Classic Dares

"It is only the great men who are truly obscene. If they had not dared to be obscene, they could never have dared to be great." -Havelock Ellis

Lick the floor
Do the macarena
Do a cartwheel
Do a handstand
Sing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" with actions
Wear your underwear on your head
Make on obscene phone call
Take a shot of ketchup
Take a shot of syrup
Burp the alphabet
Burp your name
Do a stupid human trick
Dance like a ballerina
Bark like a dog
Hop around the room
Moonwalk across the room
Break dance
Do the robot dance
Sing a song
Wear all your clothes inside out
Wear all your clothes in reverse order
Snort a line of sugar
Snort like a pig
Wear a toilet paper turban
Make a toilet paper tube top and wear it
Wet your pants
Eat a packet of ketchup
Lick the bottom of your own foot.
Wear your hair in a ponytail on the very top of your head (so it looks kind of like a palm tree), or spike your hair straight up.
Call your crush and tell his/her mom that you like her son/daughter
Give your best snort.
Blow in somebody's ear
Blow a raspberry on the back of someone's neck
Eat a piece of dog or cat food
Run down the street singing, "What's My Age Again?"
Put on someone else's bra
Attempt to stand on your head.
Try to itch your armpit with your big toe
Call a guy/girl (who's a classmate) and ask for him/her. Then just make groaning noises and your "sexy" voice.
Kiss a stuffed animal like it is your crush.
Spread peanut butter on a banana and lick it off.
Kiss someone on the cheek
Run around the block in a dressing gown/ bathrobe.
Dance funny
Get two slices of bread, take them and put them down the back of your underwear with one stuck to each butt cheek. Then pull panties and pants back up leaving it inside. Sit with it in and leave it in for 10 minutes. (Bonus Points - Put peanut butter on the bread first. - Girls also do it in your bra cups.)
Masturbate right now no matter where you are or who is around.
Pick your nose and eat it
Go to the bathroom farthest away from your room. Strip down and use nothing to cover up, then try to make it back to your room with your hands to the side. If there are people home it will make it more fun, when you get to our room stay naked for at least an hour, and then try to sneek back to the bathroom and get your clothes.
Dance with a mop or broom
Tell a stranger what the worst CD in your music collection is
Exercise outside, wearing next to nothing, in freezing weather.
Masturbate to the most turning-on web page you know.
Go to a gym and work out with something in your pussy (girls) or ass (guys or girls).
FOR GUYS: Have a friend (girl) come round. Get them to go topless and feel their boobs.
Roll a dice. Each dot stands for one day. You cannot have an orgasm for that time.
A little harder, abstain from any contact with the opposite sex (that you might be interested in physically).
Where ever you are - go to a toilet and take off your undies and spend the rest of the day without.
Have someone wrap you in duct tape from the neck down
Show a friend of the opposite sex some of your favorite porn and explain why you like it.
See how many times you can masturbate to the point of cumming in one day. That means different times cummin. You can do two or more in a row but just make sure they're different sets of cum.
Take any object- lamp, pencil, etc.- French kiss it passionately.
Even more, do it in your underwear or naked.
More - hump it.
Go into the guys bathroom and take a crap in the urinals.
Give yourself a wedgie as high as it can go, then put your arms through the leg holes and make it come up to your shoulders like a shirt. Walk around with nothing on except your underwear, and you've gotta keep your arms through the holes. Try to stay like this for at least 2 hours.
Draw a face on your ass
Eat a live squid
Eat a spoon of dog food
Smear peanut butter in your hair and face
Draw a bunny on your face with only lipstick. Don't look in the mirror.
Hump a pillow for 5 minutes
Draw a picture of the person and try to sell it to someone.
Do a striptease.
Show how you would flirt with someone.
Demonstrate what you sound like when you cum for at least 30 seconds.
Demonstrate how you masturbate.
Do a face like you were angry.
Share something that makes you laugh.
Suck your thumb and cry like a baby.
Do 5 pushups.
Do a death scene.
Skip backwards around the group while singing.
Hop around like a rabbit.
Sing a nursery rhyme.
Make a funny face.
Lick the food of your choice off the back of someone’s neck.
Say the words “ in bed” after everything you say for the next 5 min.
Wish a parent “Happy bellybutton appreciation day”
Give the player to the left of you a piggy back ride.
Have someone to call a random person in the phone book and pretend to be there GF/BF.
Sing the national anthem outside while spinning in circles wile holding a glass of hot tea.
Poor shampoo on your head, dance like a monkey and make a siren nose.
Kiss a boy or girl besides your BF/GF.
Put an ice cube down your shirt.
Bite your big toe.
Change the national anthem and sing it.
Brush someone else’s teeth.
Join a chat room private message 5 people saying 'I WANT YOUR BABIES' and post their replies in the comments section.
Post yourself on Hot Or Not and show us your page so we can rate you
Sell your used socks on Ebay and post the link here so we can see.
Write 'Dare' on your forehead, take a photo and mail the pic to us for Dare or Not
Take the Date test and post your results in the comments.
Submit a photo to Drunk Idol and show us your entry.
Open an art program and attempt to draw a self portrait.
Start one of those annoying emails that get forwarded to everyone (you know the kind..send this to 1500,000 people before midnight and your dream will come true!).
Post 1 truth and 1 dare that you wouldn't do yourself in an online forum.
Join Alt.Com send 3 erotic emails to three different people and post the replies here.
Post an image of your self on 3 amateur web sites. List the web sites here or if you're feeling really daring post the link to your pic!
If straight join a gay/les chat room get chatting to a member and send them a picture of you naked. Post the chat log here.
Invite strangers into a yahoo/msn web cam chat room (at least 5). Shave your pubic hair live on cam.
Set up an auction to sell yourself as a web cam slave for a day. Sell yourself to the highest bidder and be their web cam slave.
Find an email address from someone in your town/city. Email a nude/semi-nude pic to them telling them your name and that you're from the same town as them. Let us know of any responses!!
Write out a dirty fantasy you would never actually do in real life
Buy some used boxers or panties from a cam site and post a picture of yourself wearing or sniffing them!
Send the Goatse pic or something worse to your boss (or grandma!)
Join a chat room and attempt to cyber-perfrom oral the next person who enters.
Guys - Go commando
Girls - Wear no panties and a short skirt
Convince someone to take off their shirt, or take off yours (opposite sex)
Go skinny dipping (If it's winter, try to "lose" your suit in an indoor pool)
Cover your body in whipped cream
Ask your parents (or someone else) to take your rectal temperature.
Shower in the other sex' locker room
Roll a dice. Stick that number of ice cubes in your ass.
Explain to someone of the opposite sex that you want to play "Dr." with them. Offer to be their patient and let your imaginations run wild.
Pinch the butt of a random person on the street
Try to pick your nose with your big toe and then wipe it on someone
Call a radio station and sing a song to the d.j., pretending like you are trying to become a singer
Try to itch your armpit with your big toe
Go next door and ask if they've seen your lost bra or condom
Make sounds like a chicken for 30 seconds
Yell three times, "I'm cwaaaazy. Cwazy ‘cause I'm Woooooonwy!" like Elmer Fudd. 
Do your best famous person impression or famous character impression. 
Do the hand jive for everyone. 
Pretend like you're the sound person who is being dubbed for a noisy kissing scene.
Do a hula dance. 
Do your best "Yeeehaaaw!" and pretend like you're throwing your cowboy hat in the air. 
Pretend like you're in a Toyota commercial. Sing, "I love what you do for me, TOYOTA!" and jump into the air. 
Tell us your best joke. 
Sing a Bee Gees song in front of people.
Do 3 consecutive cartwheels.
Guys: Go down in a split as far as you can!
Beach Dare:
Push the crotch of your bathing suit to the side and:
Flash somebody
Pee at somebody
Lean over and flash your breasts
Walk around the neighborhood wearing a sign which says "I am a dork." Do not tell anyone why you are wearing it.
Shave off your eyebrows.
Dip your hands in the toilet.
Girls: Perform a strip show on your front porch.
Snort like a pig (or yourself) for thirty seconds!
Ask your parents if it is okay to spend tomorrow doing chores and cleaning.
Ask your mom or dad if (s)he believes in aliens, if so ask "are you an alien?"
Go in a room and whackoff with one person of the opposite sex watching.
Take a shit in the middle of the floor.
Eat a dog or cat biscuit
Make a classic prank phone call (ex. Is your fridge running? Than you'd better go catch it!)
Write one of those famous "Secret Admirer" notes and send it to someone whom you would least likely send one to.
Take one bite of a peeled raw potato!
Run around the yard acting like a horse.
In public, or in your car where there are others watching (traffic light, parked at a convenience store, etc.) play opera music really, really loud and head bang.
Girls: Get a hot dog and pretend it's a dildo.
Wear undies of the opposite sex on your head.
Wear a paper bag on your head with a stupid face drawn on it.
Put a piece of ice down your shirt and dance until it shakes out.
The dare is to go into the bathroom, take off your clothes so you're topless, find some make-up and draw a smiley face using your nipples as eyes, your belly button as your nose and draw a mouth below your waist. (Works for guys and girls)
Lick a toilet seat.
Put pepper on your tongue and swallow.
Guys (and girls): Go swimming in a small bikini
Remove an article of clothing
Do a striptease to your underwear
Flash your top
Go topless for the rest of the game
Take off your pants & underwear for 30 seconds.
Moon somebody, anybody.
Strip in front of window with lights on (late at night).
Get someone to pull off some of your clothing so you are flashing; make it look like it´s a surprise.
Go somewhere discreet but public, get naked, close your eyes and whatever happens, keep them closed! How long dare you go?
Flash a friend; make it look like an accident.
Drop your pants in front of one of your peers of the opposite sex.
Run around the house at night naked by yourself.
Go into a public bathroom, strip down to your underwear and stand still for 10 minutes.
Spend a day with no underwear and tight clothing.
Walk around with your fly undone all day.
Go all day with your zipper down. Do the things you would normally do. Go to the mall or somewhere with a lot of people. Go grocery shopping. Whatever. Leave your zipper down. For the more daring, don't wear underwear. When someone mentions that your zipper is open, say "thank you" and zip up, but when they leave, zip down again.
Get someone to tie you down so you can't move. Have them melt ice cubes all over your [naked] body. [or underwear]
Let your friends hold a towel or blanket around you while you undress.
Flash or moon someone
Sign up for one of those cardio striptease or art of striptease classes, and get down to just a g-string.
Gather at least 5 kids younger than you and strip for them
Secretly team up with a friend to pants (i.e. pull their pants down) each other at school. To make it look realistic get real angry at them when it happens and maybe get them back!. This way u get pantsed in front of heaps of the opposite sex and maybe with no underwear!
Ok this works better with a girl but guys could definitely do it. Get you and 2 other friends together and go in the car to anywhere. Then when you see a young pedestrian, stick your self out of the car and ask if they have ever seen a girl/guy naked. no matter their answer flash them then if you have that third person get them to pull down your pants and feel you up as the driver goes away slowly.
Find a day or weekend or something when your parents won't be home, so you'll have time to yourself. As soon as they leave or when you wake up, try to spend the day naked.
- Extra Credit - Try to masturbate at least once an hour - *with something in the house that you probably wouldn't think of masturbating with.* Try it with different things like (Girls) the TV remote, pens, jewelry, etc. (Guys) cups, bananas, a couch, etc.
Wear a skirt (guys-pants/shorts) with nothing under. Every time you sit down, make sure that you sit on your bare butt. (guys-pull pants down a little). Doing this only at home would be boring. So i dare you to so at least at five different places!
Either do jumping jacks in your underwear, or do jumping jacks nude.
Get naked from the waist down or completely naked (If your daring enough) And 'fall out' of the changing room.
Run round the backyard in your underwear screaming "WHERE IS MR. BOBO? WHERE IS MR. BOBO?"
Make a swimsuit out of toilet paper for your naked body, use band-aids for your nipples.
Dance naked on a table with a lamp shade on you head for the duration of the chosen song.
Moon outside
Get naked in the bathroom of the opposite sex and stay there for a few minutes
Ask your crush out.
Have a conversation with the chair and pretend the chair talks back.
Go next door and ask if you can borrow an ice cube.
Do the can-can
Wear your underwear on the outside of your clothing
Get a small towel that is not too big. In front of a non-romantic friend of the opposite sex, remove all your clothing, using just the hand towel to preserve your modesty. Drop your clothing in front of you. When you're naked, you friend can leave the room so that you can get dressed again.
Take several shots of Sprite.
Do the chicken dance
Call up a friend of the opposite sex and ask him/her if (s)he would like to hear a bedtime story. If (s)he says yes, tell them one!
Think of five words that rhyme with your own name and them make them into a poem
Keep an ice cube down your pants till it melts
Try to put your feet behind your head
Go to a public place, where many many people are. Perhaps a mall or an outdoor terrace, somewhere where you can be easily seen. As you're walking, suddenly stop and break into song. Sing LOUDLY so that everyone around can hear you well. Don't scream, just make it sound deliberate, even practiced. Maybe do choreography or dance. Encourage others to join in on this impromptu performance. When you decide to stop, stop and just continue walking as though nothing had happened.
Call your local McDonalds, saying this: "Hi this is Ronald Mcdonald. I'd like to come in for an inspection this evening." Make sure to dial *67 so your call will be blocked!
Tie yourself to a tree for 3 hours
Try to drink a gallon of milk.
Eat a ¼ cube of butter.
Choose any player and show them any area of your body in another room.
Stick your hand in the toilet for 5 seconds.
Do 25 push ups
Do 50 sit ups
Walk up to your mom and french kiss her while grabbing her tits and ass.
Masturbate in the shower, but don't use your hands, use warm water.
Try to reach inside a friend's pants/underwear without him/her noticing. Reach in, leave your hand there as long as you dare to, and try go get it back out without him/her noticing. Best done to someone with rather loose pants. You might also want to wait until he/she is very distracted.
Suck on the toes of a player of the opposite sex for the next minute.
Trade all your clothes with a player of the opposite sex
You're a slave now, you can not choose your own master. The group will!
Have a player go outside and walk through dirt the when they come back you must suck their foot clean!
Take off your shoes but not your socks.
Now go stick your sock-covered foot in the toilet until your toes are in the hole. You must remain like this while the toilet is flushed. When finshed, put your shoe back on and enjoy the squishyness!
Victim must be blindfolded, bound, stripped down to underwear and brought to isolated room. One by one all players of opposite sex leave personal messages on victim's body with a sharpy. All the messages must be wrote in an area normally covered with clothes.
Any player who wants to do so may rub their feet on your face 30 seconds.
If you are a girl you have to kiss another person of the same sex. Same if you are a boy.
Lick the bellybutton of the player to your left
Give an intimate back rub or body massage to a player of the SAME SEX
Moon the players
Randomly select another player to COVER your face with lip gloss. The gloss should be clear, not colored like lipstick. Leave the gloss on your pretty, shiny face for three rounds... then just TRY and get it off. If no lip gloss is available, you really lucked out.
Select any other person in the group and get a marker. Go into a private room, drop your shorts and let the person write whatever they want on your butt.
When finished, return to the group and show them BUT you cannot see what was written until the game is over. No one can tell you, either, or they must do this dare.
You and a player of the opposite sex must take off your shirts, now you must share one of the shirts. each of your arms must go through the arm holes and the shirts must be "on" not half on but on!
If any other player has tan lines, they must expose one of their choice and you must trace it with your tongue.
The group will now tie you up and do what they want to you in under 10 minutes.
A player of the SAME sex may rub their feet in your face and just torture you for 5 minutes.
If the first letter of your name is a f k, m, s, or z then then you must do three more dares.

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