give yourself an atomic wedgie, and without undoing it, give someone else an atomic wedgie, and both people must keep it for five minutes

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Anyone playing
Coolman1212 posted May 17, 2016
How do you give urself an atomic, seems hard
Wedgiegirl4 posted September 6, 2015
Done but it kinda looks like a thong tho :/
Britjib posted April 6, 2015
loved this
ticklishtoy posted March 24, 2015
looking for kik mistress to control me. few limits. kik: sizedyrow
Sizedyrow posted June 20, 2014
It was only me so did regular atomic and front atomicand pantsed myself
zachar posted December 9, 2013
Me and my bud jama
WedgieGod posted March 22, 2013
This was awesome and painful
Thethirdeye posted June 29, 2012
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