Have the strongest person in the group give you any kind of wedgie for how ever long in whatever underwear they wish. If you refuse then you get a group wedgie.

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I got a squeaky clean from every one in the group with a thong it burned but it was awesome then they pulled it so far up in the back that It won't come out and it feels good
christopher posted July 31, 2014
hi i love cbt ass no limits and more dare i try anything
williambond posted November 18, 2013
They did it... Then stuck my underpants to the coat peg. I can't move.
DafuqAmIDoing posted July 11, 2013
srry i already have a atomic so they gave me a front atomic
WedgieGod posted March 22, 2013
group it is
CycloneFox posted December 12, 2012
They made me have a dangling wedgie for like 2 hours.. but did I mentian that they put 7 ice cubes down there first..
RandomKDares posted December 2, 2012
hanging wedgie in my boxers, tied up for 2 hours D:
caremine310 posted August 18, 2012
atomic wedgie they riped so as punishment propeller wedgie 30 or so turns in a thong then hung by the pole from high up and they all grabbed on to my feet and pulled down and thong didnt rip again
wegie hater
wegie hater posted July 9, 2012
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