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Default Nude walking and caught by housemate?!

Trolling around my neighbourhood at around 3am in the morning. There was no wind nor breezes, it was raining but water just dried out. I woke up at around 2.50am feeling uneasy and decided to walk around neighbourhood. Of course, with my birthday suit. It was autumn, and the temperature was around 6C.

I opened up my door from my room, topless, saw my housemates room is closed and the light is on. I ignored it and headed up to the main door, I opened the main door, left it open.

The road was quiet. I could only see street lights and a few voices of car coming and out from the main road which is 30 seconds walking from my house. There were houses with lights on but the curtain is closed.
I stripped off in front my house, wearing only pant which is easy for me to took it off. Put it on the ground, walked around for 10-15 minutes. Naked. On the way back home I saw my house is off a bit. The main door's light is on and my housemates room's light is off. I thought he must be away until I saw him walking out to the street from the driveway where I placed my pant.

I thought,"shoot, should I hide, ah it's a bit too late though".

Keeping myself cool and try to be as normal as I could, I said,"hey" and showed myself naked in front of him. I got no erection and he was cool with it. I then explained I am a nudist and/or exhibitionist and this is my hobby to walk naked around. And he only said yeah and sure.

We then talked a bit about his background (I was only just moved in to the house that time) while I'm still naked there. Then I decided to take on my pant while talking to him after about 5 minutes. The breeze was coming by. Not long after that (around 2 minutes after I have my pants on), a runner went by my street.

If only I walked longer, I might be able to be caught by two people. Damn, what a night.

This is my first time to be caught by people I know. Usually it's just stranger.
Weirdly enough, I feel the urge to do more.
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Well done very brave

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