strip down to ur underwear (or bra and underwear) and run up and down the streets 5 times screaming, "IM BRINGING SEXY BACK!"

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I'm a guy and I want cross dressing anal dares. Would love to find a mistress. Limits are poop blood public.
bullet61992 posted August 20, 2016
I need a sexy gay boy slave;) whos willing to surrender? Kik: guyguyguy93
Guyguyguy93 posted July 7, 2016
pm me dares please
monday45 posted June 26, 2016
anyone else into the whole buddy/"bromance" thing like jobuds etc. that stuff is fuckin sexy to me especially when youre both chill confident etc. anyone else know what im talkin bout ?? hahaalways lookin for kik buds to talk to bout all the shit we love and do and shit lockerroom talk shit like that hmu i usually respond fast and am 100 judge free lol kik me jobud24
roarkrage24 posted August 9, 2015
Not sure the neighbours appreciated my bulging Unicos!
TightThongSlutUK posted June 25, 2014
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