Walk up to a random person whose not playing, and ask them if they'll do your makeup. Keep asking different people until one says yes. When they say yes, let them.

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Pm I will be your wedgie slave and if I say no I will do anything you tell me to do
Guest453 posted July 7, 2015
I am looking for a online mistress to dominate me on skype.Are you interested?- I will only cum when you tell me, meaning if you feel that i don't deserve to cum in a week for example, i will respect it as your slave and i will not cum in a week. I also like ballbusting and cock torture. I will do almost anything you will tell me to, and i deserve to be punished if i disobey. note: my english is not perfect, but i do understand well, and i think my english is understandable.If you are interested add me on skypeskype name: nix93)
nixnix671 posted June 17, 2014
Looking for my first edging dare. Can anyone help me?
ausgymnast posted August 25, 2013
who wants to chat?
DoWhatEyeSay posted August 12, 2013
Hi everyone(;
bigdickbanditt22 posted April 26, 2013
hey... any bay/man here interested to skype with a now really horny german master?
dein_meister posted March 3, 2013
Need a master pm me
wegie hater
wegie hater posted December 14, 2012
very horny male here willing to be your slave. You can tie me up, dress me up, whip me if you what, whatever
coolguy1444 posted July 25, 2012
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