Have a random player hold a small piece of candy in their mouth. The person dared must remove it using only their mouth.

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Well, it was fine because it was with my boyfriend so. We just kinda started making out after that for 20 mins
Unicorns87 posted December 29, 2015
online female sub looking for dom male or female is fine to give me dares contact me here (ps must be ok with underage i'll tell you how old if you contact me! ;) )
horny.babe posted August 17, 2015
Hey masters or daddy's. This little one is looking to be kidnapped and used how ever masters wants. I'm not talking about online, I want this in real life. I don't want to have to work, I want to be locked away when not in use. Milk me like a hucow, dress me like a latex doll, leave me in a tight latex bag with a vibrater. Tie me up, hang me, use and abuse me. I don't want a life outside of being daddy's little slave. Or masters little slut.
Naughtyslave20 posted April 24, 2015
I'm a girl and my mates still made me do that instead of her mouth she used her vagina -.-
LittleNinja posted October 22, 2012
shame im alone
linda.green7777 posted August 21, 2012
What candy :P
SuicideCode posted September 24, 2011
ha! Yummy candy that was.... mmm...
werewolf_nom posted February 15, 2011
my friend's ver. is better...it's like a free dinner. XD
Xia posted January 4, 2011
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