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Default Ejaculation by boy A.

A task I set the boy.....


Ejaculation by boy A.

My first lesson in the second term of slave school is to try and learn more about male bodies and our ability to orgasm and spunk - these are, I have learned from reading and also from my humble experience, two very different things. Spunking and climaxing are not the same process, so I would like to first try and explain what is usually described as an orgasm - sometimes also called a climax.

The word itself - climax - can help us understand more as it describes the highest point, a peak or the most intense point of an activity. In this context the most intense point of a sexual activity which usually brings also the biggest pleasure to a human body and mind, causing the muscles in the genital area to contract as well as an increase in the heart beat and blood pressure. Usually it is also accompanied by sweating, intense body movements, even spasms and other different "symptoms" which are not connected only to the body functions but also to the emotional and psychological reactions. It is important to stress this because the level of an orgasm can vary and it is usually connected to the state of mind and the ability to, well, simply embrace the moment.

An ejaculation - release of sperm from the penis - is usually the first sign of an orgasm in males. Usually but not always. Sometimes an orgasm can be reached also without the ejaculation and such form of a climax is typically referred to as a "dry orgasm". Speaking in simpler terms - lots of fun but no visible result. This can happen willingly or not. Willingly or intentionally after a lot of training to your pubococcygeal muscle (PC), a muscle which goes from your pubic bone to the coccyx - a small triangular bone forming the lower extremity of the spinal column in humans. It's primary function is controlling the flow of urine but it is also the main source or reason of spasm one can experience during an orgasm. And as every single muscle even this one can be "trained". Doing the so called Kegel exercises (they are more known to women then men) can help to strengthen it which is good not only for holding pee and preventing conditions like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation but also to learn how to orgasm without spunking. Apart from all this strenghtening your PC muscle can also help men in spurting a long distance.

So, you are exercising - exercising hard, relaxing, practicing, work on your breathing techniques, even meditating. But what next? A simple advice to reach or experience a dry orgasm is to try and flex the now already well trained PC muscle just before reaching the point of no return. Perhaps you should give it a go but you can also experience something similar (or at least the muscle working) if you try to stop while peeing and then tighten and release the muscle.

But what are all this exercises good for? Mostly to learn how to control "it" - your penis. And control can open up new levels of pleasure like the ability to have multiple orgasms - several orgasms in a row without the need to sleep, rest and recover, which is a common effect of an orgasm in men. So - no waiting. Instantly ready for more action. Just like you were at the peak of your puberty. Speaking of puberty, research shows young boys can and do have dry orgasms so why not train hard and experience this also at a later stage in your life.

Above I used a term "point of no return" - a simpler expression for what doctors describe as "ejaculatory inevitability". A point (moment) when a man simply will and must spunk. But this moment can also be postponed a bit by so called edging. Bringing yourself so close but not allowing yourself the final stroke. By doing so (and yes, I understand it can also be considered a form of great torture, so a focused mind is a must) repeatedly you can reward yourself with the most intense orgasm you have ever had.

But perhaps edging is not for you you can try a similar technique to reach multiple orgasms - simply continue stroking your penis after an ejaculating and you may get another very strong but dry orgasm.

This is probably the closest you can get to multiple orgasms women can experience.

Let us for a moment return to ejaculation - this usually very intense, electrifying and pleasurable moment reached from different forms of teasing and playing with your body, brain (yes, brain!) and senses (smell, touch, sound all enhance your sexual arousal). When you are "ready to go" the muscles transport your sperm through urethra from the testies to "freedom". On it's way sperm is mixed with different substances and fluids that produce the final "product" which is then expelled from the tip of your (probably very erect and swelled) penis. All this only takes about three seconds and there is actually no special work for the brain. It is simply a body reflex that can not be stopped anymore. So when the right signal comes to your spinal cord, the pumping starts and muscles do the rest in a special rhythm - a spurt followed by a short relaxation that allows the urethral bulb to refill. This of course can not go on forever and in time squeezes subside and the spurts land closer to your genital area

But not always everything goes as planned and there are also awkward moments. One of them is a late ejacualation (late or retrograde) when sperm returns back to it's "storage facility". You will surely notice this when moments after your dry orgasm you will feel an extreme need to pee. And when you do this, your pee will be cloudy or misty (just a note: if your pee is cloudy all the times, it is better to see a doctor as it can also be a symptom of different disease like diabetes, multiple sclerosis etc.).

So, you have read about a relief, or better said release and pleasure but can you also experience a release but without all the good "side effects"? Unfortunately, yes. This is usually connected to different medical factors/conditions but it can also be caused by stress or anxiety or even use, (abuse) of prohibited substances. You probably know alcohol also does not help as well. All this can simply ruin your experience. There will of course be an orgasm, you just will not feel it. So - stay safe, take care of your body and exercise
In every sense of the word

(Warning: no matter what kind of orgasm you experience you are still responsible for your own and your partner's safety. Safe sex is always a must. Safety first!)

boy A.

Well done boy, 9/10.

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