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Default Pro Dom

My cowboy just sent me a report, such a lucky boy, power on to the max, lol!

"Here is the report of our visit to the Pro-Dom last week:

My Queen and I have been married for 20+ years and have a wonderful marriage. We’ve been growing in our lifestyle play, which lead my Queen to want to visit a Pro-Dom to learn about more activities that she can incorporate into our play. This is a recap of our first Pro-Dom visit that happened last week. Since this was also an educational visit for my Queen the session was more teaching with me as the prop.

The two Mistresses sat in their thrones. I was told to slowly strip as they watched. My Queen had a HUGE smile on her face as she watched my face turn red. I removed my shirt and was reprimanded to go slower. I slowly removed my jeans and stood there in only my socks and underwear. I asked Miss, do you wish for me to remove my socks as well and was told yes. I then went to remove my underwear and was told to stop. Miss then stood up and approached me. My Queen watched with amusement as Miss turned me around, rubbed my bottom, and then gave me a swat. Miss then directed me as she pushed on my shoulders and guided me to another area of the room.

I was then told to kneel and lower my head. In this position I could only see my Queen’s feet; how I longed to crawl and suck on her toes. As I was on my knees, Miss covered my head in a leather hood. I now lost my sight and only had my hearing, limited smell, and touch. I was then told to rise to my feet as I hear the sound of a machine start. Miss instructs me to raise my arms and grab hold of a metal spreader bar. As I grab the bar, Miss puts cuffs on each arm and attaches to the spreader bar. The machine starts again and my arms are pulled over my head by the winch until I’m on my tiptoes. Once my arms are stretched I feel what I believe is my Queen approach and she massages my nipples and begin to slowly tweak them. Miss is now slowly grazing her fingers up and down my back and around my butt cheeks. My Queen now moves one hand down and slowly starts to massage my balls and cock. At this point, my senses are getting on overload and we are only 5 minutes into the session. I remained in this position for several more minutes as my nipples are clamped, my balls are squeezed and massaged, my cock is edged by firm stroking and then light – almost feather like – touching. It was maddening to be played like an instrument and not have any control of touch.

I was then lowered and bent over a massage table with my ass sticking out. I could hear rustling in the room, but didn’t know what Miss and Queen were planning. Then I felt a cold wet hand on my hole. A finger quickly penetrated me as I heard Miss educate my Queen on how to play with my hole and how to locate my prostate. At that point, Miss hit my prostate with her finger and she told my Queen you’d know immediately when you hit it, as they will get weak in their knees. At this point, I’m grateful that I’m bent over as my knees were very weak and as I felt cum being milked out of me. Miss’ fingers were removed, but my hole wasn’t empty for long as my Queen immediately placed her finger into my hole and resumed massaging my prostate. Miss then showed my Queen how to fuck me with a strap on. As Miss, fucks me she is taunting me with words like, “you want to be your Queen’s bitch do you?” “Are you a deep and hard guy” as she rammed the dildo in full length. “Or are you a shallow/short guy” as she played with my prostate with the head of her dildo. It was humiliating, but also erotic to be fucked in front of my Queen. Miss pulled out after a few minutes and proceeded to spank my ass. My Queen commented afterwards that Miss made my ass very red with less than 20 strokes. Miss was commenting how many clients complain that she hits too hard. I told her I was now on that list. With that comment, I got five more swats per cheek.

I was then told to stand up and turn around. I was then laid down on the table. I mistakenly said, “I think the nipple clamp is coming off my left nipple.” My Queen grabbed the chain and ripped them off my nipples and said, “no they were fine, but thanks for reminding me they needed to be removed.” The pain was intense as the clamps were ripped off and the blood flow resumed to my nipples. I guess I will never learn to keep my mouth shut as I received more swats and had the clamps ripped from my nipples due to my mouth.

Fingers and hands dance down my legs, torso, nipples, feet, and groin. The sensations were amazing and I love tickles to begin with. However, the feeling was not to be for long. My Queen, wanted to learn about E-Stim and sounding during this visit as well. I hear the two talking about the clinic and practical applications for E-Stim and sounding. At this point, I almost drifted off to sleep as I was in subspace. Two pads are applied to my legs about two inches above my anklebone. I’m directed to tell them when I feel an impulse. As I communicate with Miss and Queen they back off until I can faintly feel the thumping on my legs; Miss explains to Queen that this slow impulse will increase my orgasm. I then feel a gloved hand grab my cock and liquid applied to my pee hole. Something is placed around the head of my cock and inserted into my pee hole. The same happens as a plug is inserted into my ass. As the wires are connected the electrics are slowly increased until I feel like my cock is being tickled from the inside.

More educational conversation happens as my cock is being played with from the electrics. I hear Miss explain to my Queen to always start slow and build up on the power and intensity options (which will be funny in a minute). As they discuss the do’s and do not’s for a few minutes, I lay there fully exposed with electric current flowing in my legs and my cock. Miss tells Queen that she is going to start the current in my ass. Immediately I arc from the table and try to grab my cock/balls and scream in pain. Miss realizes she did what she told my Queen not to do as the power and intensity was on full power. I wonder if that was done as a teaching tool for my Queen to see what happens when the power and intensity is on high. The pain was very intense, but it was over in about two seconds. We all had a good laugh; ha ha ha. Obviously the current was turned down to an acceptable level and I got to ride the current. My muscles would contract like I was cumming, but I was never allowed to reach the point of cumming.

As my Queen had directed that I was not allowed to cum I was tortured until our time was up. Overall, we both felt this was a great experience and look to make this a monthly/quarterly part of our play.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our first Pro-Dom experience."

Well done cowboy, nice reading,

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"Cowboy" has been writing, he is feeling horny, I guess!

Mmmm, good boy.

Story about me being the Dom of my wife, my Queen!

Due to the recent denial I received from my Miss (3+ months) – without essentially any touch – it was time to obtain a penance for the on-going torture.

I lead her to the bedroom and turned her away from me so I was facing her back. I then slowly started to nibble her earlobes and kiss her neck. She started to quickly squirm, as I know this is something that gets her going. I then slowly removed her clothing and handed her two earplugs to put in her ears and a blindfold for her eyes. I then laid her on the bed and secured her hands and feet via our under bed bondage tethers. Once secured to the bed, I informed her, that she had tortured me too long and she deserved to know what it feels like. I then placed noise-canceling headphones to her ears.

I softly started to tickle her torso and legs; making sure to never touch her nipples or pussy. I was using a feather along with the tips of my fingers as I saw goose bumps appear on her skin; I also noticed her vagina getting puffier as she was being turned on. I then started using my tongue on her feet, toes, and slowly running it up her legs, paying attention to behind her knees. I then progressed further up her legs and acted like I was going to lick her pussy, but only to divert along her thighs. She was starting to rise up to meet my tongue, but was denied. I then took the feather and started tickling her nipples, as they were erect.

I then started to bite her lower lip softly, kiss under her neck, and lick the side of her neck up to the earphones. As I was doing this, I slowly reached to her nipples and tweaked them, to which, elicited a moan. I remained in this area for a good 10 minutes.

Now it was time for some light pain. I grabbed the ridding crop and swatted her pussy lips about 10 times. The lips were engorged with blood and provided a great target. Then 5 additional swats to the soles of each of her feet. Afterwards I took a pinwheel and slowly ran it up and down her feet, moving up her legs to her pussy. I softly rolled the wheel over her lips and down her pussy. This elicited a, “please stop that hurts.”

I then dropped to my knees and dove into her pussy with my tongue. She was soaking wet. I inserted one finger and moved it back in forth, focusing on her G-Spot as I licked and sucked her on clit. She was close to cumming. This was repeated approximately 10 times. All without her getting to orgasm. As she continued to plead to cum, I took an ice cube and slowly used the ice cube to play with her clit and insert it into her pussy, as it was time for her to “cool down.” As the ice cube melted, I started licking her pussy again and she quickly wanted to climax, which was denied.

I then removed the earphones and blindfold so she could watch and hear as I stroked to an orgasm. As I was cumming, I was taunting her that she could not cum. After cumming, I untied her and lead her to a corner in the room. I told her to kneel and look at the corner as she contemplated how wrong she was to deny me for so long. She spent approximately 10 minutes in the corner. Afterwards, she assured me that she will still use tease and denial, but not for such a long period of time. I kept her denied for the remainder of the week and then gave her three orgasms with my tongue. I love this woman!!!!!!!

Now to get started on the final chapter to the cowboy story.

I Await!
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