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World Walk in by maids

Many years ago I had been caught intentionally masturbating for the first time. At that time I had just finished my studies and started working for a big company. In the first few weeks, all new employees have to attend numerous courses on a wide range of topics, e. g. the basics of quality management, basic SAP knowledge and much more. Most of the courses took place directly at the location, but a few were also out of town. So I went to a training course lasting several days and stayed there in a hotel.
Although the first day of the training did not start until 10 a. m., I had already arrived by train the day before. I woke up at 7:30. Since I still had enough time, I just lay down in bed and started to satisfy myself under the blanket.
So I had pushed my right hand into my underpants and massaged me gently as I heard a soft, short knock and the snap of a door lock a few rooms further down the hall.
At first I thought,"Oh, crap. I did forget the "do not disturb sign" request, because I hadn't counted on the chambermaids so early on. The next short knock was already heard. Without waiting for an answer, this door was also immediately unlocked.
At that moment I noticed how my excitement suddenly increased and I spontaneously decided to just go on and let myself be caught by the chambermaid masturbating. I quickly threw the blanket back to the foot end, pulled down my underpants and threw them onto the floor next to me.
I gently stroked my penis further, careful not to come too early.
A knock on the door of the neighbor's room. My heart was beating so fast, my face was getting hot. Just knowing that someone will catch me masturbating in a few moments brought me to the point of no-return. Even if I stopped the action now, avoiding an orgasm would not have been possible at this time, the excitement was already too strong.
I heard someone walking through the neighbor's room with quick steps, tearing open the curtains and opening the window to air the room. The steps were reversed and a few seconds later the key was inserted into the lock of my door.

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Default Walked in by maid

At that moment my sperm spurted out of me uncontrollably in violent shocks. I would have liked to delay this orgasm a little bit more until the chambermaid actually entered my room and noticed me on the bed.
With the orgasm my fear of getting caught came back. However, there was no time left to defuse the situation somehow. I lay there helplessly and uncovered while the door was opened, after a short knock and without waiting for an answer. A moment later I heard a female voice muttering "Apologies please" at the head of my bed. The chambermaid turned back on the spot and closed the door behind herself.

Since then I try to get caught at every one of my rare hotel stays. When I go to breakfast, I hang out the "don't disturb"sign, in the unlikely event that the cleaning of the rooms starts early. After a quick breakfast I go back to the room and take my clothes off, except for my underpants and T-shirt. I usually leave the sign hanging outside so that nobody can blame me and it looks like an involuntary incident.
I lie down on the bed and stroke myself carefully. When I finally hear the first cleaning trolleys in the hallway, I put some headphones in my ears so that there is a plausible reason why I might have missed their knocking.
Unfortunately, the success rate is relatively low. Often I have to leave before they reached my room. In addition, the "Please don't disturb"sign will be observed, at least if there are enough other rooms to clean.
On the day of departure I will therefore stay in the room as long as allowed. In addition, I try to increase the chances by sliding the sign down from the outside of the door handle.
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World Walked in by maid

Once there was an unexpected opportunity. I was on a private photo tour. In the forenoon the weather worsened, so I wanted to take a short break in my room. The room was already made. So I didn't use the sign and lay down on the bed.
At some point I heard doors rattling. At first I thought of other guests, because I didn't hear a knocking. But the rattling was too regular. I hurriedly undressed myself naked, put me back into bed and pushed the blanket to the foot end. Immediately I was hard. About five minutes later, my door was suddenly opened and a woman came in quickly. Only after a few steps she notice me. "Oh, I just want to check out the minibar."
While she was still saying that to me, I sprayed off.
And she really did check out the minibar before she left the room! Best caught ever.
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