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Men Hitting On Lesbians

Posted 02-24-2018 at 07:56 PM by sciencegal

I want to start out by saying that this entry is not in response to an interaction with anyone, nor geared towards anyone in particular. It was a topic suggested to me, as it directly applies to my life.

Men hitting on lesbians. Let me start off by saying what I mean by this. I don’t mean a guy flirting with a woman, who then tells him that she is gay. He shouldn’t be faulted in that instance for not knowing she’s gay (assuming he has never met her before and has no knowledge from friends,...
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Week 7 of diapers

Posted 02-24-2018 at 03:58 PM by Diapered_prince
Updated 03-17-2018 at 04:00 PM by Diapered_prince


So this week was more of the same. Life has settled into a routine. Get up, change from cloth to disposable and go about my day. I usually change about 4 times a day so it is not too bad. But I am starting to mess my diapers instead of just wetting. It all depends on the amount of time that I will have to change. (and what I had to eat the previous day)

Not sure what else to add to this post, but I am glad to know that winter is almost over and spring is (basically)...
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My toys

Posted 02-24-2018 at 03:44 PM by hiruzen_takaski

1 double headed 18" black veiny dildo
2 medium pink anal plugs
1 small dildo
1 vibrator

1 full enema kit 4 liters

Various homemade implaments
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Teased by co-worker?

Posted 02-24-2018 at 07:28 AM by andrew_b

Here is something I'm not sure about, as many of you probably already know that I have a foot fetish.

Although something I'm not sure about is that I think one of my female co-workers knows I do.

She had mentioned before about having a foot fetish herself but I think she was joking about that.

The thing that makes me think she knows as well though is that the last two times I've been near her, she has slipped her shoes off and played with them.
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