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Id love it! It needs to be a thing XD

As long as neither party meets each other

Exploring little side :-) I really like cute things!!! Hehe

Likes: edging, orgasm control, bondage, anal, predicament, torture, humiliation, sissyfication, etc...

Dislikes (will do/try with encouragment): semi public/hidden, messy

Limits: scat, full public, illegal, social suicide, extreme injuries, permanent, family/friends, face.

(Will do/try anything that isnt a limit)
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I love the comments I see in this thread, I can't join from this side, but I am wondering how I can get to be on the other side ;-)
xoxo lizzyy,

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Dislikes: n/a
Likes: Humiliation / Degration / love feeling like an object
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yes deffo
i dont care what they do
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Absolutely, I'd do it!


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Originally Posted by lizzyy View Post
I love the comments I see in this thread, I can't join from this side, but I am wondering how I can get to be on the other side ;-)
Here's a question I asked that you might like to answer then.

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Absolutely. If they tortured me well enough I might even leave my number.
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absolutely would, since its safe and sane and std free why not
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Dislikes (may do): scat, piss play, post orgasm torture

Limits: permanent, illegal, family, anything to do with meat/meat products.
temp limits: video
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Sure I would try it. Would be cool to try
Male, 18+
Likes: Underwear/swimwear, Anal toys, Some pain, Spanking, Slight humiliation, Safe public
Curious about: Orgasm control, CFNM, CMNM, BDSM, Public
Limits: Public (reveal of identity), Too painful, Family/friends, Anything messy, Illegal, Dangereous
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I totally would. They thought of not knowing what could be coming turns me on. Sounds exciting to me
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I'd pass. Not big on much pain, and the uncertainty isn't a draw to me.
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Likes: Teasing / Control / Denial / Edging / Light pain / Light humiliation / Bondage

Limits: Face / Public / Illegal / Messy / Gross / Blood
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Kisune Karnon
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Sure. Why not. Could be fun.


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My goal is to give good dares and receive them because that's how I enjoy the game.

I don't do reports on dares I complete, unless you either ask or I tell you directly if I can or will.

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