Challenge another player to a simple card game like poker (best of three hands). Loser gets a big wedgie from the winner.

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Lost they handcuffed hung me outside in the front garden in a thong and a bra and I was there for about 3 hours
zumzum posted April 23, 2015
I lost 3-0 and was made do a bra connection wedgie and not in thongs just in my panties it hurt so much as they pulled it tighter every minute I had to wear it for 3 hours until bedtime and then to sleep and I can't take it off until at midnight!!
SlaveLily posted July 28, 2013
Lost, so I was playing wit my gfriend and here it went,she handcuffed me put me in her thong she brought and hung me in my room and I had to win skyrim to get down and it ripped so they hung me by my shirt and a pair of my tyty whites
WedgieGod posted May 4, 2013
I lost and they gave me hanging wedgie outside and left me out there in the cold for 5 hours..
RandomKDares posted December 2, 2012
I lost!! they stripped me handcuffed me and tied my legs together. they tied me to the tree in the front garden, then removed my leg restraints and put a pair of underware on me and gave me a hanging wedgie on a branch of the tree
dyty posted July 18, 2012
anyone need a slave will do wegies and private
wegie hater
wegie hater posted June 27, 2012
i lost so they gave me a hanging wedgie from a tree in the garden but it was pouring of rain!
Daredevil5790 posted April 7, 2012
I lost so i had to be naked for 3 hrs. My friends put me in the back seat of a car and drove to micky ds! It was soo embarassing! They left the doors unlocked and the windows cracked! But thank god the windows were tinted!
soccerchick69 posted April 4, 2012
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