Have a random player pour ice water over your head. Mind the falling ice chunks!

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Kik:humiliationboy posted June 22, 2015
So THIS is where the ice bucket challenge came from
sharknight posted April 14, 2015
sounds like a fun challlenge :D
Kyuna posted August 30, 2013
hard mode:get a tub full of ice and pour ICE inside yuor pants back and front then put it inside your shirts . make sure you make your hair freze
mia2028 posted October 3, 2012
i got a bucket of ice water and later that night i woke up to ice water in my underwear
chasewd posted May 1, 2012
So cold they pored half on my head and half down my pants
slavdiapergirl posted January 3, 2012
its rely cold
Oiga485 posted March 24, 2011
wouldnt ice cold water be better
trumpet posted August 30, 2009
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