Kiss a person in the group on the lips. Little one, but let the girls choose who.

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anyone wanna edge with me ? theres this cool site or whatever kik me jobud24
roarkrage24 posted July 20, 2015
Hey guys, later I'm going to do this dice dare, and it's mainly about masturbations(go figure), but it says if I fail the last dare, I have to do one that you guys(or girls) suggest. >.<I'm kind of worried. xDJust to update you, I'll be on the floor, naked. The final dare I rolled is the cum 3 times before midnight(I'll be doing this later at night), and if I can't, I'll have to do the dare you suggest.
brandj posted June 13, 2015
girls made me kiss relative
prevst posted April 15, 2015
A hot girl :p
Bandy posted August 2, 2013
i got to kiss a cutie yay!!
bellacullen10 posted April 12, 2012
Am I a gay now?
johnson113 posted August 9, 2011
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