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It does make it difficult to know what one is getting into, chatting-wise. I'm not ashamed. So there I am.
Likes: Hidden Public, Endurance Challenges, Self Bondage, Orgasm Control, Light Exhibitionism

Limits: Blood, Permanent, Scat, Urine, Impact Play, Social Suicide
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I don't think I would ever put it as a real female and definitely not someone I know from like Facebook. It's a small world and that's a damn easy way to get caught :P

But I have mine as a female right now because that's who I wish I could be perceived as.
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Dislikes: Pain, CBT, Minor Public, Wax Play, Long Dares, Minor Messy

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When I signed up for this website over two years ago, it was the first "adult" website with a community that I ever signed up for. I was really into wax play then, so I chose a picture that best represented my interests at the time: a lovely woman with a back covered in candle wax.

I don't give out wax dare as much as you used to, but the profile pic has grown on me, and it feels like a part of my identity on here. Frankly, I would probably not recognize some of my posts for a few seconds if I ended up changing to a new profile pic.

Looking to meet and talk to new people and expand my horizons.

Photo credits: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/F...ay_on_back.jpg

Shout out to Grendelkhan and Lady Byron for using Creative Commons licensing.
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Why do so many of the guys on this site put a girls pic as their avatar? - Mine
is not of a girl

Are you ashamed of what you look like? - Yes, I am at times. And it would
cause some huge problems at work if they knew this was me!!

Or do you secretly wish you were a girl? - Sometimes. I would like to try it
for a day or so to see how much better it is.
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