Kiss someone of the same gender for 35 seconds (on the lips)

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I had to make out with my sister for 2 mins..
RandomKDares posted December 2, 2012
we did it for i minute
mia2028 posted October 13, 2012
ok i've done this for such a long time the kissing is easy but, im confused which kind of lips ;)
emovampirewilliam posted March 27, 2012
lol i had to kiss my best friend
sexychick231 posted January 21, 2012
30 seconds is nothing ill go for ages
Temtation posted November 27, 2011
i kissed myself lol
z2168 posted October 3, 2011
my friend was here, so we kissed,
cutebutt posted July 21, 2011
mmuuach...ummm... only my sister here.. so kissed
stacyz69 posted October 3, 2010
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