amazing Mistress!
Likes: humiliation, bondage, crossdressing, feminization, anal, semi-public, spanking and nudity.
Limits:scat, friends involvement and total body shaving.

I will do any dares PMed to me
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I've walked out into the back garden naked. When living in campus accommodation I would walk to the showers completely naked sometimes, without a towel at times I expected nobody to be around/when I was drunk

Ask me anything

yes: secluded public, crossdressing,, chastity sexual, anal (including enemas if you want), slight pain, anything else not on the above list I can't think of right now

no: openly public/involving others, bodily waste, extreme pain

Add me at [email protected]
Check out my profile and album on Kinktalk
I am looking for a mistress to serve right now
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As a prank, my friends came over one day; striped me and shoved me into the back of this van. They drove for want seemed liked hours to a spot out in the middle of, well nowhere. Pushed me out of the van, and made me do the most outrageous things before I could get my clothes back and to go back home. At least there was nobody out there in the woods, well as far as I know.
Brian (布莱恩) - Bi-Male (双男性) - Edge Master (边缘大师)


OH, JUST REMEMBER: "Life is not fun, unless you are having fun." - Dareholic

"Adam was but human - this explains it all. He did not want the apple for the apple's sake, he wanted it only because it was forbidden. The mistake was not forbidding the serpent; then he would have eaten the serpent." - Mark Twain
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Yes and I have pics
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All the time its quite rural here so i go and collect my post nude walk to the car for dares. Furthest iv been was a 2 mile walk over fields across the road from my house.
Im new here so looking to see what there is ill update my likes/limits as i go on.

Ill do any dare within my limits that is PMd to me and i will reply with a full report of how it went.


Hidden public, masturbation, car dares

Slight pain, risky public, anal

Illigal, scat, piss, pain, animals, photos
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In my parents I went out the front gate, down the side of the house and into the back gate at night. Great rush!
37 year old bisexual, exhibitionist, submissive male in the UK

I'm currently owned, but my mistress isn't on GD.

KIK: bliverpool

Like: being controlled, cum, public
Limits: Anything toilet related, blood, body marks.
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I have. On occasion, I'll sneak out of the house, climb over the fence on the back and down the trees on the other side and go running naked for what could be a good few miles ... I still like going out, leaving my clothes somewhere and coming back to pick them up later...
410 - Gone
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naked, nude, outdoors, public

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