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Below are the first three chapters of a story I started writing several years ago. I would love some feedback and your opinion on if I should continue the story. I read the posting rules and I believe it is okay to post non-TORD stories here too. If not, please don't ban me.

Title: Love Me

Chapter 1

Five years ago this very month I, Alex Bates, found my self a handsome, carefree eighteen year old, looking for nothing more than a thrill. Whether it was the next party, or the newest pack of cigarettes, all I wanted was happiness, the feeling of complete peace, the peace of mind that leaves a man free to believe in him self and believe in others. Unfortunately, no matter what party I attended, no matter what cigarettes I smoked, I constantly found myself in a state of want. I was looking for something, however I couldn’t place what I so wanted.
As I review the time, and my mentality, I begin to think perhaps my need for something more stems from my lack of social achievements. Although I attended parties, and talked amongst the crowds, I always arrived alone, drank alone, and left alone. Since my mothers death I had grown more and more inward. I had trouble connecting with others.
To continue my story I must travel backwards in time. One morning I was in bed with nothing to do with my day other than sleep the sun down and party until the moon met the earth. However a nock at my door aroused me from the haze of sleep. I struggled to locate pants and opened the door shirtless. To my surprise a neighbor whose parties I had attended regularly, stood before me. Behind him stood someone I hadn’t met before.

“Alex! Where you still sleeping? I’ve been texting you all morning.” My neighbor Jason greeted me while petting one of my cats.
“You know I’m a late riser.” I stated wiping the sleep from my eyes. “Whose your friend? I asked
“Oh, This is Eli. He lives a few doors down from me.” Jason explained.
“I’m Eli.” He started. “Me and Jason have been riding four-wheelers all morning and wanted to see if you where doing anything.” Intrigued I said, “No, my schedules pretty much free. I’ve actually wanted to check out this swimming hole I haven’t been to in a while if you guys are interested.’

Jason and Eli looked at each other with agreement, “Sure!” They said in unison.

I went back inside closing the door behind me, rushing to find a shirt. I grabbed my cigarettes and walked back outside, the summer air filling my lungs. We left on the four-wheelers. I rode with Jason, knowing him the best. As we pulled out of my drive way I directed him through the back roads and along the trails until we arrived at my secret summer oasis. A beautiful waterfall falling to a pond surrounded by bluffs and greenery.

“So Alex, how did you ever find this place?” Eli Asked.

“Well my mom told me when her and my dad where dating he used to take her here for romantic moon lit picnics.” I replied.

“Oh, Do you live with her?” Eli followed up.

Trying to avoid having a flashback, “Well I did, but she passed away about eight months ago…” I said looking down.

“Oh, well, I’m sorry to hear that. But this place is really beautiful. I’m glad you shared it with us.” Eli said with a warm smile.

We where interrupted by the sound of a massive splash. During our conversation Jason had climbed the waterfall and jumped in. Surprised, Eli and I dove in after him; the water was its normal summer warm. We swam and played all day. I could feel a friendship growing between the three of us, which was a very refreshing feeling.
By the time we left the sun was beginning to fade, after swimming all day, and having left home without eating, I was ready to sit down for a feast.

“I hope you can lead us out of here, I forgot all the turns we took.” Eli said with a smile.

His smile was one of those smiles that invoked immediate friendship and trust.

“Of course! I know these woods like the back of my hand.” I exclaimed.

“Well hop on!” Eli extended his hand to me.

I grabbed his hand without hesitation. I gave him directions back to the main roads. Being young and reckless none of us wore helmets. So every thirty seconds I had to lean into his ear and half yell to tell him, “Take a left here.” After we made it onto the main roads, he knew where we were enough to get me back home. After a short fifteen-minute ride, he pulled into my driveway. Jason rode past us throwing his hand up in a wave.

“I had fun today.” I said stepping off the four-wheeler.

“Me too! We should hang out again.” Eli said with that unforgettable smile.

“Absolutely! You know where I live, so stop by anytime!” I said as he started his four-wheeler.

I walked towards my house thinking over my day, how much fun we had. My cats greeted me as I walked up onto the porch. I rushed inside as I realized I had forgotten to feed them before I left. I grabbed the cat food from the pantry and filled their bowls. I kneeled next my favorite kitty, rubbing her fur.
“I made a new friend today.” I whispered to her.

As expected, she ignored me, too focused on her food. With a twang of hunger I suddenly remembered I was hungry. Opening the fridge I scanned from left to right. “Hotdogs it is!” I thought to my self. I fried three hotdogs and sat down in front of the TV. I was halfway done with my third hotdog as the evening news was just beginning. I found myself dosing off to sleep as I finished the last bite of my hotdog. I put my plate and the pan I had used in the dishwasher. “Damn.” I said with a yawn. Normally I would be just getting started by this time, but after a day on the creek I was beat. I turned out the lights and crawled into bed.
There is no feeling lonelier than being alone in a house with no one to talk to or care about. All I could do was think about the fun Eli and I had. I can’t wait to see him again. I thought with a smile on my face. I finally gave in to sleep with the hope of hearing his knock at my door in the morning.

Chapter 2

A week pasted before I saw Eli again. I was sitting in my living room nursing a cup of coffee when I heard a four-wheeler outside. I walked to the door and stepped out, squinting my eyes as they adjusted to the sharp sunlight.

“Hey!” I shouted across the yard as he approached my porch.
“Well hello! How’ve you been?” He asked with his natural smile.
“Good! I haven’t done much, so I cant complain.” I replied
“Well Jason is at a church retreat or something, and I was wondering if you wanted to come hang out at my place for awhile?”
“Sure, what do you have to do?” I asked.
“Tons of stuff, I have a trampoline, trails for four-wheeling, and fifty acres of woods we could explore.” He said with a smile.
“Okay! Let me grab some stuff. If you want to come inside and sit while I get a few things you can.”

He followed me inside and sat down on my couch. “Cozy place.” He said looking around.

“Thanks! Muffin?” I asked as I tossed him a chocolate muffin. I stuffed my phone, cigarettes, and wallet into a small hiking bag I had lying around. I poured the remaining coffee I had down the sink and turned off the TV.

“Lets do it!” I said leading the way to the door.
“Do you know how to drive a four-wheeler?” He asked as we walked over to his green, mud stained, powerhouse of a four-wheeler.
“Not really… I’ve never owned one. I used to have a three-wheeler but it didn’t have a clutch.” I responded looking over his machine.
“Well maybe I can teach you sometime!” He exclaimed with excitement.
I climbed onto his four-wheeler and put my hands on his shoulders, “You should wrap your arms around my waist, I like to go fast.” He said.

I did as he asked, he fired up his four-wheeler and we where off. I could swear we hit 60mph on that thing but I’m sure it was only around 25mph. As we passed Jason’s house I thought, “Only four more houses.” I was surprised at how close his house was to my own. “How have we never met before?” I continued thinking.
His house was a little shack of a place, perfect for one person. He invited me and to my surprise it looked much larger from the inside than it did from the outside. As I looked around the interior I noticed his TV was huge, and he had every kind of gaming console imaginable.

‘What do you do? I ask astonished by all his nice things.
‘I’m a gamer, I make videos of myself playing games, upload them to different video sites, and then earn the ad revenue from each view.’ Eli explained
‘That’s really impressive! I wish I could get into something like that. It seems fun.’ I replied.
‘It’s a great way to work from home! I have a fan base of only like 60k… I’m not big yet, but you cant blame me for trying.’ He said with a laugh.
‘Oh no! I think its awesome people watch you play games. Its really interesting.’ I smiled back.
‘Thanks; I have some bacon and stuff over here if your hungry. Did you think of anything you wanted to do?’
Grabbing a piece of bacon, I said, ‘Not really… I guess we can go explore those woods you where talking about.’
‘Mkay! Sounds good. Do you wanna ride out there or walk?’ Eli asked making a funny face as he bit into a piece of bacon.
‘Lets walk, it’ll be easier to talk that way.’ I said returning his funny face.

Eli grabbed some things from around his house and put them in his own hiking bag, a few flashlights, a compass, his phone, and a few other miscellaneous items.
‘Do you prefer water or power-aid?’ He asked opening a cabinet.
‘Waters fine.’ I said.
He added some water bottles to his bag and turned off his kitchen light.
‘Lets go! He exclaimed.

I walked outside first with him following close behind me. Eli was a short handsome guy. His dark brown hair, rosy red cheeks, all centered by his deep green eyes, made him easy to look at. We walked to the edge of the clearing his house was on and began following a creek into the woods.

As we walked into the woods I asked, ‘Do you and Jason hike up here very often?’
Looking from tree to tree he replied, ‘Not really… I’m starting to feeling like he and I aren’t going to be very good friends.’
Puzzled, I asked, ‘Oh, did he do something?’
‘He didn’t really do anything… We just have opposing views on a few things.’
‘Oh…’ I said with my interest peaked. ‘Can I ask what his opposition was?’
Eli stopped walking and looked away. His smile that always brought me so much comfort was noticeably absent. He was worried, or maybe embarrassed…

‘Sorry… I didn’t mean to bring up anything negative.’ Hoping to dissolve the awkwardness I added, ‘You don’t have to tell me.’
Eli looked up at me with a sigh, ‘No. This is something I have to face, no matter who it upsets.’
Completely lost all I could do was offer my reassurance, ‘I don’t judge.’
With confidence Eli stated, ‘I’m gay. I know this is a small town but I’m not going to lie to myself for the comfort of my god fearing neighbors.’
Stunned from his bombshell moment of honesty. ‘Eli. I don’t know what to say…’
His cheeks where red and his voice more defensive he as he interrupted me before I could process my next thought, ‘Do you want me to drive you back to your place? I shouldn’t have bothered you this morning.’
‘No!’ I said a bit to excitedly… ‘I mean… Eli… I understand how you feel… I’m gay too.’

Both of us, clearly embarrassed, just stood together in silence, with the summer birds chirping their usual chorus.

‘Is this awkward?’ I said breaking our silence.
‘Do you want it to be?’ He asked, his smile returning to its normal warmth.
I returned his smile with a giggle, ‘Nope!’
‘Good! Lets keep walking.’ He said gesturing forward.


Eli and I walked for at least two more hours just casually talking about random things, who we liked in music, what colors we enjoyed, just learning random facts about each other. However, one question kept haunting me. ‘What could this mean for us?’ I pondered to myself too embarrassed to ask. If he did like me, I wasn’t picking up any hints. ‘I should just pretend I don’t know he’s gay, be friendly, and see what happens.’ I thought to myself. Eli suddenly stopped in front of me.

‘Turn around.’ He whispered.
I slowly turned, not knowing what to expect, but once I did my breath was taken. We could see perfectly between two hills, a beautiful stream running between them. It was one of the most beautiful pieces of nature I had ever seen.
‘This is where I come to think, to make decisions, and do what feels right.’ He said looking over the same scene as me.
I took his hand, disregarding every thought I had about ignoring the attraction.
‘Kiss me.’ I said looking deep into his eyes.
Before I could even process what I had just said our lips met, on top of this mountain of sorts, an explosion of passion with in me that I had never felt before was erupting. It was like a scene straight out of a romance novel. He guided my back to the nearest tree trunk, squeezing my hips as his lips gracefully danced on mine. I have never felt so frozen in time, what must have been fifteen seconds felt like an eternity rolled into a second.
‘I like you Alex.’ He whispered pulling his lips away from mine.
‘I like you too. I have since you first ended up at my door.’ I replied, my body electrified from the encounter.
‘Do you trust me?’ He asked.
‘I’m here aren’t I?’ I said with a touch of sass.
‘Good, There’s a zip line back down to my place near here. Let’s go.’
Lost in the moment, not knowing what was about to happen, I followed. It wasn’t a long walk until we arrived at the zip line, which cut a clear path through the woods ending at the edge of the clearing his house was on. Pulling a few things from his bag he said. ‘I only have one harness in this bag so you’ll have to hold on to me as we go down.’
A little scared I just nodded and smiled. He stepped up onto a tree stump and fastened the harness to him self then the line.
‘Ya comin?’ He asked jokingly.

I stepped up on to the tree trunk and wrapped myself around him, preparing for him so step off the edge, and them, he did. As we went zooming down the mountain towards his house I was in awe, not at our speed or the nature rushing past us, but by him. How secure I felt holding onto him, the smell of his hair filling my nose, I was feeling a passion I had never felt before. We landed near his house before I was ready to let go. But I did, dropping a foot to the ground as he undid his harness.
‘Now what?’ I asked, hoping desperately for a reason to stay.
‘Let’s go in. I’m sure we can find something to do. It’s too hot out here now…’
Chapter 3

‘I’ll be right back.’ Eli said getting up from the couch we had been perched on watching some of his gaming highlight videos and montages.
‘Kk’ I said with a smile.

He walked over to the bathroom door and closed it behind him. I couldn’t hear any water running, but didn’t think anything of it, until I saw the door open slowly… Eli stood before me, wearing nothing but a single tattoo that I hadn’t noticed until now. It read ‘Love me’. I stood in disbelief, my eyes bouncing from his beautiful lips, to his toned chest, down to his chiseled abs, and finally landing on his manhood. He was truly beautiful in every since of the word. Stepping towards me he said, ‘Love me?’
‘Lets go baby.’ I whispered back.
Eli grabbed me by the hips and walked me backwards until we fell back onto his bed, with him on top of me. He kissed me with the pressure of him on top of me pushing me into his bed. I felt his hair as I gently let my hands find there way down his back, ending just short of his butt. He stopped kissing me to pull my shirt up exposing my hard nipples, which he did not ignore; gingerly caressing them he began to kiss, nibble, and lick them. A wave of passion rushed over my entire body as I felt myself getting aroused. Not missing a beat Eli slowly kissed his way down to my shorts, unbuttoning them and slowly brought the zipper down. He pulled my shorts and underwear off in one fluid motion.
‘Here we both are, naked, hot, and about to have sex.’ I thought to myself. Normally I would be dying from self-consciousness, but things feel different with Eli. Before I could continue thinking I felt his breath brush over the tip of my penis as he began to kiss my head. All of a sudden it felt like he wrapped his tongue around my dick as he started blowing me. The pure pleasure coming over me in waves burnt hotter than a million suns. I wanted Eli. He looked up at me, our eyes met, my dick slipped out of his mouth as he stood from his knees. I sat up sitting on the edge of the bed, and pulled him onto me. Our dicks rubbing together between us as we passionately kissed. I rolled us across the bed to be on top of him. I giggled as I lifted my lips from his. Copying the way he did me, I made my way down this chest arriving at his hard, beautiful piece of man meat. As I began to stroke it I marveled at its size. His dick must have been as long as my face because I couldn’t touch enough of it. I began to lick from the base of his dick all the way up to his tip swirling my tongue around his perfect head. He moaned with pleasure as I went down taking as much of him as I could in my mouth. I moved my tongue around his dick in a method I learned from porn, my hands on his full, bubble butt. Time was frozen, everything I had ever worried about disappeared, I had found what I had been missing in life. It was Eli.
Still moaning, He said, ‘You want this dick baby?’
I released him from my mouth and replied, ‘You know I do!’
He rolled to the opposite side of the bed ruffling his hair and opened a bedside drawer pulling out a bottle of lube. As I joined him in the bed he returned to the center and kissed me lightly. As we kissed I felt him slip his fingers between my butt cheeks and he began massaging my warm, tight, hole. He slowly worked one of his fingers inside me as our kisses grew in sloppiness.
‘Are you ready?’ He asked between kisses.
‘Oh yeah!’ I said ready with excitement. Just the thought of him inside me had my dick gleaming with pre-cum.
His masculinity was amazing, and with a simple lift he was able to turn me around landing in the perfect position to receive him as deeply as I could. I felt his heat radiating onto my butt as he kissed his way up my back. When his lips finally arrived at mine he took hold of my right shoulder with his right hand to steady himself. He used his left hand to push my back down, and force my butt up. He knew what he was doing. Once he had my back low enough he slapped his hard, hot penis between my cheeks and slowly began to work it back and forth. I loved the way he felt behind me, his hot dick between my cheeks relaxing my hole, priming me for detonation…
Lightning, pain, and pleasure are the only ways I can describe the way he felt inside me. The second he pushed in me I blacked out from lust. This guy, my neighbor, turned new friend, turned lover, was truly something special. The next memory I have is of us lying in his warm bed, my arm slung across his chest, my face snuggled into his side. I have no idea how long we where like this, but I didn’t care. I felt more whole and more secure in my being than I had ever felt before. I wish it were later in the day, then maybe I’d have an excuse to stay the night, right here, in his arms.
‘Babe?’ I asked. ‘Promise me this won’t be it.’ My face still buried in his side.
‘What’d ya mean honey?’ He said opening an eye.
Getting my thoughts together, ‘Well… If we’re going to do this and be this, I want it to be more than just sex. I can’t go there in my life right now. I need you to love me, and ya know fuck me too, but there is a difference, and I need both. Can you do that?’
Without pause, and with his famous smile he took my hand and said, ‘Of course I can baby. What ever you want.’


After our cuddle session we dressed to the sound of evening cicadas, I was stuck in a state of surprise and nostalgia. A nostalgia I hadn’t felt since I was a high school. I was thinking about the college guys I used to visit when Eli caught my attention by tossing me my shirt from the other side of his bed.

“Are you hungry?” Eli asked as I slipped my shirt over my head.
“After that? I could eat anything!” I replied with a smile
“Well I can cook us some pasta or homemade pizza, which do you prefer?” He asked moving to the kitchen.
“Pasta. Defiantly pasta.” I said imagining the taste.
“That’s my favorite too!” He exclaimed turning on the stove.

Eli’s phone started to ring. He looked down at it and paused for a second.
“I have to take this.” He said.
I nodded as he answered the phone.

“This better be important.” He said in a tone I had never heard him use before.
His expression went from serious to terrified as he tried to get a word in to who ever was on the phone.
“He told who what?” He asked in a panicked voice.
After listening to the caller for a few seconds he said, “I understand. Let me think for a few minutes and I’ll call you back.” He said hanging up the phone.

“What’s wrong?” I asked puzzled.
Eli thinking for a second replied, “I have to go handle some business.”
“So no pasta?” I asked disappointedly.
“I’m really sorry but not tonight.”
“It’s fine… I understand. Do you need any help with whatever you have to go do?” I asked intrigued as to what other business he had.
“You know what, I might actually need you. Let me see.” He replied seriously.
He picked up his phone and dialed a number. Before he could get the phone to his ear the other caller answered.

Eli said, “So I know a place we can move everything, but we need to move fast. They’ll be there soon. I’m bringing a friend.”
Eli was interrupted as I heard the other caller yell something.
“I trust him. It’ll be fine. We can’t do it by our selves anyway.” Eli said.
After a few or exchanges Eli hung up and said “Are you up for an adventure?”
“I guess… What are we doing?” I asked.
“I’ll explain on the way, we gotta go.” Eli said turning off the stove and opening an overhead cabinet.
He pulled out a black case and tossed it to me.
“Hold onto that.” He said.
I nodded as I walked towards the door. Eli followed, keys in hand.
“We’ll take my truck. It’s faster.” Eli said as he hit the unlock button on his keychain.
I jumped in the passenger side and before I could even get the door closed we where on the move. Eli began to explain that he isn’t only a gamer; he also deals in more… discreet affairs. Baffled I just let him talk. Being around the bush he was hinting at something shady and finally I couldn’t take the dodging of the truth any longer.
“What do you do? Just tell me. You can trust me.” I said agitated.
“I grow.” He said with a sigh.
“Grow what? Daffodils?”
“Pot. I grow pot. It’s where most of my money comes from.” He said reluctantly.
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