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Default **Cambridge Kink Club**

Intro: Hello! So this is my first ever story for GetDare and I am extremely nervous/excited. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and if there is a significant appetite for this story, updates should hopefully cum thick and fast… oops… I mean ‘come’. The first few parts may require a significant amount of set up and exposition; it perhaps may bore some. But, rest assured, this will be short-lived! Oh and this story is entirely fictional.

Part 1:


The excitement quickly gave way to anxiousness as Cian’s beaten up Renault passed a sign, informing visitors of their entry into the city of Cambridge, England. His car worked its way through the maze of cobbled, interweaving streets, towered over by magnificent buildings seemingly on all sides - the grandeur of the old city had certainly not been exaggerated. Eventually, Cian was guided towards King’s College, the famous chapel coming clearly into view. Having been directed to his accommodation where he would live for the coming year, he spent about 20 minutes unloading his car, and lugging heavy boxes and cases up what felt like endless sets of stairs.

Despite being only 17, Cian could easily pass for 21, with his bookish handsomeness. Locks of curly brown hair came close to concealing sharp green eyes, magnified by a pair of thick glasses. Not the most muscly, his body was nicely toned - though one would hardly be able to tell, for it was so often concealed by thick jumpers and long trousers, as it was today. But despite his unassuming and conservative dress-sense, Cian had a definite wild streak, perhaps just the glint of which could be seen in those piercing eyes and mischievous smile.

Cian's flat was situated in a smaller building to the side of the chapel - up a few flights of stairs and through a confusing amount of doors, he reached his flat. This he would share with 4 other new students at the prestigious university. While steadily unpacking suitcases and setting away clothes and things from home, Cian heard a brief knock before a stocky, well-built lad peered his head round the door.

“Hey, man! Long time!", the new boy exclaimed, cracking into a familiar smile - one of those smiles that just puts you at ease almost at once.

Olly! Didn’t realise you got here before me!”, replied Cian, embracing his friend. The two were old mates from secondary school, though they hadn't seen each other for a few years now. When Cian had last seen him, Olly had been a scrawny but charming guy - always around the girls. Cian had never done badly with the ladies, but somehow Olly had possessed a knack for chatting up the fairer sex, and his exploits were often the talk of the school. Looking at him now, Cian couldn’t imagine that particular aspect had changed. He had filled out immensely, biceps now bulging through his t-shirt, hair cut close and short, showing a sharply defined face. And as one of the few black guys on the campus, that was sure to get him a certain amount of attention.

Clearly noticing the surprised look on his friends face upon seeing his new figure, Olly commented briefly on his transformation as they made polite small talk, catching up while Cian packed away his things. Soon enough, Olly left to go and unpack his own things. Deciding it would be a good idea to get acquainted with the rest of his flatmates, Cian knocked on a couple of doors.

The first was opened by Camilla, a petite girl with bright blue hair and a lot of piercings. Though this was not hugely appealing to Cian, he couldn’t deny her attractiveness as he ran his eyes down her small and tight body, a slight twinge of disappointment upon seeing her breasts, which couldn’t have been larger than an A cup. He peered round the door into her room, as discreetly as possible, and with her bathroom door open spied a bright pink dildo sat on the side of the sink. Smirking to himself, he made a mental note that the piercings might be a clue as to what she is like in the sack.

The second he met in the communal kitchen, Daisy. She was a larger girl, rather chubby, already tucking into what looked like a very healthy meal of fried chicken and chips. Wearing plenty of layers, she seemed rather self-conscious about her body, but possessed a kind face and a sweet smile. After exchanging brief pleasantries he left to greet the last remaining flatmate.

Approaching the door, he could hear music blaring through the door, pretty loud, and felt he should knock. He rapped on the door a few times, but go no response; trying the handle and finding it unlocked, he slowly cracked open the door.

Standing in the middle of the room, rummaging through a drawer, with only a towel protecting her modesty, was a tall, slim beauty. Cian could only see the side of her face, remaining silent in the desperate hope she would not notice his entrance, but from the wet blonde hair running down her shoulder over her back, the faded freckles on her cheek and nose and the way she was bopping and moving along to the music, he was in absolute awe. It took all he could muster to momentarily break his gaze and grab his phone from his pocket, eagerly flipping to the camera and starting a video, his eyes hungrily taking in his film’s subject.

The timing could not have been better. Moments after Cian started recording, the girl grabbed the panties she had clearly been searching for, a sexy black lace number, and proceeded to drop the only thing protecting her naked body from Cian’s eager eyes. The towel fell as if in slow motion - the fibres that had been clinging to her damp body were released, the friction making her breasts shake. And now Cian had a new feature to mentally worship - they were an ample D cup, resting perfectly with not too much sag. Her small, rock hard nipples were surrounded by large areoles, as tiny droplets of water made their gentle way down the curves of her breasts, running over her nipples and tracing the path that Cian wished his tongue could take.

The mystery girl turned to approach the bed, moving into more direct and frontal view for Cian - as if this could get any better. She was reasonably tall and perfectly formed, with a toned flat stomach and ample curves. Her ass shook temptingly as she walked over to the bed, tan-brown legs glinting and dancing in the sunlight from the window. She sat down on the bed, facing Cian, but was focused on the task at hand - placing the panties on the covers next to her, parting her legs slowly and reaching down to her trimmed pussy.

Cian could scarcely believe his luck at what was unfolding before his eyes. He watched her wet her fingers with long, slow sucks before putting one hand to work gently teasing her clit. He could just see it peeking out from beneath the hood, before her fingers obscured his view, delicately tracing small circles as she pressed a finger from her other hand to her opening. The wetness was obvious even from where Cian was standing, and it took no time at all for the girl to ease in one, then two fingers, pumping in and out exploring her insides, all while the stimulation of her clit grew faster and more determined. She fell back onto the bed, obvious waves of pleasure making her body twitch and convulse, not deterring her fingers from their pressing work.

Barely audible moans and gasps escaped from her open mouth, her face now in full view - just as beautiful as he had expected. By now, Cian was rock hard, his erection pressing impatiently through his jeans, desperate to play - he used his spare hand to quietly rub the sensitive tip through the fabric of his jeans, satisfying a deep urge at least partially. But the show was cut short all too soon as the beauty on the bed slowed her fingers to a stop, still breathing heavily, breasts bouncing up and down as she did; Cian suspected orgasm had been delayed for now or been devilishly hard to reach. But clearly still horny, she reached her hands up and, as if performing for an eager audience, slowly and sensually licked clean every finger. Cian felt pangs of jealousy at the girl licking her own juices, desperate for a taste.

But as he snapped out of his almost trance-like state of wonder, sense and the fear of being caught pierced him like a knife. Stopping the recording, he attempted to slowly retreat out of the doorway, but the heavy set wooden door creaked on its rusty hinges. Already away down the corridor, Cian hoped to high heaven that ti had not been heard over the music, but he could have sworn he heard a faint call out from the mystery girl.
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Default Part 2

Cian's heart was pumping manically from the thrill of his voyeuristic endeavour, mouth dry and eyes hungry as watched and rewatched the video. His cock ached and pressed desperately for release only to be denied, as sense took over and Cian thought against getting his dick out there and then. The fact that none of these doors had locks and people were bound to be milling around the corridor convinced him - however much he enjoyed the experience of watching someone else, he certainly would not wish for the roles to be reversed.

Collecting himself, Cian quickly uploaded the video to his laptop, hiding it in a secret folder lest anyone stumble across it. He was keeping this all to himself. The abrupt entrance of Olly yet again reaffirmed his caution: "Fancy heading down to the societies fair? Apparently freshers are supposed to go and sign up to a bunch of clubs - could be some cool stuff down there."

"Yeah yeah, sounds good", Cian replied as casually as possible, jumping up and shutting his laptop in a clumsy attempt at avoiding any suspicion.

The two boys made their way down to the main dining hall, where they were greeted by rows and rows of stalls and stands, all advertising some club or another. There was a club for everything one could imagine: from football, rugby and other sports, chess, musical groups, theatre groups even a club for hackers. Cian had always been a bit of a geek as a child and thus was instinctively drawn to the gaming and tech-y societies, but restrained himself not for the first time today, telling himself a clean slate would be good. Instead he signed his name up for a couple of sports clubs, football and hurling, as well as poker and a charity society. He didn't want to fill up his calendar too soon, lest the workload from actual lectures and classes be more than expected.

Olly, on the other hand, seemingly less concerned about academic commitments signed up to almost half the clubs available, including quite a few sports. It turns out his new figure came with a new set of hobbies too. Though initially intrigued by the pure number of clubs on offer, Cian quickly grew bored, his mind preoccupied with swirling thoughts of what had taken place earlier. The fact that he was secretly spying on a gorgeous girl stark naked and touching herself. The fact that he hadn’t been able to touch himself afterwards meant he remained very horny, and thus distracted.


Arriving back at his accommodation after dinner, Cian thrust his hand into his pocket to grab his keys to the overall flat and was surprised to remove a small folded up piece of paper. He entered the flat, unfurling the paper in his hands; the faded writing on the surface read;

*Cambridge Kink Club*
The most exclusive society at Cambridge University
And certainly the most fun…

Formal invitation to apply. Send;
- Full medical and sexual history
- Full body photo in only underpants
- Full body photo entirely nude

Send to [email protected] within 24 hours to be considered

Cian was startled. *Someone must have slipped this into my pocket… is it even a real society? And why the secretive process? Plus naked pictures? Surely its dangerous as hell to send naked pictures of yourself by email…* His mind swam with thoughts… all seemingly contradicting the base urge inside him, pushing him to fill out the application. He thought of himself as fairly adventurous, sexually.

The denial of all his urges had taken a toll on Cian, and his resistance was steadily waning. Of course, the ever-present erection still pressing against his trousers. By now it was early evening and most of the flat were going out drinking and clubbing to celebrate the first night at uni. They had discussed it earlier at dinner, though with the notable absence of the mystery girl, whom he had not seen since his private show beforehand.

Nevertheless, it left him alone. At only 17 he couldn’t get in to any clubs or bars, let alone order a drink. He had no fake ID either, and had heard stories about these pubs being notoriously strict on underage drinkers.

The solitude and horniness only made the invitation to apply more tempting and he finally plucked up the nerve to do so. Questioning his decision internally more than once, he stripped off, leaving his clothes within easy reach if someone were to come home early and pay him a visit. Cian took several photos and selected the most flattering, attaching them to an email and filling out the medical history. In terms of sexual history, he had little to report - he only lost his virginity the previous year and had had 3 sexual partners. *Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to become 'sexually educated’ and explore my kinky side*

Having sent the email, Cian spent a good portion of the rest of the evening jerking off while watching his new favourite video, reliving the thrill of voyeurism. He was surprised by how turned on just the thought of it made him, and vowed to explore this side of him further at a later date.


The following week went by largely without incident. Lectures began and Cian began to settle into familiar routines. His course, Economics, didn't have an overabundance of contact time with teachers, so he spent a lot of time hanging out with friends and doing work in his own time. Frustration at not being able to go out and drink remained though and many of the nights alone were spent fantasising about Millie.

Millie was the name of the mystery girl. Cian had met her for real a couple of days after catching her naked and his crush grew and grew. She was even more beautiful wearing makeup, with seductive hazel eyes and a bubbly, infectious charm. It was hard not to smile around her. It was also hard for Cian not to mentally undress her at every meeting, unable to get the image of her perfect glistening naked body out of his head - though watching the video a few times per night certainly did nothing to aid that.

She seemed blissfully unaware of the material Cian had of her. He had considered blackmailing her a couple of times but did not have the courage. If word got out he could struggle to make any friends, especially female, in this place for the rest of his 3 year degree. He also assumed that his application had been rejected, as he hadn’t heard a word from this secret society in the week since. He was unsurprised. Unsurprised… but still disappointed.

One evening, following a routine session of jerking off while everyone else was out partying, Cian had decided to go down to the local shop to buy some junk food for a night of Netflix bingeing. The brisk October air cut through his coat as he made his way back, the lack of lampposts making the narrow streets eerily dark.

Suddenly everything went pitch-black. A coarse, rough hood was shoved over his head. Cian’s shopping hit the floor as three, maybe four sets of hands gripped his arms, pressing them violently against his sides restraining his movement completely. He struggled, panicking wildly, and tried to scream but the material of the hood was being pushed into his mouth, a hand pressed over the top. The fumes of chemicals quickly filled Cian’s nostrils, and it felt as if a great weight was pushing down on his eyelids… forcing them shut… his body relaxingas he fell…
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