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Default The Study: Out In The Field

"Must be over 18, std free, be comfortable with BDSM and being seen naked by others. Volunteers will be paid for their time, looking for one male and one female. Call the number below to book an interview."

What the hell? I was walking to my next class when I saw that posting on the University Union message board. No one had taken any numbers yet. I wasn't sure what to think. Was it a joke? It was definitely weird, and I was surprised to see it up on the public board. It was an official study though being done by the school's psychology department in partnership with its sociology department too. I guess it made sense. I ignored it at the time and went to class.

Throughout the day I passed the ad, and I stopped to read it every time. I was a bit of a pervert, I admit. I masturbated often, and looked at all kinds of weird porn. My last relationship, my girlfriend was very kinky too. But this study? Nah.

The next day I stumbled upon it again, but this time noticed that one piece had been taken. One of the phone number pieces, I mean. Someone was actually going to try it out.

"That's crazy." I said outloud. I wondered who would actually sign up to be naked in front of a bunch of weird scientists or something to do... who knows what.

Then I realized... I would. But for some reason I was being a chicken. I looked around. Nobody was coming down either side of the hall. I quickly took a piece of the ad and speed walked away.

When I got home I called the number, and spoke to a man on the phone. He didn't tell me much, but told me if I wanted an interview, I'd need to get tested for STDs first and bring proof of being clean and then to call him back.

A week later, I did. My results came back fast, and I was clean. I went to get tested the day after I called, and a little over a week later, my results came to me. The man told me which office to meet in and when. I went to the bus stop to take the bus home. Crazy... I was really nervous actually. I felt weird doing this. But I'd feel like an asshole if I backed out now. I'm sure it wasn't going to be that bad anyways. I'd probably end up getting paid to jerk off in front of a few people.


The day came for the interview and I found the man's office.

"Hello, you must be James." He said "I'm Dr. Warnicky, it's nice to meet you."
"Thanks. So what exactly is this? I wasn't sure to even call, I didn't think this would be something you guys could do."
"Well, we're doing a study on fetishes, sexuality, arousal etc, as well as other people's reactions to certain things. Have you ever been to the Rainbow Festival?"

That name rang a bell...

"No? What is it?"
"It's a little fetish festival downtown that happens every year. It's a lot of fun actually."
"Ah, right. I heard of the name but never really looked into it. Are we going to check that out."
"Okay cool."
"There are a few things I need to mention though."
"So, surprisingly, you're only the second person to call for an interview. The first was a nice young lady who came in yesterday. She agreed to be part of this. You should be excited that you'll get to see her naked and more."
"And more?"
"Well, this is where things get a little more interesting. See, this festival allows for quite an array of sexual activity, and legally. We would like you and our female volunteer to take part in some of these things, and you'll both be seeing each other naked."

I could feel myself becoming erect in my pants.

"Okay..." I said
"And others will see you naked too."

I was beginning to get uncomfortably hard in my pants now.

"What does that mean?"
"Well, I'll say it bluntly. We will supply you with clothes. Cheap underwear, a basic t shirt, and sweat pants. We will be tying your hands behind your back and walking both of you through the festival to engage in various activities. That's why we were asking about BDSM, because this in itself is a bondage activity. Eventually we will cut your clothes off and leave you both naked while we walk you, and if you're okay with this, other people will more than likely touch your genitals and want to engage in activities with each of you."

I could feel my face growing hot, my hard cock was ready to cum in my jeans. I couldn't believe what I was hearing!

If you're friendly, PM me or add me on Facebook I love chatting about dirty fantasies, especially public nudity! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007149407768 I want to have some fun on FB

Naked challenge list
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Awesome start. Looking forward to more.
Likes: JOI, CEI, pee, spanking that leaves a good bruise chastity, butt plugs and nipple torture,

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