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Default Stripped By Girls Part 1

Hello all. I go by Janie89 now but 9 years ago I posted a story here called Stripped by Girls under the name Gladiator8. I never got around to continuing the story but I have just decided to follow up on it. Here is Part 1 again which will be followed by Part 2. Nine years later but I hope it will be worth the wait.

This is something that happened to me when I was 16. I have been a bit of an exhibitionist ever since I was 13 walking around my backyard naked late at night and even going through the park to see if I could do that and maybe even be seen totally naked by women or girls. I was seen on a couple of occasions but I was far enough away from them to run away. I got bolder each time I went out and as I got older, I would get a huge boner walking around naked and thinking about girls seeing me.

I was walking home from school one day and decided to take the long route through a park. AS I continued to walk, I saw a group of young girls, maybe 13 years old, giggling and jumping around. As I continued my walk and got close to the girls, one of them asked "Dude, can we talk to you for a sec?" I replied, "Sure, no problem." The tallest girl added, "My name is Judy by the way and these are all my friends, Katie, Millicent, Jane, Beth, Sally, and Kim."

I told them my name was Peter and asked what I could do for them. Judy said that they were talking and decided they were going to ask the next guy they saw to strip for them. I laughed and asked why they would ask that. Jane said, "Cuz we never seen a guy strip before!"

To tell the truth, I got a little excited when I heard what they wanted and embarrassed at the same time. I told them that I thought they were a little too young for that and that I was 16. Judy, who seemed to be the leader of the group, said, "That's perfect and you look pretty good."

Since it was June, I was wearing a t shirt, shorts, and sandals. The girls looked really cute with their little shirts and short shorts even though they were young, I actually was excited about this and decided to go for it. I asked them where they wanted me to strip and they said right here in the park. I said that that was dangerous to be doing something like that in broad daylight in a park.

Judy said, "We'll surround you so other people won't see what we're doing." Call me crazy but I after giving it some thought, I decided to do it. They all giggled and squealed with delight jumping up and down.

Beth said, "This is gonna be so cool. How far will you go, with your clothes I mean?" I replied, "Since you're kinda young, how about to my boxers?" A few of them looked disappointed but Judy said, "That's fine. We never seen a guy strip before, even to his boxers!"

The seven girls formed a circle around me and started to chant , "Strip, strip, strip!" I was getting nervous and aroused at the same time and my cock was starting to get hard. This was noticed by the girls and they all pointed and giggled. I decided to go for it and do it as fast as possible to get it over with. I took my shirt off and one of the girls took it. They were impressed with my upper body and oooooed and aaaaaawed.

They kept saying, "This is so cool" and "Wow." Then they started to chant, "Take it off, take it off", giggling like crazy. I said,"Ok, girls, here goes nothing!" and I peeled off my shorts to my feet, leaving me with just my white boxers and sandals on. I stepped out of my shorts and one of the girls grabbed them. They all cheered and jumped up and down.

With all the excitement, I started to feel my dick rising to the occasion, so to speak. They noticed how tented my boxers were and giggled and pointed. I was embarrassed about the boner but I couldn't help it with all these girls around me. Judy then said ,"Why don't you take off the sandals too. It'll look better." and all the girls nodded in agreement. So I bent down and took them off and as I did so, one of them whispered, "He has a nice butt. Wish we could see it all bare naked."

Once again my sandals were scooped up by one of the girls leaving me with just my boxers on. They wanted me to move around a bit so I started to dance like a male stripper would and they went crazy. I was getting so hard at this point that the girls seemed to be shocked by what they were seeing and were whispering to themselves and giggling a lot.

I figured the show was over so I said, "Ok, girls, I hope you liked the strip show and I can take my clothes back now." Judy replied, "C'mon, Peter, just show us your butt at least." "I don't think I can do that. I'm a bit shy about that." I said. After giving it more thought, I decided that I would show them part of it. "Ok, but that's it," I insisted.

I slowly began to peel down my boxers from the back showing them my crack as they all screamed and giggled. I lowered them half way down and waved my butt around to their cat calls and hooting and hollering.

Then they chanted, "All the way, all the way, all the way". So I figured what the hell. I've gone this far. Why not pull them down and show them my full bare ass. I pulled them down all the way from the back but kept my front part of my boxers securely with both hands. They screamed again and made comments about how nice my butt was. They wanted me to walk around inside the circle so all of them could see and I did. A few of them even smacked it and I heard one of them say, "You're a naughty boy, showing us girls your bum like that."

We all laughed and as I was about to pull up my boxers, some of the girls came close to me and started to tickle me under my arms and on my chest. Of course this caused me to move my hands from the waist band of my boxers because of the tickling, asking them to please stop.

At that point, Judy took the opportunity to grab the top of my boxers and pull them down to my feet in a puddle around my ankles, leaving me stark naked in the middle of them. I was shocked at what was happening and thought about what I had gotten myself into with these girls.

Inexplicably, as scared and embarrassed as I was, I couldn't help but be aroused and excited at the same time.

Then I was tripped and pushed down on the ground by a few of the girls and Judy snatched the boxers away from around my ankles. I was lying on my stomach totally bare ass naked with 7 girls laughing and giggling like mad over what they were seeing.

Judy even suggested a spanking and a few of them gave me several slaps on my butt but not too hard. It was more embarrassing than painful. Beth then said, "I wanna see his wiener!" and all the girls yelled their approval.

I was pulled up to my feet and I was held by my arms so they could all get a look at my cock which I must say was at full mast at this point. I probably could have made a break for it but where would I go with no clothes on?

The girls all screamed and cheered when they saw my cock, especially since it was hard and sticking out. I heard comments like, "Can you believe this!? Look at his dick. I can see his balls too! Look how big his cock is!" They all laughed when they heard Beth say that. There I was buck naked in a park in broad daylight surrounded by 7 young girls.

Suddenly another girl riding a bike approached us. She turned out to be Judy's little sister. Quickly Judy grabbed all my clothes and put them in her sister's saddle bags of the bike. Obviously this was all planned out because I noticed at one point Judy using her cell phone as I was taking off my shirt. Judy then said, "Peter, this is my sister, Cindy, she's 11 today! Cindy then joined the circle and was staring at me in awe with her mouth open. "Wow, he's really bare naked. You weren't kidding, sis. But he's covering up his thing. I can't see it!" Of course I was so embarrassed at this point that an even younger girl was seeing me bare ass naked so I was covering up my cock and balls with my hands as best I could and my cock was the hardest it's ever been for some reason.

Was I enjoying this? Part of me was scared and embarrassed to be naked in front of all these girls but another part of me was excited - the front part! Once again the girls grabbed my arms so Cindy could see me from the front. She squealed and jumped up and down and kept saying, "I see his wiener! I see his wiener!" and of course everyone laughed hysterically.

Then Judy said, "Ok, Cindy, you can go now and thanks. Cindy seemed quite disappointed but managed to reply, "That was the bestest birthday gift ever! Thanks, sis."
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Default Stripped By Girls Part 2

What happened next shocked the hell out of me. Cindy then got on her bike and rode off with my clothes in her saddlebags! "NO! No, come back please. My clothes!" I cried and all the girls laughed hysterically.

There I was totally bare ass naked in the middle of a park with 7 younger girls laughing at me. All my clothes were gone because an 11 year old girl had decided to ride off with them in her saddle bags. "What about my clothes?" I asked Judy desperately. Judy continued to laugh loudly along with all the other girls at my naked plight and said, "We love what you're wearing now! Right, girls?" All the girls nodded their approval as they continued to stare at me from all angles and in spite of my terror and embarrassment, I was still sporting a huge hardon which I was trying my best to conceal with my hands.

Judy was definitely the leader of this pack of girls and told me there was no point in covering up my dick since they had seen everything. "We are really enjoying the show, Peter, and it looks like you are too by the size of your wiener!" she said and all the others laughed in encouragement. "Did you notice that Katie and MIllicent were taking pictures of you on their phones while you were stripping? Sally was actually filming everything too so we could watch it later," Judy said. "We might even show our friends!"

I knew I was in deep trouble at this point and didn't really know what to do. Judy admitted that she didn't think any guy would actually strip for them and when I agreed , they just decided that they had to see an older boy totally naked no matter what. During my stripping Judy had called her 11 year old sister Cindy and told her to get on her bike and to make sure she had her saddle bags. She also explained that there was a big boy getting naked for them and she could see him if she was willing to take his clothes back to their garage.

Judy went on to tell me that I had to cooperate with them if I wanted to get my clothes back otherwise I would have to leave the park totally bare ass naked in broad daylight and who knows who else would see me. I thought about making a run for it anyway but I thought about what they might do with the pictures and videos they had. That thought was reinforced when Judy explained that she didn't think I should take off since they had photos and videos.

"What are you going to do with those pictures?" I asked. "Mostly just look at them and show them to friends who couldn't be here!" she laughed. "But I might even show them to your parents if you don't do as we say, Peter." I was in total shock and she went on to say that she had actually seen me before and even knew the number and name of my street. Apparently I hadn't recognized any of them but Judy and one of the others actually knew my name before I even showed up at the park. Judy explained that she actually had heard a rumor that I was seen naked in my backyard by a neighbour girl a while back. It was no rumor as it turns out.

I had no choice but to cooperate with these girls because if my parents saw pics or video of me stripping for younger girls in public, I would be in serious shit. My father would disown me and my mother would be ashamed and disappointed to say the least. While Judy was explaining all this to me the other girls just stared, giggled and kept walking around me to get closer looks at me. I was still covering up but realized that that was futile at this point. These girls owned me now for all intents and purposes.

"Do you agree to do everything we say and we won't show the pics and videos to your parents?" Judy asked. I reluctantly told her yes and all the girls jumped up and down screaming their approval. "You can start by lowering your hands and never covering up anything. We all want to see everything you have -dick, balls and ass. Totally bare naked! Right, girls?" They all said YES in unison and continued to jump up and down giggling and staring at me.

Defeated, I lowered my hands showing my penis to all of them as they stared, laughed and made all sorts of comments. I found out that they were 12 and 13 years old and had never seen a boy naked before until today that is. Some had babysat little boys before and saw them naked but they were probably 1 or 2 years old at the most. I was 16 years old for God sakes and these girls were seeing everything I had. Judy introduced all the girls one by one again and told me they went to the same Middle School which wasn't too far from my High School actually. Judy(13), Katie(13), Millicent(13), Jane(12), Beth(13), Sally(12), Kim(12). Judy added, "Oh, yeah, you also met my little sister, Cindy, who's 11 today. I think she liked seeing you in your birthday suit especially since it's her birthday today! Haha! Don't worry, your clothes are safe. She has them hidden and is just waiting for instructions from me! Haha. By the way she texted me that she liked seeing your pee pee and bare bum. She's never seen a naked boy either so she was thrilled!"

During all this, my dick had softened but because of all the girls laughing and staring and talking about seeing me naked, I couldn't help getting another hardon and it didn't go unnoticed by all the girls. The comments were overwhelming: "Oh my God, Check out his wiener! It's so big! Can you believe this older guy is totally bare naked in front of us! Nice cock! I like his ass! I can see his balls ! This is so cool! How do you feel being totally naked in front of us with us seeing your wiener! " The only thing I could say was, "This is so embarrassing!" Judy replied, "I'm sure it is but you'll get used to it, Peter." and laughed.

The first thing the girls made me do was pose for more photos. I had to pose totally bare naked with all the girls, in groups and individually. It was hard for the girls to keep a straight face during the photo session as you can imagine and my embarrassment was clearly evident. A few of the girls even got brave and touched my penis and balls and some had their hands on my ass as the cell phones were recording everything. At this point, thanks to all the manhandling and photo taking, I was rock hard and my cock was the centre of attention. They all thought it was huge and couldn't help laughing at me but I'm sure they were all impressed.

After the photo session, I asked if that was it and when would I get my clothes back. Judy said that they were just getting started and I would get my clothes soon enough as long as I continued to cooperate. The girls all huddled together for a short meeting as I stood there totally bare naked in a public park in broad daylight with the constant fear of being seen by other people wandering by. There were a few kids in the distance playing on the swings and the playground but they couldn't really see that I was a naked guy in the middle of 7 young girls. When the meeting was over, Judy declared that they were taking me to the playground area for more fun and games. I couldn't believe my day was going to go from bad to worse.....
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By the way, I go by Jeepman89 on other sites if people are confused. I wasn't able to use the Name Jeepman89 here since i had forgotten the password and decided to make a new account with the name Janie89
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I read this before and I still enjoy it. Cant wait for the sequel.
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I hope you read part 2. Part 3 coming soon.
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Quite a fun story
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