Classic Dares

"Girls are always running through my mind. They don't dare walk." -Andy Gibb

Re-Dressing RPG

Get a bunch of friends, 4-10 best if mixed company. get a bunch of various clothes, bra's thongs, underwear, shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, etc...go wild. Everyone gets naked and sits in a circle around the pile of clothes. One person is game master, they don't have to get naked but they don't get to play. Each player and the game master gets 10 dice. Every article of clothing has a set value (see below). Now for those of you who haven't played an RPG before, I'll explain how the dice work...A typical dice code would be something like 6D+2, there's the number of dice, 6D, and the pip number, +2, for this code you'd roll 6 dice and add 2 to the total, the highest the pip number can go is +3, so adding or subtracting pip numbers would be like this: 5D+2, 5D+3, 6D, 6D+1, 6D+2. Got it? Good, now here's how the game works...At the start of each round, the game master picks an article of clothing. Each article of clothing has a set value...


  • Bra: 1D+3
  • Thong/G-String: 1D+1
  • Briefs (men's or women's): 2D
  • Boxers: 2D+2
  • Undershirt: 2D+2
  • Men's Tank Top: 2D+3
  • Women's Tank Top (Tube top or Tank Top):2D+2
  • Short Sleeve shirt: 3D
  • Long sleeve shirt: 3D+2
  • Women's Shorts (below mid calf): 3D
  • Women's Shorts (above mid calf): 2D
  • Men's Shorts: 3D
  • Women's Long Pants (khakis, Jeans, etc.): 4D
  • Men's Long Pants (khakis, Jeans, etc.): 4D
  • Women's Light Jacket (sweaters included): 5D
  • Men's Light Jacket (sweaters included): 5D
  • Women's Heavy Jacket: 9D
  • Men's Heavy Jacket: 9D

The Details

The Object of the game is to be fully clothed, you do that by rolling for the articles of clothing...after the game master has picked the article, he rolls the die code. Now anyone who wants to wear that article of clothing rolls the die code with their modifications (see below), highest roll gets that piece of clothing, if they beat the game masters roll. If no one beats the game masters roll, he or she can put the article back and pick another one or have the people roll again. First one fully clothed wins.


  • For each article of clothing you are wearing, subtract +2 from their roll
  • For a man rolling for a article of women's clothing, add 1D to their roll

Dice Dare

This might not cause exciting replies, but you may enjoy the thrill of doing it. It's designed for people who would normally not even consider public nudity, and depending on the outcome of this, may not have to.
You may wear shoes and socks, a thin white T-shirt (with bra for girls), pants or panties and trousers.


  • 1-2 Keep shoes and socks on
  • 3-4 Wear only socks
  • 5-6 Take shoes and socks off

Girls Tops

  • 1 Keep your T-shirt and bra on
  • 2 Wear only your shirt
  • 3 Wear only your shirt, but make it wet first
  • 4 Wear only your bra, but you must adjust it so that your nipples are on show
  • 5 Remove t shirt and bra, and wear nipple clamps, or add one to total of "bottoms"
  • 6 Remove T-shirt and bra

Guys Tops

  • 1-2 Leave shirt on
  • 3-4 Wear no shirt
  • 5-6 No shirt, either wear nipple clamps or choose to add one to the score on the bottoms


  • 1 Keep your trousers and underwear on
  • 2 Wear only your trousers
  • 3 Wear only your underwear
  • 4 Take off your trousers and underwear, but you may use your hands to cover yourself
  • 5 Roll again. If even you may do as in 4. If odd, do as in 6
  • 6 Take off your trousers and underwear

What you HAVE to do

These exact choices are not mandatory, you may substitute one for something else, before you roll, not after.

  1. Go to the mailbox, and pretend to check for mail.
  2. Find somewhere with a concrete walkway. Like the sidewalk or your driveway and lay face down eyes shut for a minute. Every time you open your eyes, add 30 seconds.
  3. Go into the street and do 60 jumping jacks.
  4. Stand in the open with something in your pussy/put your dick through something (like a fence) for a minute (If still wearing pants, roll again.)
  5. Go outside and masturbate until you orgasm (can be as public a place as you dare)
  6. Sit on your porch and read 2 chapters of a book, do not look up until you are done.

Super Dice Dare


  • 1-2 Shoes only
  • 3-4 Socks Only
  • 5-6 Nothing

Girls Tops

  • 1 Take your bra off but leave your shirt on
  • 2 Wear only your bra
  • 3 Take your bra off but leave your shirt on. Oh, and make sure it's wet and see through (it has to be white) by placing it in a sink full of water before putting it on
  • 4 Wear your shirt, but pull it up, undo buttons and tie it if it has buttons (if not, just make sure it doesn't fall), high enough so that your nipples are on display
  • 5 No top today! (sorry)
  • 6 As above, but you're allowed (have) to wear golden syrup or honey on your breasts

Guys Tops

  • 1-2 Keep your shirt on
  • 3-4 Take your shirt off
  • 5-6 Take your shirt off, add a clothes pin to each nipple, or add an extra one to bottoms

Girls Bottoms

  • 1 Wear trousers and underwear
  • 2 Wear only trousers
  • 3 Wear the shortest skirt you have (mini skirt) and underwear
  • 4 Wear the shortest skirt you have (mini skirt) without underwear. Pull it up until it almost reveals your pussy.
  • 5 Wear only panties
  • 6 Guess what, you don't have to get naked this time! You get to wear panties, but they must be round your ankles.

Guys Bottoms

  • 1 Wear trousers and underwear
  • 2 Wear only trousers
  • 3 Wear only underwear
  • 4 Wear only underwear. Pull it down till it almost reveals your dick
  • 5 Wear only trousers, open fly and slip your dick through
  • 6 Guys don't have to get naked either, you get to wear boxers, but they must be round your ankles.

Dares (Compulsory)

  • EASY: Go outside your house for 30 seconds. Then run around the house or stand there for another 15 seconds.
  • MEDIUM: Go outside your house for 45 seconds. Then run around the house or stand there for another 15 seconds.
  • HARD: Put a blindfold on, stand outside your house for 30 seconds. Remove the blindfold to look where you are, then place it again to walk round your house (or stay there for another 45 seconds).

Dares (For extra credit)

  • HARD: Go back outside in the clothes you selected above with a jug of water, place it above your head and pour. Stand for 15 seconds.
  • EXPERT (you HAVE to get naked): Go back outside with a bucket of water and be in all of your clothes, remove your clothes one by one and place it into the bucket, go inside for 2 minutes, then come back and place them back on.

D-D-Dice D-D-Dare


  1. Remove one item of clothing
  2. Remove two items of clothing
  3. Remove three items of clothing
  4. Remove 4 items of clothing
  5. Remove 5 items of clothing
  6. Keep all clothing


  1. Hump something in your house
  2. Roll around in front lawn
  3. Do 30 star jumps on front doorstep
  4. Play a sport in the street, or shoot some basketball hoops
  5. Find a railing and sit on it with it going between your crotch area and slide up and down it
  6. Stick something in your pussy, or stick your dick in something (but don't get it stuck) that is outside in open view, if you wearing pants do number 2/3

Dice Dare from HELL

Play this game with a friend of opposite sex

  1. You MUST switch clothing (including undergarments) with your "friend"
  2. Take a pen/pencil or some other type of stick, and shove it up you buttocks-- keep it there!
  3. Have other person tie you to a bed/chair or other such things- nude
  4. Go outside nude- if your tied up, you may be untied
  5. Loose turn -HA HA (or perhaps its a good thing)
  6. Have sex with your "friend"

Kids Dice Dare

  1. You must go about for the rest of the game naked
  2. You need to go outside completely naked and stay there for 5 minutes
  3. Bad! Spank yourself on the ass 10 times!
  4. Torture! Masturbate until you just about reach an orgasm, but don't have one yet!
  5. You need to use an object (Showerhead, vibrator whatever) next time you roll a five or a 4. Don't have an orgasm yet though!
  6. Your done! Write about it now!

Softcore Dice Dare

  1. Roll again (roll 1 twice = skip turn)
  2. Shave pubic hair (if any) and then remain nude in front of everyone for 1 turn
  3. Do 10 push-ups or sit ups.
  4. Do 10 pushups or sit ups [Girls: Wearing only bra and panties] [Guys: Wearing a speedo or a thong]
  5. For the rest of the game, [Girls: Wear bra and panties] [Guys: Wear speedo or thong]
  6. Walk around the block wearing [Girls: Bra and panties only] [Guys: Speedo or thong only] (shoes are optional)

Internet Truth or Dare

Everybody has to post a picture of themselves online wearing 4 items of clothing. I ask a question, the one who gets the answer right fastest gets to choose which player has to post a picture of themselves wearing only 3 items of clothing. The winner then asks the next question and the person who answers that one chooses who next has to remove an item of clothing. Obviously the loser is the one who ends up having to post the naked pics (just don't post them on getDare!).

Heads or Tails?

This needs a group of people. The subject needs to be wearing only five items of clothing. Subject has hands tied behind their back, and to an immovable object (eg, back of a chair someone's sitting on), so that they are standing. Once this is done, it's too late for the subject to back out, no matter what the protests. Do heads or tails with a coin five times. Each time the coin comes down heads, the subject looses another item of clothing (panties/underpants always come last, bra next to last). Note that it is usually not possible to remove the shirt and/or bra entirely, but they can be removed for all practical purposes. If the subject resists, he/she can be tickled to ensure compliance.

In-House Dice Dare


  1. Nothing
  2. Just underwear
  3. Just bra (guys = just shirt)
  4. Nothing
  5. All your clothes
  6. Only socks


Next roll to see how long your going to have to stay like this... times it by 20 and stay like that for as long as it is.. ex. 3x20=60 seconds (Daring-minutes) the way you are dressed. Now for the daring do all of the dares below...

  • Do 30 jumping jacks
  • Do 10 sit ups
  • Walk around the house touching one wall in every room
  • Hump something
  • French kiss the wall or an object

Flower Watering

Got flowers? go out in shorts(not waterproof, cotton or something that can be soaked) and a T-shirt and, hmmm, black panties. water the flowers and oops, you got all wet, wet T-shirt and wet shorts.

  • Mandatory: Get shirt wet (see-through), take off wet shorts, continue to water flowers for a few minutes.
  • Daring: take off shirt before turning off hose, take off wet panties before going inside.
  • More Daring: wear no panties, take off shirt and shorts once they are wet.
  • Extreme: Do it all naked.

Party Time

  • Get a bunch of your best friends together. Vote on someone of the opposite sex that you think is sexy and invite them over. (Person A)
  • Blindfold Person A and put Person A in a dark room on a chair.
  • One of your friends (Person B) goes into the room, shuts the door and does whatever they want to Person A. Person A can only sit there.
  • After 1 minute someone knocks on the door. Open the door remove the blindfold and see if Person A can guess who Person B was.
  • If Person A guesses right, Person B has to strip naked in front of Person A and stay that way till the game is done.
  • If Person A guesses wrong, Person A has to remove an article of clothing.
  • Let Person A keep guessing until either you are all naked or Person A is naked.
  • If you all end up naked, you must all masturbate in front of Person A until you all cum.
  • If that Person A is naked, Person A must do whatever you want them to.

2 Player Actions Game

Choose a person to go first(A) and a person to go second(B). B uses anything he/she can find to put A in any position that doesn't require braking or spraining anything. Person A has to stay in that position for a minute while person B can do anything besides touch A's bare skin with his. This can be dumping snow on them, Putting something down their shirt, or even running away and telling someone outside the game to come and look. If person A does not last the minute, he/she must do a gross penalty dare, like filling your underwear with gooey stuff, or rubbing yourself in oil. Really the dare can be anything with-in the stated rules which are determined at the beginning of the game. Then the A and B switch. Now person a CANNOT put person B in the exact same position or do the exact same thing to them. for example,if B dumped snow on A, A cannot dump snow on B. but instead could put snow in B's pants. IT IS THAT SIMPLE!!!

Balloon Dare

First, you buy enough balloons so everyone at the party can have one. Then, you write different dares on little pieces of paper, one for every balloon. Then, fold up the paper so its really tiny and put them in the balloons. Set the up as decorations, and tell everyone to pull them down and pop them. This could get a little noisy. They all have to do the dare that is written on the piece of paper.

Almost a Woman...

For guys, you should wear bra panties, stockings, corset or whatever for the day underneath clothes that are womens but could be passable as mens, ie tight womens jeans and a jacket or something so u r wearing womens underwear and womens outerwear that r obviously womens but you would only notice they were womens if u looked really hard, aswell as this u should wear a little make up like a little mascara, lip gloss, foundation and a see through nail polish so that again u r noticably wearing make up but only if u really looked-basically just at a glance u would look like a normal guy, then you should wear womens trainers or shoes with a heel that could pass for mens under the jeans. When dressed like this you should then go on a long train journey to another city and then back with obvious breaks for walking around, see how many people notice, if anyone and see how fun it is knowing what others don't.


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