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Rainbow Humiliation Self-Profiling Kit

Thank you so much for making this questionnaire! As someone who is fairly new to all of this I loved reading through all of the options and getting nice and excited fantasising about them 🙈 I highlighted the ones that made me nice and wet

Core Information

Age: 22
Name: Gently
Sexuality: Bisexual
Who have you fantasised about humiliating you?
Your Owner
Someone with power over you (police, soldier, doctor, teacher, boss, relation, friend, bully)
Someone you owe money or a favour
Someone who you need something from
Any man or woman who your Owner lends you to
Your blackmailer
Your rapist
Your abductor
Anyone higher than you in the slave hierarchy
At what age did you have your first humiliation experience or realise that humiliation made you wet? 16

List of Humiliations

Being Controlled / Owned
Being ordered around
Being made to perform tasks
Being denied orgasm
Not being permitted to wear panties
Not being permitted to wear a bra

Being told what clothes to wear every day
Having to be naked in the house
Being told what you are allowed to eat
Being told when and where you can sleep
Having to eat off the floor
Having to crawl on all fours

Having to ask before you can go pee
Having to pee outside
Having to wear a collar to show that you're owned
Being tattooed to show you're owned
Having to answer any questions from your owner fully and honestly

Being Put on Display
Having to wear slutty and/or revealing clothes at home
Having to wear slutty and/or revealing clothes in public
Having to wear slutty and/or revealing clothes at work

Having to bare your tits, ass or cunt in a public place
Being made to dress in a costume for him (schoolgirl, maid, etc)
Being stripped naked in front of people your Owner invites round
Being made to masturbate in front of people your Owner invites round
Having pictures of you posted onto the web

Being put on display as a whore in a shop window

Being Treated as a Sex Object
Being casually groped by your Owner whenever s/he wants
Being groped in public by your Owner
Being groped in public by a complete stranger
Being treated as nothing but a set of holes
Being treated as nothing more than a pair of big tits
Being fucked as hard and as roughly as possible
Having to take it up your ass
Having to take it down your throat
Being slapped across your face with his hard cock
Being used as a cumbucket or cumrag

Being gang-banged
Being whored out
Being used as a party favour
Being used in a glory hole or adult theatre
Being raped

Being Verbally Degraded
Being talked to in a condescending manner
Being talked to in a rude and arrogant fashion
Being called dirty
Being called a slut
Being called a whore
Being called worthless
Being called stupid
Being called a cunt
Being called a bitch

Being called a pig
Being called a cow
Being talked about to others
Being talked about to others as if you're not there
Having any of the above names written on your body
Making you agree with and repeat back the names you are being called

Being Physically Hurt
Having your hair pulled
Having your face slapped
Having your tits slapped
Having your cunt slapped
Having your nipples pinched or clamped
Being bent over and having your ass spanked

Being Disciplined
Being castigated for doing something incorrectly
Being scolded like a naughty girl

Having to write lines
Having to stand in the corner
Being made to apologise for your behaviour
Having to bare your bottom, bend over and wait for your punishment
Having to count out each spank or stroke as it lands on your bottom

Having to stand in the corner with your red punished ass on display

Being Treated as Unimportant
Having your views mocked, belittled or ignored
Having your feelings mocked, belittled or ignored
Having your time deliberately wasted
Being ignored altogether
Treating your work or career as trivial or unimportant
Him reminding you of your feminist beliefs as he orders you around like a maid
Having your needs ignored in favour of your Owner's
Being told your only purpose in life is to serve your Owner

Having your Orgasm Controlled
Having to ask permission before you can cum
Being restricted to humping household objects as your only means of cumming
Being made to edge throughtout the day to keep your cunt wet and ready
Having to ask permission to touch your cunt
Being locked in a chastity belt
Being denied orgasm for days or weeks or months at a time
Only getting cock in your mouth or ass

Physical Constraints
Having your hands cuffed behind your back
Being kept in chains
Being gagged to stop you talking
Being gagged with an O-ring so your mouth and throat can be fucked
Being tied up naked with your legs spread so you can be used at will

Being kept locked up in a cage when you're not in use

Making you Do Demeaning and Disgusting Things
Being spat on
Making you piss yourself
Being pissed on or in
Having to swallow your Owner's piss

Having piss in or over your food
Having cum in or over your food
Having you go out in public with cum over your face
Having you spend the day with cum in your bra and panties
Being gagged with your used panties
Being fucked with a paper bag over your head
Being fucked with your used panties over your head
Being fucked with your head in the toilet
Making you lick the toilet seat clean
Making you hump the toilet
Having your Owner sit on your face
Having a toilet brush shoved up your cunt or asshole to clean it
Making you lick his/her shoes clean
Making you lovingly lick and kiss your Owners feet and toes
Being hosed down like an animal

Being made to lie in mud
Being made to spend the night in the barn

Controlling Other Relationships
Having your private life discussed with family, friends or work colleagues
Having intimate pictures of you shown to family, friends or work colleagues
Making you have sex with your friends or work colleagues
Making you help arrange sex for your Owner with family, friends or work colleagues
Giving him/her access to all your computer accounts - email, facebook, blogs

Generic Humiliation
Being laughed at
Being told by your owner what s/he intends doing to you next
Being told that making you feel mortified makes his cock hard
Having to beg him for something you need or want
Having to beg him _not_ to make you do something you don't want to do
Being humiliated to tears
Being encouraged to cry because it turns your Owner on
Having to thank you the person after they've hurt or used you
Having to say sorry to your Owner even when it's not your fault
Being taunted because your cunt gets wet when you are humiliated

I would love to expand some of these prompts into full-on fantasies, or stories. Maybe an idea for my first blog post? ☺️

With love,

[UPDATE] Here is a blog post with a few of these scenarios fleshed out!
Hi, Im Gently - female, 22 years old, bisexual and very new to kink! I will expose my slutty body ❤️

Id love your help in figuring out what I like, dislike, and feel that panty-dropping, reckless adoration for.

So far, Im a massive fan of being tied up, bodywriting, verbal humiliation, hypnosis, exhibitionism, and worshipping cock and pussy. I am also happy to share photographs and answer questions ☺️

Vote on my sexual mantra now, and get a reward 😘

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