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The snow is gone II!

Posted Today at 01:29 PM by mslut1961

He went around behind and took a long look at my exposed hole. "You weren't naked when you got here faggot. I expect you to do exactly as I say. I'm going to punish you every time you don't listen." he said. I whimpered as he reached into his bag. He took out a leather strap which he attached to my balls and then to the spreader bar. He pulled it tight, stretching my balls out.
"Mmmmm, in that position it would be easy to castrate you. Remember that next time you disobey...
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The snow is gone!

Posted Today at 12:56 PM by mslut1961

Now that the snow is gone some of my summer regulars are getting in contact with me. The first to contact me was a Dom that used me a lot last summer. He is a older guy, skinny with a big 11" cock. We hooked up in the abandoned park late last summer. He used and abused me until the snow came. He liked using my body and holes because his wife is no longer interested in sex. I was his release.
Anyway, he got a hold of me online, said he was down south for the winter but he was back...
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Rules have helped me

Posted Today at 10:46 AM by Pariahterror

In the last weeks I have gotten some good and bad news. And bad news seems to have more impact and can stay longer. Especially when those things are here to stay.

Due to some happy events I was given some rules to obey. And it wasn't actually planned to get rules not associated to my celebration thread. But I am happy to obey them.

A day or two later I got the bad news (it was actually already known, but I might have denied it or thought it might be something different)....
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Check here: Are you missing half the fun?

Posted Yesterday at 08:08 PM by Cassandra

You love giving dares or receiving them? Are you sure you get 100% fun out of it? Here's your check for it.

Half of giving dares as well as half the fun of receiving dares is in the contact with others. Just think about it briefly: what's the difference to doing them just on your own? There are enough kinky roulettes out there with automatic dice, and other automatic task and dare givers, you don't even need your own creativity.

The difference in getting others involved,...
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How to satisfy your sex date

Posted Yesterday at 08:36 AM by Cassandra

Hello everyone looking for a hot sex date out there,

Yesterday I did have one, from the receiving end. I served two real cocks which was quite fun for me. Let me share what I am looking for in sex dates so you can just satisfy that and get plenty of those:

There's a German saying which roughly translates into: If you want to shag, you have to be friendly.

I am a slut, so I am very open to be treated rough, during the session. But before and after, I am still...
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Sissy Training Plan

Posted 03-22-2018 at 12:08 PM by JulieAllison (Sissy Training Blog)

Here is the basic sissy training plan.

Sissies will be given tasks to complete and a time frame in which to complete the task. Points will be awarded for the successful completion of the tasks as described when the task is given. Failure to complete a task within the specified time frame will result in the deduction of points or reduced points awarded upon completion. Proof of completion in the form of photographic evidence can gain the sissy bonus points, but is not required. Completion...
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The Worst Punishment of the whole Universe

Posted 03-22-2018 at 08:01 AM by lilith_ (Ramblings of a Nymphet)

Have you ever thought of the worst punishment of the universe? Is it heavy impact play? Blood play? Needles? Or maybe clothespins on every inch of your body? No, dear readers... These are nothing in front of what I went through.

I was a little (big) shit this morning. I talked back, I mocked and I even showed my adorable middle finger. All these result in a punishment, correct? Correct! Little did I know what I put myself into....

I was told to sit on my knees, facing the
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