Think of five words that rhyme with your own name and them make them into a poem.

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Looking for Mistress; I'm 22 male. Kik - JaredDom21. (Switch.. hence dom)
helloimjared posted September 4, 2014
Kik masoon3 for 20 year old boy to play T or D with GIRLS ONLY
Masoon3 posted October 10, 2013
Boston... Shoot
dares4life36 posted July 12, 2013
lia shia nia fia ria the one i like is ria and lia
mia2028 posted October 13, 2012
puke nuke cruke fuke huke
luke69 posted October 1, 2011
I think that was good
webmaster posted August 19, 2011
Tori was roary to Coreybecaus ehe called her whorey to Lori. :pKinda lame but oh well.
ifreakingloveyou posted August 11, 2011
Not many rhym with my name Try saying this without mEssing up ---> Irish wrist watchIt's not easy
Slutkittycallie posted July 15, 2011
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