Christmas Dares
Kiss and lick a beer bottle as though you are giving a blowjob. Its funny watching the guys doing this.
Girls: Kiss the first guy you see with a moustache. Guys: Kiss the first girl you see nail varnish on. No matter how fat, ugly or how bad their breath smells... just do it!
If any Christmas songs get played take an item of clothing off.
Go around asking people for condoms until you get one. Once you get it blow it up and lick it (yes you will feel silly and the person who gave you it will probably run away!)
Guys: Ask five women their bra size. Girls: Ask five guys their size of their cock. Try to make these people strangers.
Lick the table/bar surface. It might be nice it might taste gross. Let us know how it goes!
Try and get 3 people to spank you. If you succeed post here! (with pics if possible)
Get on the floor and fake an orgasm in front of everybody. Try not to burst out laughing and let us know how it goes.
Lick the entire rim of 5 people's drinks glasses. Let's hope they don't throw the drink over you.
At 12:01 strip down to your underwear and dance the rest of the night away.
Get everyone to remove their underwear without taking off their outer clothing.

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