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Never have, and yes.
My fantasy is to be in a room of naked men
Im tied in a way that my ass in in the air, wrists bound. Head resting on some books. Im on a coffee table.
Each man stands in front of me and flips a coin.
Heads they stick it into my mouth
Tails i get it in the ass.
Im tied in such a way that i have no choice but to experience thier manhood.

Anybody new New Jersey want to help fullfill my fantasy?
My PM Dares Diaper humiliation - enema - suppository. only wear panties -ike public cross dress especially skirts- light public humiliation - self paddle.
Dislike scat, public spanking, exposing panties, may make exception as part of punishment.
Limit Family, illegal, local
A well thought out request will get more attention.
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Kisune Karnon
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Have not done it, but would be interested.


Likes and Limits

Story Theme Thread
Everlasting Story

If you give me a repeated dare or a "do your own dare," I will not do it.

My goal is to give good dares and receive them because that's how I enjoy the game.

I don't do reports on dares I complete, unless you either ask or I tell you directly if I can or will.

Self Bondage
Flash Game Bets

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I haven't been tied up yet but it is on my list of things to try at somepoint.
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I have, it was just my boyfriend. I loved it
Likes: Anal / S&M

Dislikes: Pee / Diapers / Exposure
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I have been restrained and fucked a number of times. The wildest was when I was cuffed with my hands behind my back and fucked by 6 guys.
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This goes for guys and girls

Have you ever been tied up and fucked by anyone?
yes and more than once

Was it with a group or just one person?
both done it

Were you blindfolded?

best time was at a collegeparty, me tied up on bed and blindfolded naked, and anyone who wanted could fuck me, i got fucked silly that night

If you haven't done this, would you like to try it?
like: public, dressing, humiliation
limits: poop/pee, pain, family, pict, cam

Ps i dont own any panties, bra's or any other kind of lingerie
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Have you ever been tied up and fucked by anyone?
Yes, I have. On several occasions.

Was it with a group or just one person?
Just one each time. The first time was by my (now) ex-wife. She tied me down, blindfolded me, gagged me, and left me to stew for about 30 min before she came in and rode me hard and wild. I found out later that she'd set up the video cam and had recorded the entire scene.
The second time, I chained myself up spread eagle, blindfolded, and gagged at the direction of my Lady while She was at work. When She came home a couple hours later, She fucked me until She came, then left me frustrated and chained for another hour before letting me loose.

Were you blindfolded?
Scrap D Flasher
MALE/bi/Switch (sub)/married

likes: x-dressing, humiliation, exhibitionism
limits: scat, blood, young, social suicide, illegal, torture

kik: scrapdflasher
snapchat: scrapdflasher
yahoo: scrap13_flasher
tumblr: https://scrap13flasher.tumblr.com/
team viewer: 448 153 375 / C0ckSlut4u
anydesk: [email protected] / C0ckSlut4u

I already have a bad habit of risking life and livelihood for the thrill. I'll take nearly any dare I think I can get away with.
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