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Default Chapter 1

Backpacking On Their Own

Chapter One

Hello, this is my first story on the site. It is about four friends who go Backpacking by themselves and decide to make it more interesting with some truth or dare. I'm not quite sure how long I should make each install, I hope this is about right. I hope you enjoy it!

The group of four friends waved goodbye to their parents as the engine on the old 2004 Toyota Sienna groaned, and the minivan slowly pulled away. Slowly realizing what this means, the girls turned around to face the looming mountain before them. They all shifted uneasily as each girl thought about their trip. The parents had just left them to go on a four day long backpacking trip over President’s weekend. All public schools in the U.S. give the students the Friday and Monday off for presidents day. It was currently around 12 P.M. on Friday; they were all very tired due to the fact they had been driving since 5:00 in the morning. Unfortunately, they still had a long hike ahead of them to get out to the first campsite, and their packs were seeming to get heavier and heavier the longer they stood their staring.
“Well…” Ellie said awkwardly. “Should we get going?”

The others all replied “Yup” in unison. Ellie, who is a take-charge type person, led the way. Like all her other friends, she is 13, nearing the end of their 7th grade year. She’s about average height, around 5’5”, but has a very skinny body. Her frizzy and unkempt dirty blonde hair trailed behind her. She was wearing a very tight tank top which clung to her A cup tits well, and extremely short Nike sports shorts, which left little to the imagination for her firm round ass. Her face is spattered with dozens of freckles, which bring out her beautiful amber eyes coated in mascara.

Immediately following behind Ellie came her best friend Scarlett. The two were inseparable, and interested in very similar things. She wore a loose sweatshirt and tight jean shorts. She is 5’8” and average size. She is very proud of her large B cup tits, and also likes her thick fat ass. She has golden hair, and a beautiful face a little to innocent for what her mind is like.

Following the others a bit more slowly came Emma. She is a half hispanic girl with jet black hair and an adorable face. She has nice B cup tits, and a large thick ass. She is slightly above average on size, but normal height. She wears a casual blouse with black leggings.

Lastly, bringing up the rear and hurrying to keep up with Emma, is Harper. She has a freckled face and shoulder length brown hair. Out of the group, she is the least developed. Her tits are AA, and she just recently moved out of a training bra. Her sports shorts cover a small and largely undeveloped ass, but her friends tell her its still cute. She is slim and the shortest of them all, and unlike the others, has little sexual experience.

The trail begins in a sunny valley, but after not too long dips into a shady forest that winds uphill for quite a ways. After roughly 20 minutes of walking drearily in silence, Scarlett spoke up. “It’s so crazy. I can't believe our parents let us go to the middle of nowhere by ourselves carrying everything we need on our backs for four days.”

“Ya…” Harper added. “Im honestly a little scared.” Everyone made a silent agreement to her statement.

Looking behind her, Ellie then said, “Hey, has anyone noticed how there’s literally no one else around?”

“Ya, it is kinda weird,” Harper said. “But I guess since it’s Presidents weekend everyone is out skiing and stuff.”

“Too bad for them, it’s beautiful out here!” Emma chimed in.

“No, I’m glad they’re gone.” Said Ellie. “It gives us more privacy.”

“What would need any privacy for? I mean its nice we have literally the whole mountain to ourselves, but…” said Harper.

“Oh come on. Do you honestly think were not gonna end up having sex by the end of the trip?” Said Scarlett.

“Scarlett!” Emma commented with a mix or fear and surprise in her eyes.

“Chill, I'm just kidding” Scarlett said. “But seriously, we better make use of every single bit of privacy we have.”

“What do you mean?” Asked Harper.

“Oh my god Harper…” Scarlett sighed. I’m saying we have an opportunity to do risky stuff that parents and most adults wouldn’t want us doing.”

“Oh… So like what?”

“TRUTH OR DARE TIME” Ellie exclaimed as loud as humanly possible. And as the echo of the words were passed around the valley, they were once again certain there was practically no chance of seeing another person.

“But we always play truth or dare…” said Emma. “Its getting boring.”

“Then we need to make it more interesting. And now is the perfect time!” Ellie said excitedly.

Harper and Emma glanced at each other nervously, but both replied “Okay I guess…”

They had just reached the forested path when Ellie said “Great! Who should start then?”

Emma jumped at the chance to be the one setting the pace. “I will! Umm Harper, truth or dare?"

Deciding to play it safe, Harper chose to start with a truth. “Truth.”

“Who do you like?”

“You all know who, I don’t change my mind that often. Bryce. Scarlett, truth or dare?”


“How many guys have you kissed?”

“I think three,” Scarlett replied. “Ok lets step things up. Ellie, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth please.”

“How often do you masturbate?”

Everyone immediately went quiet and looked from Scarlett to Ellie. No one had ever gone this far before. As everyone looked expectingly at Ellie, she had to answer. “I guess… I guess three to four times a week?” Scarlett suppressed a smile; she knew this game could get good. “Emma, truth or dare?”


Wanting to follow Scarlett's example, she asked “How much pubic hair do you have?”

Emma’s face turned peach red as she said “I… I have a lot above my… slit. And a good amount around my lips and legs. Scarlett, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Scarlett answered.

“What was the last object you put inside your vagina, and when?”

“Hmmm, I think I last used my dildo Wednesday?”

“You own a dildo?!” Harper said.

“Yeah… I bought it with Ellie. She has one to.” Scarlett said.

“Wow thanks for keeping it a secret” Ellie sneered.

Ignoring her, Scarlett said “Harper, truth or dare?”

Harper was scared now. She hadn’t shared anything so private before. Taking a deep breath, she replied “truth.”

“Okay Miss Goodie Two-Shoes, heres one for you. Describe in detail your last masturbation.”

Harper could not believe it. She just stood their, dumbfounded. The others looked back and urged her to keep walking answer the question. “My… My last masturbation session…” She had to hide her face, it felt so embarrassing to her. She again had to rebuild the strength to tell her best friends of her most private activities. “It was a week ago. Everyone in my family had fallen asleep, but I couldn’t because I was too… horny. So I pulled down my panties and started rubbing my… my pussy. After a minute or so, I started touching my clit. That got me really excited so I started fondling my boobs. As I got close to my orgasm, I was just so freaking horny… so I stuck my fingers in my pussy and started thrusting. I orgasmed so hard and it felt amazing. When my muscles relaxed, I noticed how wet I had been and that I stained the bed. I ran to the bathroom to get water and wipe it up. That spot still kinda smells though...

"Wow." Commented Scarlett. “You did a good job, thanks Harper."

Her face now even redder, Harper eagerly wanted to move on. "Ellie, truth or dare?"


Harper wanted some revenge for her embarrassing truth, so stepped up her game. "Describe something sexual you have done that you haven't told anyone about, and would hope to keep it that way."

Ellie had to think about this for a while. There was a lot of sexual things she had done that she would very much like to keep a secret. After taking a bit to think, she answered: "I guess it would have to be when I was at Shayna's house a couple months ago. Shayna is my friend who has a really nice house and a really nice body. It was past midnight, and we were in her pool just messing around. But when we got tired, we went to the hot tub. She suggested we play a small game of truth of dare, so of course, I agreed. It started off not too bad, you know, spanking each, pole dancing on the rails... But after a couple rounds of this, things starting to get more extreme, and before long we were both naked. The last straw was when she dared me to make out with her. I walked forward and sat backwards on her lap. Then she pulled me in and gave my a long erotic kiss. She pulled me up outside the hot tub and flipped me over so I was on the bottom. We were getting more into it- using our tongues, feeling each other up. Her tits are so big and nice it made me so horny to feel them. They squeezed so well and bounced up and down whenever there was movement… So I grabbed her pussy and started rubbing her. She got the message, and did the same to me. We were both so wet and horny, we must of orgasmed in less than a minute. We were both moaning so hard we had to keep kissing to stay quiet… It felt so amazing..."

Also let me know if this ever should go in the R18+ section
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Default Chapter 2

Backpacking On Their Own

Chapter Two

This is my first time writing so any feedback or things I'm failing at I want it know

During the time Ellie was telling her story, the others got so into it they had all mutually decided to rest and sit down on some logs. When Ellie finished her story, they all just sat there, lost in thought, and staring dreamily at Ellie.

"Ahem, shall we continue to the game?" Ellie said to the half-asleep group.

"Oh. Ya sure." Scarlett said, jarring sack to reality. “This whole time I thought you were straight…”

“I am straight!!!” Ellie replied back so urgently and flustered the others all laughed. “Im just curious and want to try things out… Anyway. We should keep walking. Emma, I believe you have not gone yet. Truth or dare?"


"How often do you insert things into your pussy?"

Emma grew very nervous. No one else knew that she always masturbated with a thick hairbrush she uses as a dildo.

"Every... every time." When the others looked confused she added "I always masturbate using a tube-shaped hairbrush."

"Do you clean it after?" Harper teased.

"Of course!" Emma quickly shrieked. "Harper, truth or-"

" Okay stop. This is way to uneventful. How about you have to alternate between a truth and a dare every round?" Said Scarlett.

"That sounds like a good idea.” Emma said, and the other two nodded their heads. "Lets choose a new person to start every round, too." They all agreed. “Who wants to start this round?”

“I will!” Said Ellie. "Scarlett, truth or dare?"

"I'll start with a dare."

"Okay then. I dare you to… Put all the things you want in your sandwich for lunch in your vagina. If you can fit it, put the bread in too.”

Scarlett said “Okay” as she pulled off the trail and put her pack down on a rock. After a couple minutes of fishing through everyone’s lunch foods, she produced a couple of slices of ham, some lettuce, and two squares of cheese.

She took the ham as she unzipped her jean shorts. It was a very awkward reach to actually get it to her pussy, let alone put it deep inside of her. As she pushed through her already moist hole, she shivered as the cold of the ham radiated around her vagina. It also made her feel all slimy on the inside. She pushed it as far in as her wrist would bend, which she realized wasn't very far. She then took her lettuce and rolled it into a tube. This one was easier to get in, and she used it push the ham a bit farther back. She gasped a bit as the pleasure hit her; she rarely had anything in so deep. She looked behind her and realized everyone was just staring at her, waiting for her to be done. Hurrying up, she quickly stuffed the cheese in. It barely stayed inside her vagina, let alone left room for bread. Hurriedly buttoning up her shorts, she grabbed her pack and turned around to face her friends.

“Jesus, that took forever.” Complained Harper. “Finally you’re done.”

“We should get her as wet as possible so her food gets covered!” Ellie said before Scarlett had time to defend herself.

“Oh I’m sure she’s already very wet.” Emma teased.

“Shut up…” said Scarlett. “Harper, truth or dare?”

Nervous, Harper thought to herself “I don't think I'm quite ready for a dare.. This looks pretty extreme,” And so she said “One more truth.”

“Have you ever done any anal?” Scarlett questioned. “If you have, describe what you do.”

“Ew hell no!” Said Harper, obviously disgusted by the idea of gaining sexual pleasure from sticking things up your butthole. “Emma, truth or dare?”

“I want a dare.”

“Stick a pinecone all the way up your pussy.” She said this a little nervously, hoping it met the others’ standards.

“Aww you couldn’t have chosen something more original?” Emma complained. “Whatever, I’ll do it.” She did a quick scan of the area to find the smallest pinecone. Soon, she found one about four inches tall and three inches in diameter at the base. Without even slowing her pace, she reached into her leggings and slipped it in, letting out a brief “arrrrgh” that sounded to be a slight bit of pleasure and mostly pain. She immediately asked “Ellie, truth or dare?”

“Uhhh oh,” Ellie stuttered, taken aback by how nonchalant Emma was about sticking a pinecone up her most delicate area. “Truth.”

“Describe the best orgasm you’ve ever had.”

At first, she was relieved her truth wasn’t too bad, and started thinking for an answer. But when she decided on what had to be the best, she started to think she wasn’t so lucky to get this truth. Blushing heavily, she started to speak “It was one of the first times I masturbated. It was about two years ago, so I didn’t really know much about what I was doing.”

“Damn how long have you been masturbating?” Harper asked.

“Shut up. let me finish. I actually stumbled across masturbating on accident. I really needed to pee so I was holding my pussy hard. It felt really good, so when I finally got to the toilet, I tried it. A couple days later I searched up what it was and read all about it. I think the article I was reading must have been about using vibrators, because I got my electric toothbrush and stuck it in my pussy.”

“Which end did you put in?” Said Emma

“I actually put in the head… Like I said I really didn’t know what I was doing. By the time I started to orgasm, I was shrieking. It was way to much pleasure for my young pussy. It did feel amazing though…”

“Now I kinda wish I started masturbating when I was 11.” Scarlett said, and everyone laughed, even Ellie.

“Wow its getting kinda late. I'm starving.” Said Harper.

The others agreed. “Does anyone have a watch?” Emma added.

When no one spoke up, Harper was left to read the sun. “It looks like its about 1:00. We are done with the round, so we probably shouldn't start another until we’re done eating.”

The continued up the path in silence, fully coming to terms with what each of them had just admitted. The trail was about three feet in width, and very steep, so they were moving single file. “Oh my god, finally!” Harper shouted, pointing to the top of the hill 50 meters away where the ground leveled out. “This is way too much uphill!” Al girls were athletic and strong, but this was a lot of uphill climbing.

When they finally got to the end of the path they all stood there speechless. To the right of them, were there used to be a dirt wall making up the steep hill, was a gorgeous open forest. To the left, was a rock cliff that wrapped around and followed their trail. A couple hundred meters down, they could see where it went over and down the hill they were on a little.

The group collectively decided to be on the lookout for a good lunch spot. As they reached the edge of the small hilltop, the say a beautiful lake with a huge rock perfect for eating lunch on. Without saying a word to each other, they all rushed down the path and ran straight for the sun-soaked boulder overlooking the serene lake.

“Who has all the food again?” Said Emma

“Scarlett does,” said Ellie. “And not just in her backpack”

Pulling the food from her backpack, Scarlett gave them the middle finger, not even bothering to look up. The options consisted of packaged ham, blocks of cheese, salami, lettuce, and bread.

Everyone rushed towards the food, and grabbed things from the rock to make sandwiches which they all hungrily devoured. Except for Scarlett, who took some extra time pulling her food from her vagina. The was out first, and smelled absolutely awful. She took out the lettuce after which was clearly soaked all the way through. This produced some teasing from the other girls. Finally Scarlett tried to get out the ham. She had to reach way in, but got it in the end. As soon as she pulled it out the stench of packaged meat and pussy juices mixed together wafted around the area. It wasn't necessarily bad like the cheese, just super strong. Ellie, Harper, and Emma were all slightly glad they didn't have to eat Scarlett's sandwich.

When Scarlett had put her sandwich together and took her first bite, the others were already half done. As soon she took a bite, the flavor exploded in her mouth. The mix was crazy, but Scarlett couldn't bring herself to classify it as a bad flavor.
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Keep up the good work, very nice start!
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Backpacking on Their Own

Chapter Three

When they had all finished their sandwiches, Emma suggested a quick swim. They reached found a little isolated area protected by trees which would give them enough privacy to change, because even though they may have done some pretty crazy stuff, none of them had ever seen each other naked. In fact, Ellie was the only one who had seen another person naked.

When they were all in their bikinis and had played around for a little bit, Ellie suggested a challenge. “Hey guys, wanna play a little game?”

“What game?” Harper asked nervously.

“How about… Who can hold their breath underwater the longest?”

“That sounds very boring.” Commented Emma.

“Don’t worry, there will be a twist.” Said Ellie. “The winner gets to dare the slaves as much as she wants for 15 minutes.”

“I take that back,” Emma said, referring to her previous comment. “I’m in.”

“Sounds fun.” Scarlett said, very nonchalantly.

Everyone then looked at Harper, who was a little scared. This sounded very extreme to her, but she didn’t want to look weak in front of her friends. “Ya… Sure.”

By 1:45, they were all ready to start. On a count of three, led by Ellie, the four friends sank underwater. Due to the crystal clearness of the fresh water lake, each one had discovered they could open their eyes by thirty seconds. Another 15 seconds past. Ellie and Harper were both running out of time. Ellie’s face was very red, and her eyes twitching. Just before one minute, she gave up, and rose to the surface. Not five seconds later, Harper shot up next to her. Nothing was said, but their facial expressions both showed exactly how they felt about their situation.

Down under the surface. Scarlett and Emma were both in great trouble. Since it was the final two, the only thing they cared about was outlasting the other. A total of one minute and 20 seconds were gone when Scarlett couldn't take any longer. She was so tired she could barely even keep her eyes open. As soon as Emma saw Scarlett rise, she followed.

“How did you guys last so long!?” Ellie said.

“I’m on swim team, stupid.” Said Emma.

“I just really wanted to win.” Scarlett said.

“Well anyways, it doesn’t matter, because you three are all under my control!” Emma said cheerily.

“How are we gonna keep track of the time?” Scarlett asked.
“I have a watch in my backpack,” Ellie said.
“Why didn’t you get it out when I asked the first time?” Emma said.

“I don’t know. I just didn’t feel like it.” Ellie said.

“Whatever. It’s 1:50 now. But I definitely don’t want to have to tread water for twenty minutes, so I’m gonna go sit down.” She swam near the edge of the water where a rock stuck out around two feet below the surface. “You girls can just keep floating around.”

They all groaned, but stayed where they were.

“Ellie. Since you were first up, you’ll start. We obviously need to improve how long you can hold your breath. You’re going to lay face down, floating on top of the water, and attempt to stay there for one minute ten seconds. Meanwhile, however, your bottoms will be pulled down and the other girls allowed to finger your ass. You get three tries to last the whole time. If you don't last, well… I'll just say it won't be good.”

Ellie got very nervous, as she had never had anything in her ass before, but as she didn't have much choice, agreed and rolled over. Immediately Emma started the timer and Scarlett yanked her bikini down. Both her and Harper paused to look at her ass. It was very nice, with a good mix of shape and size. Suddenly Scarlett slapped it, hard. She then spread Ellie’s cheeks and began probing her butthole. She told Harper to rub and slap Ellie’s ass while she was busy finger fucking her.

A little under a minute had passed, when Ellie suddenly flipped over, gasping for breath. “Hmmm… 13 seconds away. Try harder. Again.”

When Ellie’s breathing went back to normal, she flipped over. This time, Harper wanted to try playing with her butthole. She loved how much it squeezed her fingers when she pushed them in, and the feel of the flesh inside.

Ellie gave up within five seconds left. “So close…”. Emma said. “But still not good enough. This is your last try.”

Rolling over for the last time, Ellie took a huge deep breath. She put all her effort into not rolling over, no matter how she felt. She knew if she failed now, things could get bad.

Meanwhile, on the surface, Scarlett and Harper were eager for Ellie to lose. They figured pain would make her tire out the quickest. They took turns slapping Ellie’s ass as hard as they could.

Ellie was in extreme pain by 40 seconds. Her ass was burning like hell, and took much of breath away. To her, it felt like two minutes had already passed. But, only 50 seconds had passed when she felt her mind getting hazy and surfaced as fast as possible. She relished being able to breath again for a while, and when her mind cleared enough to remember what was happening, she groaned.

“Hmm… disappointing really.” Emma mocked. “Well, since we still have two other girls to humiliate, why don’t you come here and lick my pussy to pass the time for you.”

Unsure if Emma was being serious, Ellie slowly drifted towards her. Emma walked back and sat on a taller rock, one out of the water. She pulled the front of her bikini aside just enough for Ellie, but also so Scarlett and Harper couldn’t see. Ellie did however have a great view. Emma’s pussy was quite hairy for a girl their age, and looked like she didn’t shave either. As Ellie brought her lips to the girls pussy, the flavor instantly exploded in her mouth. Emma was obviously very wet.

Ellie remembered what Shayna had taught her. “To make it feel good, you need to pay attention all areas. If you spend too long on the same spot, it won't have the same feeling.” Remembering how Shayna had drawn shapes, Ellie replicated that. She started by drawing a star. She drew lines in every way possible, and in between each shape, she would dart her tongue inside.

Emma was in heaven. She had often thought about how this would feel, but never actually experienced it before. After a minute or so, she was brought back to reality by Harper clearing her throat. Glancing at the watch next to her, it read 2:00, meaning they still had 5 minutes left.

“Harper, you and Scarlett will go together.” Emma said, which brought the two to attention. “You two will make out while trying to get the other person to cum. You can’t stop kissing, and if you orgasm within the five minutes, you have to stay in your bikini for the rest of day.”

Knowing the girls didn't have a choice, they nodded their heads and got to work. Since Scarlett was much bigger, Harper wrapped her legs around Scarlett’s and held on to her. Their lips met, and Emma started the time. Remembering the goal, Scarlett reached down and slowly caressed Harper’s vagina. This made Harper’s pussy tingle like crazy. She was very horny. But she did not want to be hiking in her bikini either, so she put her hand in Scarlett’s bottoms are rubbed it a few times, before inserting her finger and starting to stimulate her G-spot.

Back on the shore, Emma was in heaven. She had never even considered being with a girl, the thought had disgusted her. But now, she was changing her mind. This was amazing. She looked down at Ellie, who was dutifully eating out her pussy. This felt way better than her dildos. And looking at Scarlett and Harper, she realized nothing had ever turned her on so much.

Ellie felt like her tongue was gonna fall out. She had only been doing this for three minutes, but was already so tired. She didn’t mind giving girls head, but she would much rather it be a cock. Shayna had turned her on so much though. While she didn’t feel any desire to keep doing it know, she desperately wanted to teleport back to Shayna’s house, and get the orgasm she needed.

When the last minute came by, both Scarlett and Harper were dangerously close to their orgasm. Harper had started to rub Scarlett’s clit, making her quite exhausted. Scarlett decided fucking Harper with her fingers would be the best approach. She was way too close to her own orgasm though. She thought if Harper touched her clit one more time, she would explode. And of course, Harper did. Scarlett moaned so loud, Ellie had to pause her work and turn to see what happened. Emma pulled her back in, and watched Scarlett finally orgasm. Scarlett felt her head pull away, but Harper grabbed on so as not to break the kiss. Her hands grew limp and stopped touching Harper’s pussy.

At the sound of the watch beeping, Emma pushed Ellie away and called time. Everyone exhausted in some way, they all slowly swam back to the shore where their backpacks were and dried off. Then each of them went off to their private spaces to change back into their hiking clothes; all except Scarlett that is. She just stood their shivering, her muscles still tense.

When the other girls all came back in their previously worn clothes, they all put their packs back on and continued down the trail.
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Really good story keep it up
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Backpacking On Their Own

Chapter Four

Hi all. Thanks for the comments, it helps me write this. Sad to say, this is the last installment before I will be taking a break. It will be about a month until you see this updated again. Sorry again.

The time was now 2:30. The girls were all very tired, and were dragging their feet more and more with each step. They had decided to take a short break from their truth or dare game, and were now getting ready for some more action.

“You guys wanna keep playing?” Scarlet inquired.

They all responded with a simple “sure”.

“Okay… I guess I’ll start then. Ellie, truth or dare?” Said the bikini clad girl.

“Well I’m assuming we’re still playing where we have to alternate between truth and dare, so I kinda have to choose dare.”

“Damn your so smart, you should study philosophy.” Scarlet said. Ellie just rolled her eyes and waited. “I dare you to… Let each of us have one minute to feel your perfect little butt.”

“Outside the clothes.” Ellie stated.

“Sure okay. Outside the clothes.” Replied Scarlet. When no one else moved, she asked the group to stop walking, and walked behind Ellie. She paused for a couple seconds to look at her victims gorgeous rear end. The Nike sports shorts she was wearing barely covered all of her ass, which was relatively small but very fit and shapely. Scarlet grabbed it with two hands, and just squeezed for 20 seconds straight. She loved the feeling. For the last bit she just rubbed it with one hand.

When Ellie, who had been given the watch to keep time, said “switch”, Harper wordlessly took Scarlet’s place. All of todays events had confused her. Before today, she had never even thought about having feelings for a girl. It just never crossed her mind. But now that she was experiencing it, Harper began to wonder if this was who she was. Looking at the ass before her, Harper’s already soaked pussy started to tingle. She remembered when she got to play with it while Ellie was dared to hold her breath. “Snap out of it Harper.” She thought to herself. “Your straight.”

Trying to hide eagerness, she reached forward and began to caress Ellie’s butt. When 30 seconds was up, and Ellie called time. Harper reluctantly pulled away, and switched spots with Emma, who had been thinking about what she was going to do while the others were going. She wasn't too into the idea of feeling up a girls ass, but figured why not. She played with it a little, and soon, her time was up.

During this whole time, Ellie had been getting very horny. Having people feel her ass had felt great; she loved how she had no control over her situation. But when the final 30 seconds were up, she regathered herself and said “Emma, truth or dare?”

“I’m due for a truth, I think.”

“Alright… Who here turns you on the most?” Ellie said.

“Hmmm… definitely you.” Emma said very surely. Ellie grinned from ear to ear, and rubbed her ass against Emma seductively, making everyone laugh. “Harper, truth or dare?”

“Dare I guess.” Harper said nervously, things had gotten way farther than she was comfortable with. When she had make out with Scarlet, she convinced herself it was ok because she liked what she was doing. Now Harper had no idea what type of thing she would be assigned. At least it was her best friend giving her the dare, so she would hopefully give mercy.

“I dare you to be my dog for the rest of the day,” Emma said, enjoying the look of pure fright that was plastered on Harper’s face.

“What does that mean!?” The scared prepubescent girl said.

Well first off, it means you can’t speak anymore. Instead, if you want to communicate something it must be through barking and whining. Also, you can’t stand up anymore, so get down on all fours.

“This is way to extreme!” Harper complained.

“Ah, thanks for bringing me into the next thing: punishments. Whenever you disobey a rule,” Emma talked as she took off her backpack and fumbled through it. “You get the Spanky.” She held out a fly swatter, and as a demonstration, brought it across Harper’s flat rear end as hard as her muscles would allow. Harper let out a shriek, which prompted another swat, as Emma said “I didn’t know dogs could make that noise.”

The other girls, Scarlet and Ellie, were having a blast. Not only was the idea of the dare hilarious to them, seeing Harper so humiliated only made it better. A whole other round of giggles was released when Emma produced a long from her backpack, and tied it snugly around Harper’s neck.

“Other random things include only eating and drinking from the ground, peeing like a dog, sleeping like one, and not using any of your fingers.” Emma continued talking. “I think that covers all I need… You’ll do great, doggy!”

“Wait… how does she play truth dare?” Scarlet asked.

“Hmm,” said Emma. “I guess she can say only what she needs to for the game.”

Relived, Harper quickly opened her mouth and said “Scarlet truth or dare?”

“I think we can skip the asking since we don’t even get to choose. Just give me a truth”

Harper carefully thought as she trotted along the path, getting her clothes very dirty. “Whats the kinkiest thing you have ever done?” She asked.

Scarlet had to think about this for a minute. Finally she decided on the time she tried BDSM. “It was about a year ago, when I was 12.” She said. “I had just heard about BDSM, and figured why not try it out. I spanked myself a ton and cried like hell. It hurt so bad but kinda felt good, I don’t really know.”

When it was clear she was done talking, Ellie said “Well that ends that round, I’ll start the next one! Emma, I believe you need a dare.”

“That is correct.” Emma said.

“Well… I am feeling kind of gassy. Lie down and let me fart on your face.” Ellie said.

Everyone laughed but Emma, who instantly grew worried. Nevertheless, she reluctantly laid down, and cringed when Ellie stuck her big booty centimeters away from her nose. She let out a long slow fart, and after waiting a couple seconds, the smell hit Emma. She felt like vomiting, but stayed calm. Ellie let out several more rambunctious farts, each one increasing in volume and in stench. When she felt satisfied, she got up and started walking again, signaling Emma to get up and follow.

It was a very long and slow hike, since they had to keep stopping to do dares. It was however, much more entertaining.

“Scarlet, heres a dare for you.” Emma said. “Don’t wear underwear for the rest of the trip.”

“Wait,” Scarlet said. “But I’m in a bikini!”

“Yes, that is unfortunate. But let’s keep walking while you strip, no going and hiding now.” Said Emma.

Scarlet acted like she didn’t care although she wasn’t sure how she felt about being naked around these girls. She took her bikini top off quickly. The others all stared at her tits. They looked huge to the the other girls. Despite the fact they were only B cup, the others felt they would do anything to get a pair of breasts that nice. With each step she took they jiggled, and bounced even more when Scarlet threw her bikini top at Emma. All the attention creeped her out.

She then slid her panties off when the others just stopped walking. None of them had ever really seen another pussy before, certainly none this beautiful. It was clean shaven, and had all the folds where they needed to be. Not to mention how dripping wet she was, even though she just recently orgasmed The monetary pause in walking also pushed Scarlet to the front of the group, where the others got a good long look at her big ass. It was so thick and curvy. Harper felt her pussy secreting juices faster then ever, and really wished she didn’t have to be a dog right now.

Scarlet just slowed her pace, threw her still wet bikini bottoms at Emma, and casually kept walking, turning around only to say “Don’t know what you girls are staring at.”
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