The person to your left gets to draw a tattoo on your forearm that says I heart ____________. They get to fill in the blank.

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"I heart nobody"
M1I1D1 posted April 6, 2016
"I heart Jeremy," And i punched her after that because I had a crush on him and if he sees it...
CyanDiamond951 posted November 8, 2015
I love big titties. Awesome -.-
UseMyPussy posted November 24, 2014
"I heart big toys"
DLdapper posted July 2, 2014
They wrote "I love anal..."
TheAwesomeBisexual posted November 22, 2013
They wrote "I heart dicks"........ I slapped her when she finished
missashley posted September 26, 2013
sucking cock they wrote on it
BIGTENCountry12 posted June 2, 2013
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