Smash an egg on your head.

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If anybody's looking for a male slave pm me
Dare4mee posted January 12, 2016
are water is off and iv got blond silk hair so im not going to do it
bellacullen10 posted April 7, 2012
Someone wanna watch on cam while i do it? I could do even more worst naughty things
desejo posted March 7, 2012
If any girls are interested in having a dare slave let me know I mostly like wedgie dares
webmaster posted August 16, 2011
kinda fun
dy8i8 posted July 14, 2011
hmmm suppose to be good for yer hair
grinegade posted July 8, 2011
instened they put 3 in my pants an cracked them.
cowgirl427 posted June 15, 2011
east LOL =D
luckystar posted August 28, 2010
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