Pour baking flour all through your hair. Make sure to mix it in good.

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Hello Dear one. I am looking for a sub, slaves, sissies and abdl to have Me as your Mistress and served and pleased Me dear one.add Me on skype : goddesskortney.thopmsonyahoo : misskortney.thompson@yahoo***
GoddessChazzy posted December 12, 2013
Tok forever to get out
cutiepi posted October 2, 2013
I really want a nice young lady to help a young lad cum, anyone wanna help?
MisterMisterMister posted October 27, 2012
hi there....im here again looking for a slave/sub to serve and submit to Me...I want a devoted and obedient slave/sub who could earn My domination...im into real time as well as online roleplay..Im willing to train a novice,let them explore the lifestyle and expand their knowledge about submission...if you think you worth My domination just hit Me on yahoo.heres My yahoo id : alexgrey84@yahoo***
queenalex posted December 3, 2011
try it with custard hard to wash out though
gungegirl posted August 25, 2010
get dare
matthewwar23 posted August 1, 2010
nice one - lol
Big_Joe77 posted April 15, 2010
Wow, there is a party going on in this thread! :D
depp posted June 18, 2009
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