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Current Rules after a unexpected break. Jumping back into things.

Posted 04-12-2017 at 08:55 AM by CrimsonKitten
Updated 04-24-2017 at 06:28 AM by CrimsonKitten

See thread for the best explanation.
These are my rules that have been compiled so far. Please comment here; the original thread, or PM me if you have any others you'd like to add.

Everyday Rules:
-i must edge once every morning before getting out of bed to remind my pussy of its role

Work days(4days a week):
-On my ride to and from my destination; i am to place a vibrator in my panties (on low) and work myself up to the full 30 minute drive with no cumming allowed.

Punishment/Special day rules:
-if staying home for the day, i am to not wear a bra or panties, if i must leave the house, i am to go without panties but am allowed the least supportive bra i own (due to cup size and needing at least some support)
-i am not allowed to cum on this day, Unless given permission.
-i am to edge a minimum of 20 edges before being able to be given permission.
-i must be plugged for a minimum of 2 hours.
-the night before punishment day i must write slut on my pussy.
-if able to (home alone) i am to be wearing my collar
-the day of, day before and day after, when showering, i must edge myself once with the shower head and then put it on cold for 1 minute to calm myself down

On the day before and the day following my punishment/special day each week; i'm only allowed to cum after reaching 5 edges that day.

The other 4 days of the week i am allowed to cum as i please, except for my morning edge, and my car ride. Those must be kept at edges only.

As i am given more rules and tasks to add to the routine i will post them here. As well as update each punishment day and how it goes. Along with if i have cum the day before or after.

Thank you all again for aiding me in this. i hope it is as fun as it will be frustrating, but as turned on as i already am, i'm sure it will be.
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