The group choose one person they take off there socks,tights,stockings, what ever there wearing and put them in your mouth till your next turn.

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my friend put her piss filled pantys in my mouth for five minutes
MistyGirl808 posted April 6, 2015
The girl took her sock of then gave me a hand job causing me to fill her sock. Thenit got stuffed in my mouth. I sucked it clean before giving it back.
rhl posted October 29, 2013
Had to put this ugly girls thong in my mouth instead it smelt like shit so I threw up
codybanks posted September 3, 2013
I would go for it as a dare ! i'll leave vomiting for laters lol i hope i will be drunk while i am doing this o.o !
BreakingFree posted January 13, 2013
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