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Not strictly speaking a penetration but I have placed my erect penis into a full tin of rice pudding and it was awesome

Nothing in my ass
Ask me anything - http://ask.fm/Dan_Gleeballs

I'm looking for suitable nude challenges to add to my expanding list of self dares - if anyone has a challenge that I could consider adding to my list, please PM me with details

My Current Nude Challenge List

AMA thread

Most recent orgasm - 29/09/17 - whilst performing on Chaturbate

Commando - 165 days to 12/10/17
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Oh gosh, I inserted the legs of a Barbie doll in my pussy, too In my ass toothbrushes and once a toothbrush case. Just plopped in.
F/21/bi/ Mistress needed

Send pm with weird porn and I'll report back how I got off

Toys: Homemade toys, Shower head, Coco nut oil.

Goal: Ass fisting

: Clit rubbing/torture,self choking,hairpulling,tasting my juice, edging,anal training,light pee,verbal humiliation,weird porn, a2m if clean,enema

:Long dares,wedgies,pussy insertion(=bigger than finger pr two),spanking,period play

:Scat,public,fam,pee drinking,leaving bedroom/bathroom,hard BDSM,unsafe sauces,pics/vids
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Originally Posted by AbusiveMaster View Post
The weirdest thing I have ever pentrated with my penis is IceMaiden.
I'm not THAT weird!

Originally Posted by Jaroface View Post

I guess I shouldn't laugh at this for it could seriously backfire but... I found this seriously funny.
Maybe we need to start inserting weird things up your bottom!

As for my answers:
Weirdest thing in my pussy: A shampoo bottle
Ass: Only had a penis and toys in there!

*Him* (Finished.)
*Taken* (Unfinished.)
*Caged In* (Unfinished.)

*Beyond The Cafe-A Collaboration.* (In Progress.)

29.Female. Happily loved, owned and collared.
I Love This Girl Unconditionally. Always And Forever <3
I only take tasks from or with approval of my Dom AbusiveMaster.
The 100 game. Score: 17.

Are you looking for a sub/little? Butterfly is searching for a daddy dom here!

I do NOT want to be your Mistress or give you tasks.
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Originally Posted by IceMaiden View Post
Maybe we need to start inserting weird things up your bottom!
I think you know I would actually like that Goddess!
Butterfly owns this worm

Are you looking for a sub/little? Butterfly is searching for a daddy dom here!

Likes & LimitsItemsAMA
Truths & Dares
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Boys what's the weirdest thing you've ever penetrated with your penis?

I guess they're called 'water snakes' - it's a toy, basically a plastic tube where the edges are filled with some sort of gel-like substance, and the center is hollow so what else was a curious guy going to try to do with it...

Boys what's the weirdest ting you've ever inserted in your ass?

That's a toss up between vibrating pen and a large, plastic lightsaber.
Male, 28, Gay, Submissive

Kik: DaredDominated | Skype: doubledown101

Limits: Public, Illegal, Friends/Family (please leave other people out of it), Scat/Diapers, Blood, Shaving, Social Suicide, Highly Messy, Cross-dressing

Likes: If it's not listed above, I'll at least give it a try even if a don't exactly 'like' it. Pleasing others is more my priority.

Feel free to message me. I will provide proof of dares.
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The weirdest thing I have penetrated with my penis is probably an anatomically correct canine pussy toy warmed up beyond my body temp with lots of lube (it was amazing! Hazel the Werewolfess, from Bad Dragon).

The weirdest thing I have inserted into my anus is probably a canine dildo (knot included, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Rex the German Shepherd from Bad Dragon).
LIKES: cum, pee, masturbation, nudity, public, anal, underwear, webcam, pics, edging, milking, exhibitionism, involving others, forefits, punishments

UNDECIDED: friends, family

LIMITS: blood, permanent, scat, vomit, illegal, pain, revealing identity
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Vagina: a ringing phone

Ass: remote control
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