Poor shampoo on your head, dance like a monkey, and make a siren nose.

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did it,funny one!! =D
SubmissiveScarlette posted September 6, 2013
plz someone be my dare master
zebgettingwedgies posted June 8, 2013
pm me to dare me ill do nealy anything ill send picks if you want
boblemon444 posted August 19, 2012
need a dare
isofriends69 posted February 23, 2011
i would liked to be dared i made a post go there if u want and post dares girls allways open for new things the post is called looking to be dared by girls username axman_3760
axman_3760 posted August 24, 2010
:( :d :O
daredevil16 posted April 2, 2010
Thats the best dare ever :P
Truth or Dare?
Truth or Dare? posted January 27, 2010
GRRRR! posted August 12, 2009
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