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Aaaah nostalgia of those psychology classes =D
PM Dares
Likes and limits and toys
I speak French so sorry if I make mistakes
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Done, that was fun! Still Im sorry I dont understand those results, but hopefully it will help you.


No, I do not want to be your Mistress.
No, I do not want to be your slave.
So don't PM me about it! I will not respond to any unexpected PM!
And no, I dont have (or want to) Kik.
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Finished filling it out, thanks for putting this together

PM me the word "shower" if you'd like to see me taking one

Likes: furry, plushie, sadomasochism, chemical play (cayenne pepper), genital torture, xenophilia, exhibitionism
Dislikes: anal, feet
Limits: scat, puke, blood/gore, permanent harm, public, family, showing face
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What an interesting survey. I followed my gut, and I had surprised myself more than once. I can't wait to see what happens with more data
22/m/Canada/Dom-leaning, exploring switchiness

Likes: Nudity, light pain, games/challenges (battleship, chess, etc.), some semi/hidden public, truths

Dislikes/Punishments: Medium pain, anal, pee, excessive edging/denial

Limits: Permanent, friends/family, full public, illegal, non-consensual

I reserve the right to refuse any dares I am uncomfortable with performing
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Seeing as I haven't been posting too much, I can give you guys some little stat-y titbits! This is the rankings of GetDare's most to least favorite kinks!
  1. Bondage
  2. Sex Toys
  3. Orgasm Control
  4. Cuffs
  5. Rope Bondage
  6. Oral
  7. Following Orders
  8. Blindfolds
  9. Collars
  10. Penetration
  11. Orgasm Denial
  12. Nudity
  13. Degradation/Humiliation
  14. Dildos
  15. Ruined/Forced Orgasm
  16. Fucking Machines
  17. Obedience Training
  18. Spreader Bars
  19. Anal Plugs
  20. Gags
  21. Porn
  22. Spanking
  23. Forced To
  24. Insertions
  25. Chains
  26. Pain
  27. Sensation Play
  28. Massage
  29. Immobilization
  30. Lingerie
  31. Chastity Belts
  32. Ice Cubes
  33. Anal
  34. Roleplay
  35. Nipple Clamps
  36. Verbal Humiliation
  37. Restrictive Rules On Behavior
  38. Nipple Play/“Torture”
  39. Clothespins
  40. Sensory Deprivation
  41. Rules/Rituals/Restrictions
  42. Wooden Paddles
  43. Clothing Control
  44. Strap-On-Dildos
  45. Enforced Chastity
  46. Discomfort
  47. Whipping
  48. Licking
  49. Pictures
  50. Riding Crops
  51. Examinations
  52. Stocks
  53. Suspension
  54. Objectification
  55. Swallowing Semen
  56. Body Writing
  57. Sexual Deprivation
  58. Gagging
  59. Bathroom Use Control
  60. Consensual Non-Consent
  61. Harnessing
  62. Outdoor Sex
  63. Shaving
  64. Competitions
  65. Interrogation
  66. Hair Pulling
  67. Wearing Symbolic Jewelry
  68. Video
  69. Cells/Closets/Cages
  70. Slutty Clothing
  71. Uniforms
  72. Behaviour Modification
  73. Riding The “Horse”
  74. Pumps/suction devices
  75. Speech Restrictions
  76. Modeling For Erotic Photos
  77. Exhibitionism
  78. Standing In Corner
  79. Stress/Predicaments
  80. Wax Play
  81. Genital Torture
  82. Hypnotism
  83. Leather
  84. Exercise
  85. Storage/Confinement
  86. Rubber/Latex Clothing
  87. Pet Play
  88. Human Pet
  89. Caning
  90. Beating
  91. Face Slapping
  92. Anonymous
  93. Hoods
  94. Hot Waxing
  95. Voyeurism
  96. Serving As Waitress/Waiter
  97. Erotic Dance
  98. Biting
  99. Housework
  100. Water Bondage
  101. Tickling
  102. Straight Jackets
  103. Wetting
  104. Lectures For Misbehavior
  105. Corsets
  106. Electricity
  107. Spandex Clothing
  108. Chores
  109. Arm & Leg Sleeves
  110. Scratching
  111. Fantasy Rape
  112. Thumb Cuffs
  113. Eye Contact Restrictions
  114. High Heels
  115. Wrestling
  116. Group Sex
  117. Phone Sex
  118. Figging
  119. Water Torture
  120. Initiation Rites
  121. Swapping
  122. Name Change
  123. Waxing
  124. Enemas
  125. Saran Wrapping
  126. Public Exposure
  127. Spitting
  128. Line/Essay Writing
  129. Given Away To Another Dom
  130. Enforced Bedtime
  131. Speculums
  132. Golden Showers
  133. False Comfort
  134. Age Play
  135. Swinging
  136. Fear
  137. Manicures
  138. Animal Roles
  139. Harems
  140. Boredom/Time Consuming
  141. Care-Giver/Little
  142. Mummification
  143. Hot Oils
  144. Blackmail
  145. Cuckoldry
  146. Sleepy Sex
  147. Food Play
  148. Diet Control
  149. Medical Fetish
  150. Body Fluid Fetish
  151. Dilation
  152. Urethral Sounds
  153. Cross-Dressing
  154. Breath Control
  155. Mouth Soaping
  156. Ass to mouth
  157. Prostitution
  158. Amnesia Sex
  159. Diapers
  160. Weight Gain/Loss
  161. Non-Consent
  162. Tattoos
  163. Fisting
  164. Foot Fetish
  165. Pony Slave
  166. Body Modification
  167. Messy
  168. Urophagia
  169. Gas Masks
  170. Phobia Play
  171. Furries
  172. Cattle Prod
  173. Asphyxiation
  174. Sleep Deprivation
  175. Piercing
  176. Chemical Play
  177. Infidelity
  178. Infantilism
  179. Gross/Disgusting
  180. Hair Cutting
  181. Catheterization
  182. Branding
  183. Needles
  184. Bestiality
  185. Fire
  186. Knife Play
  187. Plastic Surgery
  188. Injections
  189. Coprophagia
  190. Cutting
  191. Brown Showers

likes/limits :: pm's and monthly rules :: toys :: bdsm test :: to-do list
If you catch me swearing in a post pm me a link and make me soap my mouth out!
I'm banned from vaginal insertions
~Take The BDSM Survey~
f / 20 / bi / 5'5 / 120lbs

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Aaron Heinrich
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That is a very interesting survey
Is there any chance that you could change the design so that one could save her/his results? That would come in very handy, as the popular bdsm-survey results many people use to quote are not nearly as useful as the ones from your survey.
Experienced (online and offline) master, 31 years old, looking for a female slave.

I particularly enjoy mind games, humiliation, orgasm control, edging, public play, as well as exploring and expanding my slave's/sub's soft limits.

I dislike blood and scat.
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I started it, but as I had to rate all the fetish stuff, I didn't really know all of these.

Amnesia sex for example!?

It would have been cool to have an option to say: "Don't know"

Loves: Slave, Masturbation, Cum, Naked, Anal (have butt plug/dildo), Bondage, Cruising ...

Likes: Humiliation, Feet, Anonymous Hookups, ...

Will try: Going Commando, Piss (in bath only), Restroom, Hidden Public, C2C, Master, ...

Limits: Public, Extreme Pain, Poo, Blood, Shaving, Family/Friends, Illegal, Wetting Myself, Face-Pics, Crossdressing, ...

Master's are welcome to PM me.

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That's a really expansive and interesting survey, well done.

*Spin* Twin Blades go above *Spin*
Rules go left - PM Dares go in the middle - Likes and the likes go right
Stats go 20yo 183cm 71Kg Male Pan Brat in between
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Done, now I want to many of them.
Likes: Edges, Dares, Trying new things, some pain, candle wax, milking, cum play, dice dares, Milovana, riddles, playing with candles, private humiliation

Dislikes: Semi-public, lots of pain, video games.

Limits: Public, scat, webcam, diaper, permanet, wedgie, lines.


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PM Dares and extras(please read) - http://www.getdare.com/bbs/blog.php?b=78087
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