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Pm tasks report. Day 1 of the list

Posted 12-14-2017 at 08:46 PM by CrimsonKitten

For anyone keeping up with this Horny Kitten痴 blog lately. You will know that she has a list to complete before Saturday morning when she will be allowed to cum (once )
Report for Day One...Thursday

School was closed for this Horny Kitten so her day was spent at home, sadly not home alone though
She began her day with the normal morning edge, and then proceeded to check emails and post her earlier blog post

After posting here on Gd, this Horny Kitten proceeded to lube up her fingers and edge twice by finger fucking herself (with the rewetting lubricant) (Edge Count: 2/17)

This horny Kitten then went about most of her day around the house as normal, watched tv, made lunch, worked on some holiday presents, played with the dog, etc.
around 6pm this Horny Kitten went and did her 疎s public as possible bathroom edge (3/17) (STAY WET, rule) and then got in the shower, while in the shower she used the shower head to edge twice more (5/17)

After exiting the shower and drying off, this Horny Kitten decided to apply the STIMULATING gel to her clit, she knew she wouldn稚 be alone to edge anymore for a couple hours so figured it was a fitting time to draw more of her mind to her aching and already dripping cunt.

Now comes (sadly not this Horny Kitten) about 830pm.
Got mostly ready for bed and reapplied stimulating gel to her clit, and pegged her nipples for the first round of 15 mins.
This Horny Kitten then proceeded to lube up her dildo and fuck herself to 3 more edges (8/17).

This Horny Kitten is headed to bed shortly, and is excited but nervous for the amount of tasks she must complete tomorrow

The updated list that痴 left to complete is below... wish me luck and feel free to send any Pm tasks and this horny Kitten will begin them After Saturday.


The remainder of the list is below in Pink...
-Must refer to herself by Horny Kitten (knowing her place until release time)

-15 more EDGEs to complete 9 more edges

-2 DRIVEs with the vibe on low for 10 mins each (or 20 mins in one drive), no cumming (any edges during this time DO NOT count towards edge count, this Horny Kitten allowed an additional rule for that)

-2 1 Day of the rewetting lubricant (STAY WET, also includes 2 additional edges to add to that 15)

-PLUGged for 1 hour min.

-PEGS on her nipples for 30 15 mins

-STIMULATE gel on her clit (at a diff time than toothpaste & for a minimum of 5 of the edges)

-ToothPASTE on her clit for 30 mins...
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