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help me be even more denied and horny... getting ready for Punishment Day #2

Posted 03-17-2017 at 06:53 PM by CrimsonKitten
Updated 03-20-2017 at 05:40 AM by CrimsonKitten (needed to edit date for personal reasons)

This was originally posted by MasterZp in the comments of my Punishment Day #1 blog post. i did not see his comment until after the fact and was PM'd and told to use this starting on the next 'Day'.

My next "day" is unknown do to some emergency situations.
my life is a bit crazy right now but i will still do the "day" as soon as possible. but obviously everyday life comes before kink.
thank you for all understanding.

when i do have the chance to complete this "day" i will most likely not be home alone or be able to be home for it. so i will need to plan it.
i'm not sure what my whole plan is yet for this day, but since it does need to be planned before hand, anything anyone would like to add, here or PM, or even better, on my blog is great!
i'll be using as many of these options as i can since i won't have access to an empty house, some may not be possible this time around but i'll do my best on the ones i can do.
i'll post a report when i'm able to complete it.

"Since this is all new, I will allow you to choose 10 of your edges on your own for this punishment day. The next day, you may choose 8 on your own, then 6, then 4, etc. That will give you time to find people to help you with edge tasks.

And here are my tasks for how to edge today. Each of these counts as a separate edge and cannot be combined.

1. Edge in each of the rooms in your house. You may pick the time and the method of edging.
2. Edge by just rubbing around your clit in circles, but not touching it directly. You may do that for up to 5 edges.
3. Edge from tapping your clit with your finger or other object. Only tapping and nothing else. You may do up to 5 edges this way, but each one must be with a different item. Any of your fingers counts as a single item for this.
4. Edge using anal only. Choose the toy or object of your choice and fuck that ass until you edge. You may do this up to 3 times, but must choose a different item each time.
4. Edge 5 times in a row, only stopping at most 30 seconds between each one. Once you start touching again, you may not stop touching until you edge again.
5. Edge after spanking your ass 30 times. Repeat that 5 times, adding 4 blows each time."
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